Adventures With My Senior In College – Part 2

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This is Sidharth from perusing my Engineering in one of the reputed colleges in Chennai. Im 19 years old with a small belly and a 6-inch cock very hungry to fuck pussies. Thanks for all your comments and feedbacks. This incident happened when myself and my senior Akshita resting after our session in our department’s storeroom. Now let me continue from where I left. Then I laid on the table with my dick still inside her and she laid on my body. Then we were talking and kissing and after 10 minutes someone opened the door and it was her friend Ranjitha standing and giving us an angry look and was about to explode her words…. Ranjitha: Neenga rendu perum yenna pannitu irukeenga? (What the fuck are you guys doing?) Akshita: Ranji please di idha yaarukum solladha na unkitta sollama maracgadhuku sorry di. (Ranji please don’t reveal this to anyone. I’m sorry di I should have told you about this.) I was standing there with my face down hiding my dick with my hand and was unable to speak but trying to look at Ranji’s face she was still angry and was staring at us. Ranjitha: Idhu romba thappu di ne Un vaazhkayaye veenaakita. Na ipove HOD kitta idha pathi solla poren. (This is very bad Akshi you have spoiled your own life. I’m gonna bring this to the eyes of HOD.) Akshita: Ranji please di venam di. (No Ranji please!!) Me: Please idha veliya solladheenga Ranji. (Please don’t take this incident out.) Ranjitha: Vaaya moodu da naaye (Shut up you dog!!) (With angry face) I got tensed but was standing there thinking how to escape from her. Suddenly she started walking towards the door saying that she’s going to complain about this. Akshita ran towards the door locked it from inside and pulled her towards the table, made her lie on the table & shut her mouth Me: Yenna di panra? (What are you doing Akshi?) Akshita: Seekrama ivaa pant ah kayatitu ivalukum sorgatha kaatu. (Remove her pants and take her to heaven as you did it to me.) I was a worried about the consequences and saw Ranji, she was pleading me not to do it to her with her eyes as Akshi closed her mouth with her hands. Akshita: Yenna da paakura seekrama pannu time Ila da. (What are you staring at we don’t have enough time jus finish the business soon.) Then at that instant, I removed her pant completely and rubbed her pussy over her panty she was resisting it. Then I removed her panty in a go and spread her legs. Wooooow there I found a beautiful pink cleanly shaved pussy. Now I was rubbing her bare pussy because my dick was limp after the session with Akshita. Now I was fingering her and her breath was increasing and she was letting small moans as her mouth was covered my Akshita. Forgot about the heroines of the story. Akshita can seduce anyone with her looks and her stats are 34-30-32 with a fair complexion. Ranjitha the virgin bitch can seduce anyone with her ass & boobs and her stats are 36-32-34 with a dusky complexion. Now to the story. I spread her legs and started to lick her clit. As soon as my tongue touched her pussy lips she moved her hips up in the air and started to pull my head towards her pussy and came in 5 minutes with a scream and she kept her eyes closed even after cumming as that was the first orgasm of her life. In that time I took out another condom and was careful as earlier I put the cover back in my purse wearing only the condom on my dick and by that Akshita has stripped Ranjitha naked by removing all her clothes. I was mesmerised by her whole body. She had cute pair or boobs. Then I started sucking her right boob and pressing the other one and Akshita was rubbing kissing Ranjita on her lips. After 5 minutes I moved to the left boob and Akshita started sucking the right boob that was too much for Ranjita as she began to scream. After 10 minutes I spread her legs one more time and kissed her thighs & her love hole. Now I began to enter her in missionary position. It was very hard to enter I gave in 4 to 5 pushes but still failed. I put my full pressure and gave in a thrust where only half my dick was inside her. She gave out a huge scream, luckily there were no classrooms as the following 3 rooms were labs. I rested for some time for her pain to vanish and this time I asked Akshita to keep her boob in Ranjitha’s mouth to avoid her screaming. Akshita kissed my lips and went towards Ranjitha and gave her boobs to Ranjitha’s mouth and was getting horny as hell as she was seeing the fuck session of her best friend who is sucking her boobs. Now I gave her another thrust where my full length went inside. She bit Akshita’s nipple in pain and Akshi gave a slight moan. Ranji had her eyes closed due to pain and tears rolled down from her eyes. After she opened her eyes I started my to and fro motion. She began to enjoy it after 5 to 6 strokes in and out. I gave caster movements and she came in just 5 mins with a moan, it wasn’t louder as she had Akshita’s nipple in her mouth. Still I didn’t cum so I went to Akshita and carried her to the next table and placed her there. We both had a smooch for 10 mins, in that time I was massaging her boobs and ass and also fingered her pussy (I was thinking this was the same girl who offended sex is wrong and blah blah). Then I saw Ranjitha was fingering her pussy watching us, I slowly said Akshita to see that and suddenly an idea struck my mind. I finished my kissing and kissed Ranji and put both the tables together and asked Akshita to ride me and Ranjitha to sit on my face. Both happily followed my words. Akshita carefully entered my dick in her pussy and after that Ranjitha sat my face. I started sucking Ranjitha’s pussy and Akshita started riding my dick. Both girls started to kiss each other while riding and getting licked. Ranji came 2 times when I was licking her. After 10 mins I asked both of them to get down on their knees and removed my condom and removed my condom and started shagging my dick and came on their faces and boobs within 2 minutes. Ranjitha tasted the cum for the first time and said she liked the taste though it was weird. Both the girls licked my cum from their body and swapped my cum from their mouths. Such a sexy scene to watch.Then we cleaned us with my kerchief and got dressed. The time was already 2.45P.M. The college closes by 3P.M. So we hurriedly went out to our classes. On the way Ranjita told me that she liked that feeling and said that she will be always there for me to fuck her as I wish, when I wish and where I wish. I was surprised and happy on the way she said. I again thought this was the girl who said that having sex was wrong. By that time the facaulties have came back and our Lab Assistant Chitra Mam was in the lab. The girls went first and went to talk to her to find whether she has found or not. She spoke with me normally but this she smiled at me that was unusual. Then I took my bag and left to my college bus. In the next part of the sex story I will tell you how I enjoyed with both Akshita and Ranjitha. To be continued….. Any hornyUnsatisfied GirlsAunties who wish to have secret relationship and If anyone needs sex chat can contact me through my mail ID: I assure you that your identities will not be revealed to anyone. Please do send your comments to I bid you bye and Im looking forward to your comments everyone.