My Mother Arranged For The Money!

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This is the time when my father was running a loss in the business and he was getting trapped from all the sides. He applied for a loan but it did not work out. I’m in college and my brother is in school, there are expenses which are to be met, so we all were in deep trouble. My mother had a friend who dealt in utensils and linen and she often used to visit our house, one day seeing mom so gloomy, she asked “what’s the matter Mina?”, my mother broke down and told her everything. Then she said that he knows some place where housewives are given loans and sh will take mom to that place. The next day mom received a call from her and she asked mom to meet her at five in the evening. As per her direction she went to the place and had a talk and came back, she had a sigh of relief on her face. At night she told dad about the loan and dad too seemed a bit relieved, but she also said that it would take some time. Getting a loan is a hasty process and she had to go nearly every day in the afternoon to make the dealing, but one day she returned with a dejected face and said that it will take more than a month to get the loan,but dad needed the money that week. We all were perplexed. Mom’s friend Rina again visited us and said that there is a man who lends money as his side business, but only to known people, but as Rina aunty knew him so she might give it a try to get a loan from him. The man had a business in building construction, so Rina aunty and mom went to the construction site the next day and mom came back home very late that day. She said the man was busy and she needed to go there the day after.The place is around 5 minutes walking distance from our house and mom preferred to go there during the afternoon as most people would be indoors and none would see her going there.We were respected in the society so we did not tell anyone about the crisis and how desperately we need the loans we kept it a secret. Let me tell you about my mother, she is a lady of early forties and she’s very fair, she has a very nice figure and she looked younger than her age, she has flab near her belly which consummates to a large round pair of soft ass. I checked her bra size once out of curiosity and they were 38D. I had seen her breasts many a number if times but not fully, they were a bit saggy but overall she was very hot and what you can call a perfect MILF. She never had sex with anyone other than my father and she is too innocent. We all stay in the same room, so I know that my parents does not have sex. Coming back to the story, it was the third day that mom had gone to the man I was with her, he was Mr.Shekhar, a guy of mid fifties, dark in complexion bald and a pot belly, he had a very bad glance, I overheard this when mom was saying this to Rina aunty. Mom waited for half an hour, Rina aunty was there with her, Mr.Shekhar came and was ogling at mom, she felt a bit uncomfortable but ignored. Then mom started to tell him about our problem and suddenly he said “apko help karke nera kya fyada?” mom was startled and she said that she’ll return him the money with interest. Shekhar then said that he wanted something else and looked at Rina and smiled, mother and me were confused. “Rina mereko kya chahiye tumhe toh pata lag giya, toh tumhare dost bolo. Agar wo raji hain toh kal ajae or rupiya mil jaega” said Shekhar. Rina aunty asked me to go out from the room, I went outside, but I smelled something fishy and peeped through the key hole, Rina aunty told mom that Shekhar wants to have fun with you and in order to get the money you need to satisfy his hunger for you and his needs. My mother was a smart lady, she understood the scenario, tears started rolling down her cheeks and she sat on the knees and begged him for another way and said she had two children, a husband and a family and she can’t do it. Shekhar gave a wicked smile and said “paise chahiye toh mera baat manna parega, tumhare paas 10 minute ka waqt hain, batao”. Mom stood there motionless crying but after sometime, in a sobbing tone she said that no one should come to know about this and she wiped her tears and came outside where I was standing and asked me to go home as the money would take time and they have to go the bank. I said okay and left but within 5 minutes I positioned myself at a place from where I could see inside the room. It was a construction site and there were many workers, I saw Rina aunty leaving. Mom went inside the room and Shekhar was sitting in his chair and was drinking some foreign liquor, he offered mom but she refused, he warned her not to disobey then made a large peg for mom and mom took the glass in her hand and was crying, he ordered her to drink it. My mom never had alcohol and I could see that was taken aback by the smell itself, then again Shekar shouted and mom took a sip, but instantly spitted it out. Shekhar got furious stood up and came near mom and slapped her, mom started crying again, “aj tu mera rendi hain, chupchap sare kaam kar mein jo bolta hun nehi toh paisa nehi milega” said Shekhar,mom with a pityful face gulped down the alcohol and stood there crying. Meanwhile Shekhar had started playing some cheap seductive songs and ordered mom to dance, mom said she can’t dance then Shekhar again slapped her and held her by her hair and threatened her to follow his orders. The time now was around 12 in the afternoon, mom started dancing, now Shekhar asked her to remove her saree, she had turned red an slowly she untied her saree from her body and kept it on the adjacent chair. She was standing with just her petticoat and blouse, Shekhar went to her and untied her hair and held her tightly and started kissing her lips madly and said “tera jaise maal kabhi nehi dekha” mom was not participating in the kiss but Shekhar kept on sucking her lips and now with his other hand started kneading her boobs which were oozing out of her blouse. Shekhar slapped her again and brought the bottle of alcohol and forced it in her mouth and she had to gulp down the alcohol. Now he tore open her blouse and she was just in a white bra and her petticoat, she was slowly losing her senses as the alcohol had kicked in, she fell on Shekhar and he bursted in to a wicked laugher and carried her to the table and tore open her bra and started feasting on the humongous breasts, she reagained her senses and started moaning, the alcohol did not allow her to resist, in no time her petticoat was also gone and she lay there naked on the table. She had a huge ass and an unshaven pussy and now Shekhar got rid of his pants and positioned his dick on to her pussy and go into her in a go, she let out a loud moan, he started fucking her. Mom was panting and moaning, Shekhar said “tera pati tujhko chodta nehin nah? kitni tight chuth hain tera” and kept on slapping her ass and fucking her. Mom now suddenly touched her breasts and squeezed them very hard and said “mere ko aur zor se chodo” ,Shekhar “yeh huin na rendi”. Mom stuttered and reached her first orgasm but Shekhar was nowhere near to climax, he took his dick out and asked mom to stand on the ground and then he made her into a dog like posture and started fucking her again, she started to moan and shout, her boobs were jiggling with the constant force and her ass cheeks had turned red due to the spanking. Then Shekhar pulled out his dick and asked mom to kneel down, driven by alcohol and raw sex, she obeyed and Shekhar thrusted his dick into her mouth and started to fuck her mouth, she was falling short of breath and Shekhar choked her throat an pinched her nipples. Then he unloaded his cum into her mouth and she was ade to drink it. Mom fell down on the floor, she was tired and she was high. Shekhar dressed up, seeing Shekhar getting dressed, mom tried to reach for her saree but she realised that her other garments are already torn into pieces and she started crying, Shekhar said “itni jaldi bhi kya hain, ab mere mazdoor o ko khush kar rendi” mom was shocked, mom refused then Shekhar said that if she does not obey him, she will be thrown out of the construction site like this, but if she obeys her, Rina will bring her new dresses and she can go home with the money. Mom was helpless and started crying, she had no other choice, soon a few workers were summoned and as they saw mom , they got an instant hard on, mom tried to cover herself with the saree. Shekhar said to the workers, “yeh maal ab tumhara hain, lejayo aur maaze karo”. The workers were in seventh heaven, in no time they carried off mom to another floor, mom just had a saree wrapped around her, which was soon torn into many pieces as they reached the top floor. There were around twenty workers and mom cried for mercy. She was already being used by five workers, one fingering her pussy, one kissing her, two were sucking and squeezing her boobs and the other was massaging her thighs. Suddenly she had to be in the doggy position again and a worker started fucking her pussy, one had inserted his dick in her mouth and was choking her while two played with her boobs, there was another worker who pushed his dick into her ass, it was difficult for him, mom cried and she got slaps from all of them, blood started oozing out of her ass. She was being fucked in all the three holes now. Each one took their turns and fucked all her holes and in the end they all cummed on her face and her body. She lay their drenched in cum,she could not move. Rina and Shekhar came there after half an hour and asked the workers to clean her up, she lay there naked and the workers poured buckets of water on to her and rubbed her clean, while cleaning they squeezed her breasts again and fingered her busy. She stood up with difficulty, got dressed and went home with the money. Mail me the feedback at , I can share picture and she now can chat with you too ;)