The New Family – Part 2

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Hello readers. I know it’s been quite some while that this part is coming out. Life had been pretty eventful past couple of months. All your suggestions and criticisms are more than welcomed at ------- In the morning, when he woke up and found her sleeping nude by his side, the thought crossed his mind. “Maybe i shouldnt have done this. How am i going to keep this a secret from her. I was not that kind of a guy who would cheat like this on a girl. Or maybe, its not that bad.” It was almost noon when both of them got ready and were all packed, ready to leave. The quickie while taking the shower was still fresh in his mind. On their way back to Mumbai, they were constantly talking with each other. All through the route, the cab driver assumed that they were a couple. Hugging, kissing and glued to each other. He shared his thoughts with her, “Listen, like i have already told you, that i am in a steady relationship with my girlfriend. So i hope this would remain just between the two of us. Right?” “Of course, that was understood. In fact, this secrecy is much more important for me.” “Why so?” “You know, with all those rumours in the office about me. I don’t want to give them any more things to talk about.” “Oh ya, you are right. Lets just not mention it to anyone.” “I hope i can contact you once in a while. Right?” “Sure, but just be cautious while doing that. Just to be on the safer side. Girlfriend, unpredictable” “Ya ya, dont worry.” Then she enquired him about his girlfriend, like which college, where does she stay and some other normal stuff. It was almost late in the night when they reached her place in Mumbai to drop her off. The usual hugs and kisses followed. Before going away, she said, “Why dont you come over for dinner someday. And bring your girlfriend along as well.” “I am not sure about this. Will it be a good idea?” “Ya, very. You see, she already knows about this trip, so if you introduce her to me as your friend, she wont suspect about anything that is going on between us. Trust me, it would be of no harm.” “Alright, let me talk to her and well probably work it out then.” Finally he reached his place and straightaway crashed on his bed. He was too exhausted from the long journey. It was sunday next day, he woke up with the ringing of the door bell. It was Riya at the door. “Hey sweetheart, came back late last night? I bought Lunch for both of us.” “Oh is it lunch time already?” “Duh, look at the time, its 3 O clock. Go take a bath and freshen up, till the time i clear out all your mess and unpack your bag.” she said, while suggestively pointing towards the bag that was still lying near the door. “Thanks babes”, he said giggling at her and went off to take a bath. He walked out into the room with just a towel wrapped around his lower body. “Oh baby, i wish we could skip the lunch and jump to desert right away.” she said while biting her lips. “Why not.” he replied teasingly. “Oh shut up and eat first. Put on something, i will lay out the lunch for you.” He walked away thinking that who would say that this girl, is the only heir to a big business empire her father has created. At her home, she had plenty of servants taking care of her every need. But when shes here, she leaves all that behind and turns into just his girl. As soon as they finished their lunch, Riya pounced on Karan. “Do you even know how much i missed you.?”, said Riya. She was straddling him across his laps and kissing him madly. She quickly removed his t-shirt and hers as well. “Why do you wear a bra.? Your delicious boobs should be kept free all the time”, Karan said. “Shut up, people can easily notice them if i don’t wear a bra. Besides they have grown so much since i have met you.” she winked at him. Karan had removed her bra by now and was fondling Riyas 36” boobs now. He pulled her towards him and licked her neck. Riya hissed and moaned at this. “Ahhh lick my neck ….. fuckkk ..!!” He was now nibbling on her neck and moved towards her shoulder. Riya was now grinding her hips over his dick. The friction due to the clothes was heating it up further. He licked her boobs and cleavage, but he did not touch her swollen nipples. He always kept them for the last, till Riya begs him to suck them. “Dont do it again. Suck my fucking nipples. ahhhh…yesss..” Riya screamed at him. Karan bent her backward and licked her all the way from stomach till her boobs before sucking on her left boob. He could barely take in half of her boob in his mouth. He kept on sucking at her boob while flicking his tongue over her nipple. His one hand was fondling her other boob, twisting the other nipple. And the other hand was around her lower back. He knew that she gets turned on when someone fondles her back. It was like her weakness. Karan would touch her back in public a few times, just to hear her moan. “Ahhh yesss .. you dog, suck them hard .. ahhh … immm” Riya moaned loudly. He was now switching between her boobs both of which were quite sensitive by now. She was holding him by his hair and pushing his face into her boobs. “Stop, i don’t want to cum in my clothes.” she said while pushing him away. She got off him and removed her shorts revealing her pink thongs which had a huge dark spot in front. “Am i the only one whos getting nude here?”, she said. Karan giggled and swiftly removed all his clothes. She teasingly removed her thong while looking in his eyes. “”Lay down. I will serve you the desert.” She climbed over his face, and bent backward to catch hold of his dick. Karan pulled her closer to his mouth by grabbing her hips and licked the juices around her pussy. e did not touch the inner part of her cunt and licked only the pussy lips. He would pull the lips with his teeth and then let go off them. Riya was continuously flowing with juices by now. She squeezed his dick hard and as soon as he opened his mouth, she sat on it. He was forced to lick her hole and her clit. “Suck my clit ahhhh.. just like thatt.. fuck harder… oh goddd… yesss..” She was grinding her hips over his mouth while massaging his dick. Karan was sucking on her clit and in between pushing his tongue inside her hole. “Fuckkk baby, faster… i am so gonna cum soon. Shhhh yesss… right there drink my juices.” He licked and fucked her cunt for five more minutes, before her body became stiff and she had an orgasm. Her juices gushed out of her pussy and into his waiting mouth. He licked up everything from her cunt. When she got over her orgasm, Karan turned her over and opened her legs wide. “Now you lie down. My turn now.”, said Karan. “I am all yours baby, fuck me as hard as you can. I have been so horny when you were not here.” Karan positioned his dick over her cunt and pushed it completely inside her in one push. “Ahhhhh fuckkk, your dick seems bigger overtime you fuck me.” Riya kissed him after saying this. She licked her own juices from his lips. “Whoaaa you have never tasted yourself before.” he said amazed. “There is a first time for everything.” Without wasting time, he started using in and out of her cunt. He could see her eyes rolling up with the pleasure. “Ohh myyy goood.. fuckk mee …. .yaaaaa ahhh ahhh ahhh yesos s…. fuckkkk meee… harddd ….. oohhhh myyy ..goodd….ah ah ah ahhha hha hh”, Riya could only moan . For good 20 minutes he fucked her on the couch. Riya had already orgasmed twice by now. As soon as he felt like he was going to cum, he pulled out his dick, rolled off the condom and started masturbating his dick over her body. Riya grabbed his balls and pulled him closer to her mouth. “Another first timer” she said before starting to suck his dick. Within few seconds, amazed by her move, he orgasmed inside her mouth. Riya did not spit even a drop out of her mouth. She had always avoided taking his cum in her mouth. “Wowww… the best orgasm ever.” he moaned. “Anything for you baby. Anything.”, Riya said, after gulping down all his cum.