The New Family – Part 5

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All your suggestions and criticisms are more than welcomed at ------ Meanwhile, back in Mumbai, Amy and Riya had something else going on. The day Karan and Kavya left, nothing much happened. Riya stayed at Amys place, while Amy had some of her friends come over. The usual late night ride through the town on Amys bike. Amy was a good driver, but a bit rash at times specially when she used to be with her friends. Riya sat very close to Amy on her bike. She was holding her tightly by her waist, just like Amy had told her to. Her boobs were getting crushed on Amys back and for once Riya felt as if she was with Karan on the bike. The next day, both of them went to Riyas place after the college. Riya introduced Amy to her parents and took her to the room. Amy was surprised at how lavish her lifestyle was. A huge mansion that too in one of the best area of the town. Plenty of servants at her beck and call. Her room was minimalistic in sense. She had purposefully kept it small. But still it was twice Amys room. They stayed here for sometime, when Amy received a call. She spoke to someone over the call and got excited about what the plan was going to be. After getting off the phone, Amy said, “We are going out tonight baby. A great band from Delhi is preforming in the city tonight. I bet, it wont be anything like your closed party halls and stuff.” “I am not so sure yr. I hate such places.” “Dont worry, i wont take you to a place which you wont like.” “Hmm but still.” “We are going and that is decided.” “Alright Amy, but we will go by car, and none of us is going to drive.” “Why the car?” “Coz we will be drinking, and i don’t want us to drive after that.” “Alright, i think i can agree to that. Will let my other friends know about it.” “Also, i hope you are not going like that Amy. Are you?” “Come on, it doesnt matter. You will see.” “Fine” Both of them left for the event where Amy was going to meet her friends. Most of them seemed already drunk. Just to get into the vibe, Amy and Riya also had a few shots before entering the venue. All through the gig, Amy was by Riyas side, not letting her get bored for a sec, and any guy that was trying to get too close to Riya, Amy would push him away. “You were right, i am loving this place. Thanks babes” Riya said to Amy in her ears. Amy smiled and gave Riya a peck on her cheeks. The music went on till it was very late and it started to feel dull. Amy told Riya, “No use of staying till the end. Lets roll back to my house.” “Alright. But i am really hungry” “Dont worry, i will tell the maid to barbecue some good chicken for both of us.” “Yes that would be great.” So Riya and Amy went back to Amys place. The maid had already fired up the bbq and the chicken was being prepared on it. Amy said, “Lets get comfortable first and then we will sit and relax” “Sure, but i don’t think I’ve got any change of clothes.” “You wont need one.” said Amy and winked at her. She gave Riya her clothes to change into. They sat in the balcony while sipping on the scotch Kavya had kept for very special occasions. The maid served them the food. They continued talking for quite sometime and moved back to the room when the bottle was finished. Riya was probably too high now and she turned on the music to dance. Amy immediately got up from the bed and started dancing with her. They danced away on quite a few numbers. In between Amy would get close to her and grab her by the hips. She would dance with her as if they were a couple. And then she would smack her hips. Riya giggled at that. When the romantic number came up on the list, both of them got hold of each other. Both of them were so close, that they could feel each other breathing. Riya looked directly into Amys eyes and said, “I don’t know whether this is right or wrong, but at this moment, i cannot stop myself.” With this she moved forward and kissed Amy. When she felt Amy respond to her, she felt delighted and grabbed her more tightly. The kiss went on to become a full blown smooch. Amy pushed her on the bed while kissing her and she straddled her by sitting on her thighs. In an instant she removed Riyas top to free her bra clad boobs. Riya also removed her top to find that Amy wasnt wearing any bra. Both of them again started kissing each other. Amy moved her hands from to Riyas back and unhooked her bra. She moved her hands further below to her front and inserted it in her pyjama. She kept her hand directly over her panty clad pussy and gripped it tightly. Amy could feel Riya moaning in her mouth when she rubbed her pussy over the panty. Riya stopped kissing her while Amy continued eating her mouth. She was enjoying the rubbing she was getting from Amy. Amy pushed her back on the bed with her free hand, and climbed on her. Her hand was still inside her pyjama. She licked Riyas face moving towards her neck. She bit on Riyas neck and licked that part. Moving downward, she first licked her boobs, not touching Riyas enlarged nipples. Riya was arching her back by now, pushing herself more into Amys hand and mouth. She wanted Amy to bite hard on her boobs. Amy sucked on her nipples and rubbed Riyas clit furiously now. She had moved her hands inside her panty. Riya was moaning very loudly and clutching on Amys head. “Dont stop Amy, i am about to cumm..” said Riya. But Amy stopped right away. At which Riya frowned. Amy took off her and Riyas pyjama. She spread out Riyas legs and straight away started licking her pussy. Riya was so shocked by her action and also by the pleasure she was giving her, that within few seconds she started cumming. “Ohhhh gooodd … it feellsss ssoooo goodd …. Ahhhh” Riya said while her body was shaking due to the orgasm. “You are so yummy darling.” Amy said. When Riyas orgasm subsided, she looked at Amy and said, “I know how much you also would want me to return the favour. But, somehow i don’t feel comfortable about it as of now.” “You dont have to be sorry about that. Relax, i have plenty of other ways to get off.” “How?” “I can get off by fucking you. Hard.!” Riya looked shocked at this and said, “What do you mean?”. Amy got up from the bed, opened her cupboard. Towards he bottom, she opened a huge drawer. Riya could not see what was in it. But it seemed like she was shuffling through a lot of things. Amy pulled out something and started wearing it around her hips. It had straps which she was adjusting. Once she was done, she turned towards Riya to see the look of shock on her face. “What the hell.!!! You have a dildo just like a man.” said Riya with her mouth wide open. “This is my tool. 7 inches length. 2 inched wide. Will tell you the story about this later.” “Oh my god, looks so real to me.” “It even feels real. Now turn around and raise your hips.” Riya turned around and raise her hips on her legs. Amy planned on taking her from behind. Amy used a gel to lubricate her dildo and then positioned it at Riyas pussy from behind. She grabbed Riya by her both her wrists and pulled them back behind her back. “Let me show you what i can do.!” Amy shouted at her and pushed the dildo with a huge force. Riya practically jumped up because of the width of the dildo. More than half of it was now inside her. If Amy hadnt held her wrists, she would have definitely not taken it this much inside her. “Oh i see, Karan has used you well. But from this night forward, whenever he fucks you, you will miss my cock. You will scream my name in your mind. You will always remember how i took you.” Amy said and again gave a push, plugging the complete length inside her. “Ahhhh Amy, it is so thick… Damn it hurts.” Riya said, with some tears in her eyes. “Shhhh dont cry darling, it will all go away.” After a few seconds Amy started pumping in and out of Riyas pussy. She was going very hard on her. Not leaving her wrists. “Ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahh yess fuck meeee ahhh ahh ohh oooooh oohhh..” Riya was screaming by now. “I have fingered myself so many times thinking of this. I have fucked you thousands of times in my mind. I now i have you. Fuckk i love you Riya.” said Amy. “Yessss Amy, i love you tooo… shhh don’t stop..” “Amy kept pumping in and out of her. Riya had already orgasmed twice by now and Amy was building up on hers. “Riya i want to you cum when i say so.” Amy said. Within a couple of minutes Amy screamed, “I am cummingg Riya.. fuckkk… ahhhh.. cummm for me.” “Ohhh yesss Amy.. ahhhh i am also cumming…” Both of them fell on the bed, shaking violently with the pleasure of their orgasms. After sometime, when they came back to their senses, Riya fell to her side on the bed and both of them looked into each others eyes. “I told you, you wont require any change of clothes tonight” Amy said. “You knew about it?” “Knew? I had been practically dying to get you since the day i first saw you in our class.” “What the hell. But you never showed any interest in me.” “I know. Initially i ignored it. But when i saw you here with Karan, my pussy was literally on fire. I was so happy to finally see a way of getting you.” “So you have been planning all this?” “No, not exactly. Things just fell into place. I really love you Riya. I know you are not into girls. But let me show you how wonderful it can be.” “But you know, i cannot leave Karan.” “Who is telling you to leave him. We all can stay together.” “I am not sure whether he would like it or not.” “Oh dont you worry about that. He will have to.” “What do you mean Amy?” “I have a plan” “What plan?” “You see, your boy friend and my mom have been sleeping around.” “What.! are you mad, how can you be so sure. He will never do that” “Sweety, he is doing it. In fact even right now, he must be buried deep into my moms pussy” “I dont believe you.” “Alright. Let me call her up” Amy called up her mom and kept the phone on speaker. “Hey mom, whats up?” “Amy, ohhh how are you my girl. Ahhh” “Mom is everything ok?” “Oh yes yes, it is just i am working. Ahhhh and even Ananya is helping me out…. Ahhhhh” “Oh so you mean to say that you both are having sex with Riyas boyfriend?” “Yes my child.. You heard it right. Ahhhh.. (Karan don’t stop please don’t stop fucking me..)” “Will talk to you later mom, have fun” and Amy disconnected the phone. Riya was in tears by now. Amy said, “See, i told you.” “But he has been cheating on me.” “Exactly, and that is where my plan comes in.” “What?” “You love him and he too loves you.” “Correct” “But since he has cheated on you, he should be punished for that. Made to feel guilty.” Riya was crying by now, “I am confused, what do you mean” “Dont cry baby. Its he who should cry. And we will make him cry.” Riya kept silent. Amy continued saying, “Do you love me babes?” “Yes i do.” “And him?” “More than anyone else.” “And he too loves you, but he loves my mother and aunt as well.” “Hmm.” “So dont you think that it is better that we all stay together? That way none of us would have to separate from each other. We will have our own special family” “I think what are you saying makes sense. I cannot live without you two. And if i want to be with you , then i guess it should be fair that he gets to be with your mom.” “Exactly. But, we are not going to go easy on him. We will have to make sure that he never betrays anyone of us.” “Yes, i don’t trust men at all now. But Amy, what can we do.?” “We will have to control him. Bring him under our command. Make him worship us. All of us.” “I get it what you mean to say. But will he agree to all this?” “Leave that to me. I have a plan. Just do as i say when they are back from the trip.” “Alright.”