Sex And The City – Part 1 – Introduction

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This is a fantasy. Background: Saurabh’s father lands a new job in a company. The company boasts of an island that houses all the employees and the owners of the company. Saurabh and his family move to the island to live. Over 10000 people live on the island. All the people living on the island believed in the freedom of sex and that sex ,love and relationships are different and need not be tied together. Saurabh woke up to the sound of the alarm clock,rubbed his eyes and went to the toilet to freshen up. Saurabh was 18 yrs old.He was 6 feet tall and his penis was 5.5 inch. He was a basketball player and thus had an amazing body,a well-shaped chest and amazing abs. His family had shifted on the island last night,so he thought of going out and checking out the hood. All the while he was thinking “Whatever they told us about the island and its ways cannot be true,if it was true ,mom and dad would never have agreed to have come”. Although he was secretly wishing that everything he had been told was true. He came out of his house wearing only a track pant. He crossed the lawn and was now standing on the footpath when he saw something that made his eyes pop out and his dick hard. He saw two girls jogging and they were coming towards him. Both of them were wearing pink sports bras and shorts. They looked almost like twins as they were wearing the same colored shorts and bra. Their tits were bouncing up and down. As they came closer to him,it became evident that they were not wearing panties. Their pussy lips were clearly visible as their shorts were tight. Saurabh was seeing two perfect cameltoes and it gave him an instant hard on.He too was not wearing any underwear. He was constantly staring at their average sized tits and pussies when they crossed him.The girls saw him staring at them. They too checked out his abs and chest and they saw his dick trying to come out of hiding. The girls looked at each other and giggled. Saurabh knew that the girls had seen him staring but he did not know that the girls had checked him out too. The girls had crossed him and were still running. He looked at them again and this time he saw four ass cheeks moving up and down in a rhythmic motion. He was mesmerized. He just wanted to grab the asses and smack it.The girls were now crossing the road and then started running towards him but on the other side of the road. Saurabh was still staring at them. They stopped right in front of him. Saurabh was now getting nervous and scared as the girls were now looking at him and talking to each other. One of the girls called Saurabh and asked him to come. Saurabh was now really scared as he thought that the girls would ask about the staring. He hesitated at first but then crossed the road and was now standing still facing two beautiful faces,4 breasts and 2 cameltoes. As soon as he reached there he said , Saurabh:- I am sorry ,I didn’t mean to stare. Girl 1:- why are you sorry? We don’t mind you staring. Girl 2:-oh wait !! I think you are new here. Saurabh:-yes,we shifted here last night.Today is my first day here. Girl 1 :- so thats y you are so nervous. Girl 2:-didnt they tell you anything about this place ? Saurabh:-yes they did,but..I mean…I thought they were kidding. Girl 1:- I am alia,btw(19 yrs old) Girl 2:- and I am aaisha.(17 years old) Saurabh:- I am saurabh. So you are telling me that everything they said about this place is true. Alia:- yes Both girls giggled. Saurabh now had a grin on his face Saurabh :- so you dont mind if I do this(saurabh grabbed alia’s breast in one hand and squeezed it ) Alia:- uhhmm.. No,not at all Saurabh now grew confident. Saurabh :- and what if I do this(saurabh now grabbed aaisha’s ass and pulled her closer) Aaisha :- no. Saurabh:-( he was now smiling..And was hard again) I could definitely get used to this. Both girls saw his dick growing. They grabbed his pant and pulled it down. Saurabh :-hey,we are on the road Alia:- we could fuck right here and no one would bother us.Baby,you need to learn a lot of things about this place. Here let me show you Saying this both the girls took off their bras. Saurabh:-what about the shorts. Both the girls instantly stripped out of their shorts too. The three of them were now stark naked in the middle of the road.Saurabh was now drooling as he kept on staring at the two beauties standing in front of him. Saurabh grabbed aaisha and pulled her towards him and started kissing her. His hands were on her ass and he was fondling them. Alia went down on her knees,she spit on his dick and started stroking it with her hand. Saurabh’s hands were now exploring aaisha’s back and then he caught her breasts. By now alia had taken his dick in her mouth and was moving it up and down her mouth. Saurabh was now sucking aaisha’s right nipple and was pressing the other at the same time. Aaisha was now moaning..Uuuuhh..Yeah…Yeah.Uhh. Suck those breasts. Alia heard aaisha moaning,and so she strted rubbing her clit and was blowing saurabhh at the same time. Aaisha’s pleasure had doubled and she was moaning louder now.Oh…Fuck…Yes…. Uuhhhm. Alia now started finger fucking aaisha. Now alia was trying to deepthroat saurabh and was gagging. Saurabh was once again kissing aaisha ,he was playing with her tits with his left hand and was rubbing her clit with his right hand while alia was finger fucking aaisha.Saurabh kept two fingers inside aaisha’s mouth. Aaisha started sucking his fingers and made it completely wet. Saurabh now kept his finger on aaisha’s asshole and took her left breast in his mouth. Aaisha’s orgasm was building up as she was getting finger fucked by alia and saurabh was rubbing her clit. Now saurabh pushed his finger inside aaisha’s asshole and bit her nipple at the same time. It was too muh for aaisha and she shuddered and came. She lost her balance but saurabh grabbed her and kissed her again. Aaisha now told saurabh to lie down on the grass.Saurabh did as was told. Aaisha took his cock in her mouth and started circling on its top with her tongue.She then took it all in. Saurabh felt like cumming but then he controlled it somehow. Saurabh was now kissing alia. Just then a man ( the girls father) walked out of the house. Saurabh didn’t see him as he was busy in kissing alia. He walked out and stood near aaisha’s ass. He smacked her tightly on hr ass and said,”Make him cum,and then drink it all,my baby girl.I am proud of u” Aaisha:-I will ! Aaisha went back to blowing saurabh. Their father walked up to his car and drove away. Saurabh:- who was that? Alia:- my dad.And then she bit saurabh on his neck Saurabh :-(shocked) hour dad? Alia:-I told you na, we could fuck here and no one would bother us.She winked at him.Aaisha was passionately blowing him. Saurabh :-I think I m gonna cum.Get up,you two. Saurabh got up. Alia and aaisha were on their knees. Saurabh caught aaisha’s hair and started fucking her face.He was fucking her throat. She was gagging at each insertion. Saurabh pulled his dick out of her mouth and put it in alia’s mouth and started ramming it in and out of her mouth.Saurabh shot his hot load soon after that and covered both their mouths,face and breasts with cum. Alia:-we were about to take a shower.You wanna join us. Saurabh:-of course They caught saurabh’s dick in their hand and started walking towards their house. Saurabh placed his hand on their asses and started walking. As they entered into the house saurabh once again got scared as he thought of alia’s and aaisha’s parents. They were now inside the house. Inside the house :- on a recliner chair, a boy was sitting(alia’s bf).He was naked,and was reading a newspaper. A woman(their mother ) ,age 42 ,nicely toned body,big breasts and ass size same as the girls who was also naked was sitting on the boy’s lap and was cutting vegetables on the table. The boy’s dick was in the woman’s ass and she had a vibrator in her cunt. She was slowly moaning because of the vibrator in her pussy. Alia let go of saurabh’s dick and went and kissed her boyfriend(rohan). Aaisha introduced them to each other.Their mother (niharika) eyed saurabh from head to toe. She then stood up and rohan’s dick popped out of her ass. Both niharika and rohan moaned a little. As soon as the dick came out ,alia grabbed it and put it in her mouth. Niharika to alia:- just don’t make him cum..Baby girl Alia:- (with a dick in her mouth) ok…Mom All this while saurabh’s eyes were fixated on niharika’s lips and tits. Her lips were big and juicy and her tits were covered in cum. She walked up to him. Niharika :- welcome saurabh !! Saurabh :-thanku aunt. Niharika:-so how do you like this place Saurabh:- it’s been pretty promising till now.(all three girls giggled) Saurabh:– is it like this with all the families on this island. Niharika:-almost all. Here its about sexual satisfaction and desires. People are very open minded here,as you can see.You can have sexual relations with whoever you want but the other person has to be willing too and also heshe should be 18+ Saurabh:-now I am starting to understand things a little All this while nihrika was moaning because of the vibrator in her pussy and saurabh’s dick was throbbing because of it. Saurabh was in a trance by looking at all this sexual activity around him. He was just mesmerised by niharika’s lips. Saurabh to niharika:-can I kiss you, aunt? Niharika:- of course you can. You dont have to ask anyone for such minor things as kissing or grabbing their ass or breasts. Here, you can fuck me too if you want.(she took out her vibrator and spread her legs inviting saurabh to fuck her cunt) Saurabh:- uh…Aunt… Actually.I am a virgin ? All the three girls in unison:-what? Niharika:- seriously ? Saurabh :-yeah. Niharika:-then I think we will have to plan something special to pop your cherry. (saying this,niharika grabbed his cock and pulled him closer. Her tits crushed against his chest and she kissed him. Saurabh took her lower lip in his mouth and started sucking it. A little tongue got involved. They were kissing passionately) Aaisha:-mom, you can have saurabh some other time. We are getting late now. We have to take a shower. Niharika:- okay ,take him. But remember,dont fuck him. I will plan something special for him. And then she bent down and gave saurabh a little peck on his dick. Aaisha told alia to come for the shower. Alia was still blowing rohan. She gave him one last lick and got up to go. As she got up to go,rohan slapped her ass and she let out a moan. Alia told rohan to wait a little and she went out to get the bra and shorts that they had left outside.Saurabh had become completely confident by now. He grabbed aaisha from behind and forced his cock in her ass crack and also grabbed her breasts. He started fondling her breasts and kissing her neck. Aaisha was enjoying it and was getting all wet.After the blowjob,rohan was now steel hard and needed a hole to fill.Niharika understood and leaned against the table in doggy style. Rohan took his place behind her ,grabbed her hair and started pounding her cunt. Alia came in. Alia:-mom,we will be going out after the shower. Please cook something for us. Niharika:- give.. Uh.. Uh me five… Aaaaahh…. Minutes.. Oohhh.., baby Rohan:- no, 10 minute. Alia:-okay,enjoy!! Alia,aaisha and saurabh went upstairs to the bathroom. Alia:-I didn’t get an orgasm in the outdoor session, so I think the two of you have some work to do. Saurabh:-sure ,and he slapped her ass twice. To be continued…. Please give me suggestions and feedbacks on Also, any girls(18-35)who want to have sex or sex chat or just dry himpong..Contact me on Will write the next part based on the feedbacks