Romance In Movie Theater With My Friend And Boy Friend – Part 1

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This is my experience today. I really cant stop myself from sharing it with you guys out there. I am a normal girl who likes to go hangout with boy friend every weekend. Of course I like to hangout with other guys as well but I do with my boy friend every weekend. . Anyone who likes to chat and likes blind date with no strings attached relation can add me in facebook. I stay in a hostel and I am working as a receptionist in a office. I am having a roommate. Her name is Deepthi. She is also of my age and is working as a consultant in a office. She broke up with her boy friend almost a year back. My boy friend name is Satya. He is a very broad minded guy. I is very naughty as well. Today also we planned to go to a movie and have fun. We normally do this every weekend. I am a little built lady and my friend is having bigger size than me. My sizes are 32C 30 32. My friend is having 34C 30 34 size. I love her structure as well. In the morning she also asked me if I wanted to accompany her to movie as she was feeling bore at home. I denied as I planned to go to movie with my boy friend. In the afternoon when my boy friend came near my hostel to pick me up, she was also ready and came with me till the car. She then asked my boy friend if she can accompany us. I was shocked my her move. I couldn’t understand how she can do that as I have already denied her from accompanying her. To my surprise, my boy friend immediately said yes to her even without asking me. I didnt speak even a single word with her as we went to movie in the car but my friend and my boy friend were laughing talking to each other. They were even cracking jokes on me. It was most unpleasant journey I had with my boy friend. When he went to tickets, I saw the way she was dressed. She was looking like a sex bomb. I am sure she was not wearing a bra as her nipples were poked out. She was a wearing a t shirt and a skirt. Her 34C without bra was just awesome to look and I a sure my boy friend would have noticed this. Her boobs were jumping as she walked. Her skirt was only till her knees. That too a 2 inch up to her knees. As she was sitting in the back seat in the car, when my boy friend was frequently turning back to talk to her. May be to see her thighs. Now I got doubt that may be she is not even wearing a panty inside. She likes to expose. I know that but I never saw her exposing this much. As my boyfriend took tickets, we entered the theatre and sat in our seats. My seat was to the last corner and to my left was my boy friend. Deepthi was sitting to the left of my boy friend. I was upset as I would not be able to do anything as she is present. I thought I have to wait till next week or have to find someone online to meet for a date the next day. As the time passed, my boy friend turned towards me. He looked towards me to kiss him. But I said that she is there and it is you who brought her with us. He said it is ok and he doesn’t mind if she see. This feel turned me on. I was excited to make Deepthi jealous. I want her to feel bad as she doesn’t have a boy friend to kiss. I wanted to make her feel bad for accompanying us. I started kissing my boy friend. He also started to react hard. The theatre was in such a way that whatever you do , no one else would be able to see. There were only few couples in the theatre and they will not be able to see us even we fuck there itself. As were sitting in the last row, we were able to see the couples kissing. With this effect I literally forgot that Deepthi is with us and I was kissing him hard. I was hugging him and kissing him. I also kept my hand on his pant. I was shocked!! I felt a soft hand there. His pant is already open and dick is outside. A soft hand is there on his dick touching. I understood whose hand it might be and stopped kissing him. I saw her. She lifted her skirt till her waist and was fingering her. She already opened my boy friend pant and is stroking his dick. I got angry and started to leave from there. But my boy friend held my hand and asked me to sit. He said in my ears “Dont you want to see your friend suck my dick? You can tease her every day every time if you can make this happen.” I also felt that it is good a idea and I always had a fantasy to see him with other girl. I also like to try many other guys online and random for dates. Sometimes I even cross limits and let them enter me. I was wondering if he finds out what could happen. Now even if he finds me with other guy, I can just remind him this scene and let him be silent. So I just want to see how Deepthi proceed. She was stroking his hard dick and was seeing soo horny as she was putting her other finger in her pussy. I went to the seat to her left and touched her boobs. She opened her eyes and saw me to her left. She stopped stoking his dick and was looking at me. I just lifted her t shirt and started sucking her boobs. She was so horny with her lips bitten by her teeth. I saw her boobs and cunt in room when she change her dress but seeing her in this position I was really feeling erotic. I sucked his left boob and my boy friend started sucking her right boob. Then she has even bent to suck his dick. I loved this position. My friend sucking my boy friend dick. He was also feeling erotic. I started fingering her. I fingered her a lot. She had a big orgasm and my friend cum in her mouth. When she got back, I can see his cum on his mouth dripping down. I loved that. Then the lights were on in the theater as it was interval. Then he went to get something to eat. We both swapped our seats and were waiting for him. A lot happened in the second half. They both helped me to cum in the second half. How it happened.. I will tell you in the next part. Send me friend request in facebook and tell me how it was. I always like to share my feelings with world. Hope to meet someone handsome. I also like girls. We can meet in my room and Deepthi also likes to meet. Loved the feel today.My facebook Id is https:www.facebook.compeopleSwathi-Manu100010122934776