Ageless Sex – Part 8

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Pramila took one more step forward in the world of slutness. In the night Deepa forced her into hardcore lesbian act which she did not like first. She responded equally thereafter. Then both fucked by Mukesh. In morning both sat nude with Mukesh and in presence of husband Deepa sucked Pramila & Mukesh fucked Deepa. Also Mukesh kept holding breast of Pramila and after he filled cunt of Deepa, Pramila fisted cock of Mukesh. Vinod watched all these. Pramila reached school in time. She was happier. She enquired but informed that Nandu has not yet returned. She guessed that old lady, her mother in law must had succeeded in taking that young man Nandu between her thigh. It was 7th day Nandu took MIL to her husband. After school hours got over Pramila was called by HM. As he had promised, he handed a thick packet. “ Pramila, it is more than you asked. “ She came to him, hugged and kissed. She waited but when HM did not act, she put his hand on one breast. “ let me know time & place but only in daytime. “ She allowed few time squeezing and then came out of office. Doctor picked up as planned and he drove her to a good hotel at outskirts of the city. But after staying together for more than 2 hours, she remained unsatisfied. After repeated fuck by workers, aggressive banging by Mukesh and aggressive lesbian pleasure by Deepa, soft banging that also without any real oral sex Pramila remained unsatisfied. But she did not express , instead she expressed full satisfaction. Both left hotel after 7 and doctor dropped her home at quarter to eight night. She superficially invited doctor in but he declined telling that his wife would be very angry for being late. Uma opened door and Pramila smiled seeing Uma in only bra & panty. She could know that Deepa has come. She wanted Deepa badly. She gave her bag and two big packets to Uma advising her to keep packets in Mukeshs room and hand bag in her room. Like Uma Deepa was also in bra & panty. Deepa was in kitchen. Pramila also went to kitchen and she hugged Deepa. “ Better You remain nude, Vinod will get cured soon. “ Deepa looked out and whispered, “ But your son Mukesh will not control himself and matherchod will fuck me in presence of others. “ But Pramila assured her that now onward Mukesh will not fuck her in presence of Uma or Vinod. Uma returned and Pramila requested her for a cup of hot tea. Uma complained that despite her repeated objections Deepa kept working in kitchen. “ Banno, kha kar dekhna meri choot jyada tasty hai yaa teri choot. “ She meant to say that whether items cooked by her is tasty or that cooked by Uma. Uma closed her ears. Pramila came out. When she returned back from bathroom she wore only panty….She sat beside Vinod and reclined on him. “ What is the progress , what doctor said ? “
She took tea cup from Uma and asked Vinod. But Vinod did not reply. He was sad because that day his cock did not get any erection at all. He did not tell to doctor but he knew the reason. In morning he was badly frustrated to see Mukesh fucking Deepa and fondling Pramila. Few days ago he himself had told his wife to get fucked by worker Kundan and others but he never wanted his wife to do slutness in his presence. So he said, “ dear What has happened has happened but now onward dont allow Mukesh or anyone else to fondle or fuck either of you or Uma in my presence. “ This Pramila has already assured Deepa few minutes ago. “ ok, he will not fuck us atleast in your presence but cant we remain nude like we were in morning. You yourself wanted me to remain nude whole day. Ok , if you dont like that also we are going to dress up properly. “ She got up and told Deepa also to dress properly. But he pulled her down on his lap and pushed away panty out of her leg making her nude. He caressed cunt of wife in presence of Deepa . “ You three ( females ) can remain nude as much you want but not he. He must not remain nude when I am around. “ Deepa questioned, “ But can he fuck us when you are not in scene, he fucks nicely, I liked him very much. “ Vinod did not give attention that Deepa stressed on word ‘us . He replied holding wife within his arms , “ yes , he can fuck as much he or you desire…” Uma finished cooking and sat beside Vinod. “ Pramila, yanha mere paas aa jaao, Vinod kee gharwali aa gaee…” . Deepa said and Pramila really got up and walked to Deepa but Deepa did not allow her to sit on her side. Instead she pulled Pramila on her lap. Uma had reclined on Vinod and he put his one hand across her back. His fingers pressed side of breast. Uma did not push his hand away but seeing Deepa pulling Pramila on her lap she commented that whether Pramila brought her (Deepa) from a forest that she remains nude and act like wild animals. She asked Deepa whether she is a male . “ Deepa didi,tum mard ho kya jo mummy jaisee aurat ko godi mey bithati ho, Ye ( Vinod) kah rahe thhey kee subah tumne meri mummy ( Pramila ) kaa bur chusa jaise kutta kutia kaa chat-ta hai….” Hearing Uma, Deepa pushed Pramila aside and stood in front of Vinod. She told him to check himself and tell his this wife ( Uma) whether she is a male or female. “ Vinod, tum hee khud dekhkar apni iss gharwali ko batao kee mai mard hun yaa aurat. “ She pulled hand of Vinod and pressed on panty. Uma challenged Vinod that what he is waiting , make this bitch nude. “ sahab dekh kya rahe ho , iss kutia ko bhee nanga kar do…” And Vinod pushed panty down on her legs. With help of feet Vinod pushed panty out of her legs. Deepa stretched her cunt lips with both hand and told Uma to see herself that she is as feminine as her. She told Uma to ask Vinod that how nicely Mukesh had fucked in morning here itself and before that fucked her in night also…She said that had Vinod been normal she would have fucked with him also. Uma commented that this house is now turning into a slut house so she warned Vinod. “ sahab, kuchh kijiye nahi to ye ghar bahut juldi randi khana bun jaayega…ye dono ek se badhkar ek randi hai, bahar kaa admi bhee chaar rupya phenk kar inn dono ko chodega… “ Pramila smiled and thought that what Uma & Vinod will say when they will come to know that she (Pramila ) has already made this house a randi house. Five persons have fucked her like randi and paid money. But she told Uma to serve dinner. She suggested and both changed into slacks and loose t-shirt. They had dinner and Mukesh returned thereafter. This night from beginning itself Pramila, Deepa & Mukesh slept together. He first watched lesbian between two and then fucked both. Next morning both lady came out nude but made Mukesh wear shorts. Vinod enjoyed nudity of both. In morning he went to doctor and got satisfaction seeing his cock having got erection. In afternoon Uma took him to clinic of Dr Nandita whose husband had fucked Pramila previous day. Dr told Uma to sit out and instructed her receptionist to entertain Uma and except Dr Chan Young dont allow any one in. She told Vinod to undress fully and lie-on patient bed. He did and she herself undressed fully. Seeing her clothless he concluded that his wife though having fantastic sexy figure is nowhere near this doctor. And that beautiful doctor began rubbing her nude figure with him. “ Vinod get well soon, fuck me day & night , marry me soon. “ After Uma, this time a married women 20 yrs younger desired to marry him. After giving him full masti of her nudity she began blowing cock and chinese doctor entered. She did not bother to see him because for last three years since both came in contact she was fucking with this short man. But in presence of Vinod, he did not touch doctor. He asked and Vinod gave detail of his problem and treatments he is getting. Doctor checked Vinod extensively. He prescribed treatment. Regular massage,  Acupressure &  Injection , one daily for 15 days. “ if you follow my prescription, on 16th day you would be able to make this sexy & beautiful woman cry by your fuck…now you go and let me enjoy with this bitch. She sucks me dry every time. “ Chinese said and holding hand of both lady doctor told Vinod to visit her every day same time for accupressure and injection. “ Vinod now you go, in next two hours this frog ( chinese man ) will drain me out…his cock is half your size but he fucks for longest time….” She kissed Vinod and he came out. Uma asked and said that he will have to come here daily for next 15 days. Both reached home & got a letter informing them that visa interview for both wife & husband is on coming Saturday. They were advised to report to American embassy on friday evening at 5 for fingerprints and other bio-metric. Letter also mentioned about documents to be brought. Immediately he took Uma to bank and collected all necessary documents. When they returned Pramila was already home. He informed her. She nodded & while Uma remained in kitchen and Vinod in bathroom she called headmaster and informed her unavailability on sunday. He advised him to prepone scheduled program and fuck her next day itself. “ raja, ab mai aur intezar nahi kar sakti…kal he mujhe khilao ( chodo) , “ She hanged phone and after half an hour when she was having tea with husband & Uma phone ranged. Uma lifted but said that it is for Pramila from her HM. She took receiver and silently noted. She hanged phone telling ‘ thank you very much sir” . She informed others that tomorrow she has to go with HM to secretariat at Gandhinagar . She will leave at 8.30 only. It was not new for Vinod. But he did not know that till now her visit to Gandhinagar was for real school business but this time she is going to get fucked by HM. Vinod insisted and Pramila undressed fully but Uma did not agree to undress fully. Like previous evening she remained in bra & panty. That night also passed like previous two nights. Mukesh enjoying with both. Next morning though Deepa only remained nude with two males she did not touch anyone. Pramila experienced new type of sex with HM. He took her to a hotel in Gandhinagar. Immediately after they closed themselves in room he undressed her fully and tied her both legs and hand with bed post. He tied hand & legs making them painfully stretched. She did not complain, after all she already had received one lakh ten thousands. She maintained smile. He undressed himself. Pramila saw that cock is of normal length but thickest of all lunds she had so far. In that condition, without any fondling he fucked her hard and fast. It was not best but much better than fuck by doctor. After fucking for 7-8 minutes he pulled out. She was enjoying so she did not like withdrawal . She thought that he will free her but no he started feeling cunt with black grapes , after he could not fill it more again began to penetrate but as cunt was filled with grapes it could not go in smoothly. He pressed hard, gave many hard thrust and after some time about 4” cock slid in…but he did not stop , kept pumping hard. HM was weighing above 75 kgs, the heaviest she had so far. Earlier she had experienced his heaviness but now after he filled cunt with grapes it was not that much. Sound of fucking was different that what she used to….she was not only amazed she was getting a new feeling of excitement, a new pleasure, it was much different and better than she experienced with Deepa or with Mukesh..she began to moan, gave soft scream and besides her hips started jerking up and coming down. As against other men she had so far HM was fucking silently , he has not uttered a word since he penetrated first. He pumped and pumped and she loosened. Immediately after he also ejaculated but kept pumping. Finally he withdrew .Holding his cock at its root he spoke finally, “ darling will you not clean it ? “ She smiled and opened mouth wide. He moved over her body and pushed cock in mouth which was drenched with cum, her cunt juice and grape bits as well as its pieces…. She smilingly caressed balls and sucked lund dry. After he pulled cock out she spoke, “ I wanted to drink your juicecum ..” He again came near cunt. Lifted an empty bowl from side table and put on a thin elastic gloves in both hand . She raised her head and watched him pushing hand inside and collecting bits of grapes and putting in took about 20 minutes to empty her cunt. He lifted bowl in his hand and shown to her, “ darling, with so much fuck you must have become hungry , eat it all .. “ She did not disappoint him . “ feed me yourself “ She remained laid with head rested on set of pillow and he fed her. It was a very different taste, grapes pcs were mixed with cum and cunt juice, it has turned into a jelly form . She ate full and to make him happy she licked surface of bowl. “ it was best quality of grapes I ever ate, thank you dear…” And she kissed him by hugging tightly. “ let me piss and clean cunt for second round “ . She walked to bathroom and he also followed her. She was seated on commode facing door. She already started pissing . He stood in front of her, held cock and pointing tip towards her he also started pissing. He did not let it in one direction, he moved cock all over her body from head to mouth , breast, belly and cunt. “ hold your piss and open mouth…” She knew what is coming, she understood that he is a perverted but she liked it. She held back piss and opened mouth. He directed piss in her mouth , she moved mouth forward and collected piss in mouth. He finished pissing and then she began swallowing piss. He saw that level of piss went on falling and finally mouth became emptied. “ get down “ She came to him and holding her tightly he kissed m sucked lips. Then he laid flat on bathroom floor. “ sit over my mouth “ She positioned herself over his mouth and began to sit, once her cunt at a height of about 5-6 inch above his mouth he said, “ piss, point it in my mouth “ She loosened body and after about a minute fast gush of piss came out from cunt and went inside mouth of HM , she pissed and he collected as she did. Like her he also drank all piss and she also kissed him . Her body was wetdrenched with piss. She desired for a bath but he ordered , “ not now, first let me eat i am hungry “ . He pulled her out and pushed on bed. “ become a bitch “ She positioned herself in bitch pose with knee on edge of large bed. She thought that he will penetrate again but this time he began pushing peeled bananas . She wanted to turn her head but he ordered her to look straight. But she could know he somehow pushed three ripe bananas inside cunt . She waited for his next perverted act. He did not wait. He parted cunt lips as much as he could and put his lips on cunt. Then he began to suck.. My God, he had stamina..his heart would have been very strong…he kept sucking and succeeded a portion of banana which he had put in.. “ look at me …” He somehow said and she saw him chewing and swallowing what he had drawn. Like that he repeated again and again …she began filling emptiness in cunt and at last he drew last portion of banana. He chewed, swallowed and straightway pushed cock in cunt… “ ufff darling ,… are simply great…..” She had to appreciate his strokes and styles…..and in that doggy pose he pumped her for 25 minutes, he ejaculated, let cock pushed deep in cock and he felt that he drained all cum in cunt, he pulled cock out . Immediately there after he again parted cunt and began sucking like he did before….and when he turned her flat and open his mouth to show her, she saw his mouth full of his own cum…. “ You sucked all cum of cunt…how you could ,…” She expressed her surprise but like she swallow cum of Mukesh and workers he also showing her swallowed all cum….. After he finished swallowing he lifted phone & asked what she would like to eat. When he asked she felt hungry. She looked at her wrist watch , it was 1.30. “ yes I am hungry ..order anything you like, non veg will do…” He ordered accordingly. She suggested to take bath before room service comes with lunch but he ignored. He pulled her over him and kissed passionately and said that she is not only possessing best figure around she is best on bed also. He confessed that before becoming HM he succeeded in seducing two lady teacher and few senior students but after he became HM could easily get lady teachers but more of students. As earlier Pramila was not interested in extramarital sex she never ever bothered to know about sex life of teachers and students and no one ever told her also. He added that presently out of existing 42 lady teachers he had been fucking six of them regularly bedside he is having all together 17 students of different classes who will undress for him anytime. “ and you are doing this, what you did with me today with all of them. “ She asked and he tightened her in his strong legs. “ believe me you are only 2nd women who did not stop me…I tried with every one but no one ever let me push even one grape in cunt…every time i tried they threatened to leave me and go…my wife also did not fulfill any of my desire…you are one who did all . Beside you there was only one but that was some 25 years back who did all except drinking piss but she resigned and left school next day itself. “ She enquired whether he is fucking students & teachers for free but he declined. He said that he pays ten thousand to virgins but thereafter he pays only two to five thousand to them. He said that he give maximum two thousand to teachers. “ then why you gave so much to me, you could have have 11 virgins with that money…” She got up and picked up dress to wear. He pulled clothes and threw it away. “ remain like this ( nude ) ….and you deserves much more for these diamonds…” He squeezed boobs…. “ are you mad ? Now that service boy can come any time…! “ She said and tried to pick up her petticoat. But he pulled her away. “ let him also see your lovely figure and die of frustration. “ “ no “ she shouted loudly…. But he kept on pleading and said, “ i will give you another ten thousand to remain nude in front of him.” “ no, no, no,..,” she said loudly. He picked up his bag and picked few bundles…. “ it is 30,000- …now dont refuse…she also had exhibited… “ But Pramila pushed money aside and said “ now i understand your motive, you had had me, now you want to remain nude for a stranger, even fuck with him and then tomorrow you will tell everyone that Asst. Head Master is a slut , she fucks with waiter, she fucks for money, you will defame me and I will have to resign so that you can promote one of your slut to my position. I will never talk with you…” She sat at a distance from him. She was really afraid. But that 58-59 years man put his head on his feet, he kissed feet and took vow of his grown up sons that such idea what she said has never occurred in his mind. He really loves her. He said that almost every time he has visited hotel with his wife or daughter or daughter in law he has succeeded in exhibiting nudity of either of his family female members to waiters…..but only when they were asleep. He pleaded that he want people to see his family female nude. It was never heard wish for Pramila. “ But why you or anyone would spend so much money for pleasure of some stranger. Tell me frankly whether you want me to fuck with him also…” He took out last wad of money from his bag and put all four wad, 40000- on her cunt. “ yes, but on this bed and in my presence “ He was unbelievable for Pramila. There was knock and call bell pressed. “ now lie – down flat keeping legs towards door. “ She did and he parted legs wide. “ Keep it open like this.” He shouted , “ come in “ Door got opened and a service boy carrying a big tray having few plates and glasses entered room. His eyes first fell on cunt between lovely & well shaped thighs. He hurriedly pushed door shut and without moving eyes walked in…he kept tray on table. “ saahab, bahut hee khubsurat aur sundar figure hai iss aurat ka, kaun hai ye…” He was a man in late 20s, slim, athletic figure , tall about 56” and on dark side. “ meri gharwali , kaisee hai….? “ Pramila was quietly looking at him. He came very close to her. “ Sahab, face sundar nahi hai, lekin face kaun dekhta hai, itna badhiya maal , kabhi socha bhee nahi…..sahab ek baar touch karun…..” He asked permission to touch her. He nodded. Waiter was wearing uniform with red jacket. He pulled out jacket , then he walked and bolted door securely. He sat on floor on knees and put one hand on lips and other hand on one breast…he squeezed. “ uff kitna kadak hai….” He commented and began sucking one nipple and pressed others. No one objected. He pressed both boobs few time, sucked both nipples and got up without touching cunt. He did not look at man. He dropped trouser, pushed underwear out of legs and Pramila saw 7-8 inch long cock but not thick like cock of HM . He straightway laid over her , cock was in semi limped condition. He fondled boobs and rubbed cock on cunt. It got erection soon and he did not delay. He penetrated and HM looked at time 2.10 and Pramila hugged him…it was 9 th cock after operation of husband. “ pura andar pelo, jor se dhakka masro “ She whispered him to push deep and pumped harder. He did and pumped. She moaned, screamed and kept him hugged. He climaxed , discharged and pulled out. HM saw it was 2.45 , “ darling he fucked for 35 minutes….” Pramila heard and fisted waiters cock…. “ haa tumse jyada der bhee choda aur bahut maza bhee diya….” She patted him. He started to dress and walked towards door. “ agar kisee ko kuchh bola to sidha jail bhijwa dunga….” HM threatened waiter and he went out. Both laughed behind him. They had food. Both took full head bath, soaped , sampooed and dried. She wanted to wear her dress in which she had come but HM gave her a new dress … “ a mini skirt, sleeveless loose top, micro bra and panty…” She wore it , bra straps were exposed , top was unable to cover strap. Both came out, paid at reception. Pramila saw waiter standing there, she tipped him and both sat in HMs car. Car dropped her at house at 5.30 pm. She thanked God, door was locked..she opened and laughed loudly . “ this was my best day….” She remained in that dress. At around 6.30 she opened door. Vinod entered with Uma and Deepa. Deepa came from hospital where as Vinod and Uma returned from Dr Nanditas clinic. She remained nude with Vinod for almost three hour. First thing Pramila asked , “ how is this dress …I purchased it on way back home…” More in next part of the sex story……