My Assignment – Part 5

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Hello guys I am Twinkle Asher and I am back with the fifth installment of my sex story series- “The Assignment.” Well first thing first, I would like to thank all the loyal readers of my series who waited for so long to enjoy the forth part of my story. I have, as usual received an unbelievable response from my readers on my email id as well on my survey. I am tremendously happy to inform you guys that, the survey was a great hit and the lust that I have received from all the readers was amazing. The names of the winners with their id is given below. 1St prize to Goldy and his id is 2Nd prize to Vijay and his id is 3Rd prize to Jayanta and his id is I hope all the readers can understand that I could only give prizes to three readers. But I promise to keep on organizing such survey and keep giving you guys the gifts. I have also received request from many of my readers to purchase my inner garments. So I have decided to make it available for all those readers at subsidized rates. The cost of each of my undergarments would be Rs.500 and these undergarments will only be sent to the readers by post. For my readers convenience I am also now available on Twitter @TwinklAsher. Do follow me for further survey and to win amazing personalized gifts. Those who are reading the fifth part directly can get the earlier parts on the following link- https:www.indiansexstories.netauthorprincess-twinkle-asher . This is the link to my personal page on ISS and you will get all my stories at this one link. I also wanna personally thank the ISS Support Team for being so kind and helpful to me. Coming to my story now, I would like to start it from where I had left. It was around 7 pm when I saw Trevor and Jules checking in at our hotel reception and their luggage along with their two kids was shifted to the room opposite to ours in the resort. While I sat besides Ramesh Sir Lawn chair while he was smoking his cigar, he noticed me tired and exhausted. He called the nearby waiter and asked him to deliver a glass of milk without sugar to his room. He also asked him to get the dogs feeding bowl with it. It was quite easy to guess what he had in his mind. Once the waiter left to get his order, he finished his cigar and asked me to follow him with his glass of whiskey. I quickly picked up his glass and followed him to his room on the first floor. In no time the same waiter was at his room with the order Ramesh Sir had placed. He asked the waiter to pour the milk in the dogs bowl and leave it on the floor and leave. Once he left, Ramesh Sir Hand cuffed my hands and made me wear his dogs collar, and asked me to crawl towards the bowl and lick clean the milk from the bowl. Though I am not a milk lover, but I started licking the milk like a hungry cat, I was really hungry after just having idly for my lunch. A few min passed and someone knocked the door, I crawled towards the washroom area and hid behind the partition after which Ramesh Sir opened the door. It was Suresh Sir accompanied with Jules. Ramesh Sir called me out from my hiding, but Suresh Sir caught my collar and dragged me back from where I came. He explained me the whole scenario with Trevor and Jules. He asked me to treat them equally important since they are going to join them for the rest of the trip. He also told me that they are not getting any personal session as Ramesh Sir and Anil Sir where getting in our schedule but they might take me for couple of hours daily from my Multiple Masters time. His info was in brief and I understood what I was supposed to do. He asked me to quickly get rid of my bath robe and crawl back in the room in my undergarment. In no time I was out of my bath robe and set to get introduced to my new Mistress. Suresh Sir held my collar and dragged me in the center of the room where Jules and Ramesh Sir was casually talking. I reached near Jules feet but only caught her attention after I started sniffing her feet. “Oh My! Thats a nice dog you got here Raamessh! ” She said while she brushed my hair with her hands. “Lick my fingers” she ordered while removing her divine feet from her sandals. She then continued talking to Ramesh Sir, “Trevor was very upset since we couldnt hire someone like her for our personal services. But we are grateful to you guys for letting us stay with you. I hope she is been instructed about staying away from kid!! ” She exclaimed to which Suresh Sir answered affirmatively. A few min had passed and I was still licking her feet with delight. Being under Suresh Sir for over a year and half, I wasnt exposed much towards female Mistresses. Though I was involved with couple of my female arm candy clients, but none of it was for a very long time. Being under Trevor and Jules was looking like a learning curve to me. “Get me a glass of water my servant” She said. I got up on my feet to grab a glass of water and a packed bottle of drinking water. I filled the glass and got on my knees with the glass on my hand offering to Jules. Seeing this gesture Jules Exclaimed, “Nice. I must admit. Pretty well trained. Now go and finish that milk quickly. ” I followed her orders and crawled on my four legs to finish my milk. In no time Trevor accompanied with Anil Sir knocked the door. Suresh Sir opened the door to get them in the room. “Apni gaddi aaj raat ko aajayegi. Driver nikal gaya hai.” (Our car is on the way and it should reach here tonight. Driver has already left.) Anil Sir announced in the room. After Jules enquired, Ramesh Sir told her what it was all about. It was around 7:30 pm by now and all five of them discussed about the dinner. It was decided that all seven of them including Jules kids will take their dinner together tonight. I was asked to stay back since Jules kid were suppose to join them to the dinner. They planned to meet for dinner in another hour and after it was finalized, Trevor, Jules and Ramesh Sir Left while I was in the room with Suresh Sir and Anil Sir. After Anil Sir locked the room, he caught my collar and dragged to towards the bed on which Suresh Sir was sitting. He said” Suresh eski koi bhen nahi hai kya? Salli ke khoon mai hi nasha hai.” (Suresh! Doesnt she have a sister? This bitchs blood makes me feel stoned.) Anil Sir then jumped on the bed and asked me to give him deep blow job. I stood on my feet and began to take is dick out. It was semi erect, but I was astonished with his erection since it was not long before he had cum. Suresh Sir continued “Behan tho nahi hai, Maa ke sath kam nikale. Maa bhi kutia ki garam hai. Dekh dekhata hu!” (She doesnt have a sister, but her mom is available. Her mom is quite fuckable as well. Come Ill show you.) It was common slang language used by Suresh Sir to embarrass my family. I was quite use to it since Suresh Sir always use to tell me how he would fantasies about my mom. While they were bitching about my mom looks and figure, I was stroking Anil Sirs dick with my tender lips. He forced his dick inside my mouth deep to get a warm feel of my throat. His dick was growing every second and later it got difficult to adjust his massively sticky cock in my mouth. He pulled it out completely and held me by my hair. He pushed my face towards the base of his dick and asked me to lick clean his inner thighs. I got to my job pretty quick of licking his inner thighs and also giving his dick a hand job with my left hand while they went on abusing my mother for their own fun. In a couple of min Suresh Sir Phone rang and it was Ramesh Sir asking them to get down as the dinner was proponed. I felt a relief as I was about to get a rest for a couple of hours now. I requested Suresh Sir for my cell phone so that I can contact my mom. He gave me my phone with additional duties to cleaning the washroom and making the bed of all three Masters and then getting ready for my night session with Ramesh Sir. They left in no time for their dinner and the first thing I did was call up my mom. She was very happy to talk to me for around 30 min, after which I realized that I had to clean up the three rooms. I hung up the phone and started with Ramesh Sir Room. It was quite dirty and his morning shit was already in the washroom pot. I was confused whether or not to flush his shit but then I thought I should flush it since Suresh Sir specifically asked me to clean all the toilets. I cleaned his washroom with the toilet paper in the washroom. Similarly I also cleaned Anil Sirs and Suresh Sirs rooms. It was getting pretty late now. It was almost 10 pm now and I was starving. I first thought to eat some food from the hotel itself but then I remembered, that I had the session with Ramesh Sir and if he comes to know about me having dinner without their permission, then it would really affect my further trip. Some more time passed and I received a message from Suresh Sir asking me to dress up in a bra and panty. I took my clothes from Suresh Sirs room and dressed as I was asked. Yet they did not return. I wore my bathrobe as usual and went towards the pool side to sit in some more peace. As I reached the pool side deck, I noticed a guy at the reception. He was the same guy I met in the afternoon at the beach to whom Suresh Sir and Ramesh Sir were talking privately. I got a bad feeling seeing him waiting on the hotel reception. I generously went and greeted him and asked him of his where about. He told me that he was himself waiting for Ramesh Sir since he had hired him for some personal work. This made me believe that this guy wouldnt get laid with me for sure. As soon as we sat down together, we heard the cars entering the resort. I quickly got up and went near my room since I was asked not to be seem by Jules kids. Later I noticed that Trevors family went inside their room directly and the rest three Masters entering my room. I quickly followed them in the room where I came to know that the guy waiting outside is named Cyrus. He was still waiting outside at the reception. Suresh Sir firstly took my cell phone and handed me my dinner. He asked me to go and have my dinner outside Ramesh Sir Room on the upper floor. I quickly took my dinner bag and headed towards Ramesh Sir Room. I opened the packet to see it only had some rice in it, that too looked as if it was the left over rice from someone plate. I wasnt very much used to such food but I had no other option apart from that. The rice quantity was very less and it got over in no time. Later I threw the baggage and washed my hands in Ramesh Sir Room. Once I was done completely with my dinner. I sat outside Ramesh Sirs room on my knees waiting for his arrival. After around 15 min, I noticed Ramesh Sir with Cyrus climbing the stairs. I kept my face down and I was already on my knees. Once Ramesh Sir came near me I handed him the rooms key and followed them inside the room. I was specified to close the rooms curtains, and get in my dogs position. After I was done with my work, Ramesh Sir officially introduced Cyrus to me. Ramesh Sir said “Ye Cyrus hai. Ye ek Physical training instructor hai. Esse rope plays bahut acche se aata hai. Isliey ye aaj raat hamare sath rahega, aur alag alag tarike ke position mai tumhe latkayega. Iss rope play ko suspension sex bhi bolte hai. Aaj puri raat mai tuje bahut rulaunga. ” (This is Cyrus. He is a professional Physical training instructor. He is an expert in ropes play. Thats why he will be accompanying us tonight and we will tie and hang you in all kinds of position. This is also called as suspension sex. Tonight I am goanna make you cry.) This actually blew my mind off. I couldnt imagine that Ramesh Sir was so interested into BDMS that he would hire a professional for his dirty work. It gave me goose bumps already. It was also the perfect time for him to try out all his tools from his Bondage tool box. My hunger was suddenly gone and it turned into fear now. I told to myself that you dont need to do this and you can quit it right now. The water is way over the top on this. As the thought of quitting passed my mind, Ramesh Sir caught me by my hair and pulled it upwards. I got up on my feet. He ordered me to check him thoroughly for his mobile phones and wallet. He quietly handed his wallet and two phones. I then checked him like a mall security guard and couldnt find anything more than just a napkin. Ramesh Sir then took his wallet and cell phone and went out of the room. I was sure, that he would have been told about this well in advance. In a couple of min, Ramesh Sir returned with a t-shirt and shorts. He asked him to quickly go behind the partition and change his clothes. He specifically asked him to even remove his undergarment and only wear the two piece of clothing given to him. This ensured full safety of mine and I was relaxed about it. I was ordered to pick up his clothes and give them to Suresh Sir right now which I did quickly. Even Ramesh Sir got himself changed and wore a lungi with nothing on top. Now everyone was set for their respective task. Ramesh asked me to get rid of my bath robe and make him a drink quickly. I got on my job of making him a glass of his drink after removing my bath. But I couldnt help but notice, Cyrus clearly freaked out seeing me remove my bath robe. His eyes popped out and were fixed on my breast. I wouldnt say that my boobs are the best part of my body but its pretty appealing to men like him. Ramesh Sir got him back to his senses. They discussed about the first position for tonight, Cyrus told him that he had a few links that have multiple positions for submissive sex slave. It sounded perfect to Suresh Sir and he got his laptop out. The link had exceptional positions for rope sex and position sex. I knew that Ramesh Sirs tool wasnt that good enough to make him fuck me all night so he would surely enjoy beating and torturing me. I got mentally prepared for my session. The drink was made and was served on the coffee table where Ramesh Sir sat and ordered Cyrus to tie me in a “Screw Me Strappado” position over the bed. I have personally contacted Cyrus to get that link and provide them to you for better understanding of my position. This was the link from which had major positions were taken. http:asibdsm.comslave-positions-part-one . Reader can open another tab and keep on searching the position that I mention on this page. Coming back to story, as Cyrus started to tie me to the position, I could see the budge in his pants already. Once I was tied to his desired position, Cyrus asked Ramesh Sir to even blind fold me which will give him more freedom to hit my body. Ramesh Sir without wasting a second asked him to open his bondage box and blind fold me with his blind fold goggles. My ass was so well presented that even gay men would love to take a shot at it. I could hear some sound of metal rods hitting each other. By the time I could think of what it was, came the first hit of my session. It was hard and well placed right on my ass cheeks. A crackling sound came right when the stick hit my butts. I had a lot of experience of getting beaten by Suresh Sir but this smack was pretty firm. It definitely would have left some mark on my cheeks. As I got the first hit, I yelled in pain and distress. Immediately Suresh Sir made Cyrus but a towel in my mouth. I understood that Suresh Sir doesnt like to hear the sound of their slave crying in pain. He rather enjoys looking at my crying face and feel at peace. By the time my mind was thinking all this, three quick hit came along in no time. I was shouting my throat out now since all my voice was getting captured in the towel itself. I felt a hand caressing my ass cheeks after the first four lethal hits. I had no idea whose hands they were. Then I heard Suresh Sir ordering Cyrus to take me panties down quickly which I am sure he did with great enthusiasm. Once the panties were down, I felt a thumb brushing my anal hole with spit on it. I felt sure that it was Suresh Sir because right after doing that I could feel marginally small dick trying to be pressed in my hole. I wasnt sure whether or not it was with condom, but I was asked to prepare for both the situations. But frankly I dint care about protection at that point because, I was highly aroused by the whole situation. Due to the small size of the dick it slipped in my ass hole pretty smoothly and the shots started to come. He held my face by my hair and started stroking with a good pace. My face was continuously slapped while I was ass fucked. These strokes were getting its pace up now and I expected Suresh Sir to pull it out since I felt he was close to cum right in my ass hole, but he kept going for a long time. A few min passed and Suresh Sir Hands attacked my boobs now. He untied my bra hook and crushed my boobs with his devil hands. I wanted to see the look of Cyruss face once my bra was unhooked but couldnt see it right away. Ramesh Sir got his spit on his left palm and rubbed it all over my face. I could feel his pleasure of fucking me. He kept hitting me in some way or the other. Quite a time got passed and my hands where getting numb, Ramesh Sir was still continuing with his anal fuck. His stroking was getting faster towards the end now and finally he got his dick out. He then caught me by my waist and pulled me towards him and away from the bed. I was trying to concentrate and keep calm while I could hear noise of tools rattling. In a couple of min, I felt someone trying to part away my pussy lips. Once it was, he caught one lip with his fingers and tried clipping it. Once both my pussy lips got clipped, weights were added on the clips which pulled the lips down. This is called pussy weight lifting. The play involved clipping the pussy lips and attaching weight on it so that the pussy skin gets pulled downwards and a certain kind of pressure is felt on it. Once he was satisfied with all the placements. He again got his dick inside my ass hole and started gentle stroking. Due to his strokes, the weight started shaking and it started giving higher pain on my pussy skin. This was exactly his plan to do once he placed the pussy clips. I wasnt enjoying it though personally. He slowly picked up pace again and held my hair with both his hands. He pulled my hair right from its roots and started his shots at a faster speed, this also started shaking the weights and the pain got on increasing with every stroke. I was in deep pain now with my hands paining because of the position I was in and my hair getting pulled as well. I was shouting is distress and he wasnt stopping a bit. His hair pulling was a major concern for me since it was unbearable. Suddenly he pulled his dick out of my ass hole and gave a mighty slap on my smooth skinned back. His slap was so hard that it got stinging to me on it. I was still shouting in pain while he asked Cyrus to untie me and remove my pussy clips. Cyrus behaved like a jerk and first went on to remove my pussy clip. My hands were paining to hell and he first wanted to flirt with my pussy. Those couple of min was insufferable I held my ground. He then untied my hands and I removed my blind fold. He was also very keen to pull my bra of my shoulder. I lied on the bed once I got released and immediately I heard the sound of a clap which was definitely for me. I got up and ran towards Ramesh Sir who was sipping his whiskey on the coffee chair. I got on my knees to get to his level and he again held my hair and smooched my pretty hard. His tongue in no time parted my lips and attacked my tongue inside my mouth. Once he released my lips he said, “Ajj tujhe mai stick aur belt se jayadaa marunga nahi, kykuki kal subhe tu Anil ke pass jayegi, Lekin mai kal Anil se baat karke uska aur mera last night session exchange karvaunga, phir vo hamare akhri session hoga aur uske baad koi aur sessions nahi hoga, uss session may mai tujhe sirf marunga aur meri puri havas nikalunga.” (Tonight I wont hit you more with the stick and my belt since tomorrow morning you have a session with Anil but, tomorrow I will talk to Anil and swap our second night sessions. So that when my second night session comes, there wont be any session left and then I could beat you according to my pleasure.) He immediately pushed my face on his dick to which I started to give him a blow job. He asked Cyrus to het the laptop which he placed right on my head. These small things of his make you feel that you are truly a toy to him and nothing else. He discussed a few position with Cyrus and the finalized the position called “Rocked Back”. I hope you readers can access the link given above to check the positions. Once you see the position of the girl in the picture, you can imagine me in the perfect way. The position remained same with addition of rope to keep me stable and unmovable. Cyrus tied my hands with my legs tightly to keep me in that position. He then hooked my neck with two ropes which were tied to the head board of the bed. This kept my head firm. He the parted my knees the way it is in the picture and welcomed Ramesh Sir to a new position. He placed his glass on the side table and took a cigar from the drawer. He lit his cigar and got on the bed. He browsed my body for a weak part so that he could make me miserable. He placed his ash tray on my stomach and sat right on my face with his ass hole right on my nose. The smell was known since I had cleaned it in the morning itself, yet I couldnt enjoy that smell very well. His body weight was strangling my neck and I could barely put my tongue out to like him. He wasnt too much concern of that because in just couple of min he asked for the wooden box from the Bondage tool box. Cyrus passed it to him and the wooden box had metal clips in them. He started clipping my skin besides my boobs all the way till my navel. He used to catch my skin and one by one placed his clips in line. I almost understood what he had in his mind but I wasnt fully prepared for it. Once the right side of my boobs was done, he did the same with the left side as well. He was continuously talking with Cyrus about how big a slut I was to him. That wasnt my bother because I had bigger things to deal with. Once he was done with the left side was well, he leaned towards my cunt to put some clips on my pussy skin as well. God knows how many of those clips were there with him. Once he leaned I got some much deserved breathing space. He clipped my pussy lips again and came right on my face. Some time passed by while he enjoyed his cigar and me licking his hole. Suddenly I felt something electrifying on my thighs. It was obviously Ramesh Sir some new toy to play, but it was quite stinging. After a couple of min I realized it was that electric stick. One in which we click the button and electric shock is generated. The electricity was very high and it meme jump once he touched it on any of my part. He continued giving me minor shock on my smooth thighs. Once his cigar got over, he g up from my face. By the time I could react to anything, the towel was again forcefully stuffed in my mouth. And in no time he pulled all the right side clips of my body in one go. I shouted in pain but I knew it wasnt enough to stop this devil tonight. The clips were tied with one single piece of rope and then clipped to my skin. Since Ramesh Sir was sitting on my face, I did not realize that and I was in distress once he pulled the right side clips. The pain was caused to me and now it was settling, but my big worry was of the pain that was going to come on the left side as well. By the time I was thinking of that, I realized it was around 1 am at night and I expected him to fall asleep pretty soon. Thought its very difficult to even think of sleep when a slave girl of my age is on the bed tied in ropes, but I expected him to sleep as soon as he can. He continued to play with me and the electric stick. My boobs were his target now and he played with them for fun. Now as the time was passing, I was also getting used to his electric current and it wasnt making me dance as much as it did earlier. After some 30-35 min passed, it was time to pull the left side clips. He asked Cyrus to stuff my mouth again and I was sure its time. He caught the rope once my mouth was stuffed and gradually pulled it. His slow pulling was stretching my skin to the limit. His dirty cunning smile was making me miserable. He wasnt pulling it nor removing it. He loved the fear on my face which could be seen clearly. Even Cyrus was enjoying my selflessness and was encouraging Ramesh Sir to trouble the hell out of me. By the time I was noticing the enthusiasm on the face of Cyrus, the rope was pulled in force. My mind was blown for a second. The pain was intense and I was speechless for some second and then came my roar. At first not all the clips did not detach my skin and a couple of then held my skin which was very casually pulled later by Ramesh Sir. Now the fear of mine with clips was gone and I expected him to call it the day for him. He asked Cyrus to collect his clothes and wallet from my room on the ground floor and asked him to stay in touch about the next session. He was also told that his money will be available in his pants pocket itself and so the account was settled. These things clearly showed that it was the end of the night for Ramesh Sir but, my happiness was short lived. As soon as Cyrus left, the door was locked and Ramesh Sir untied me. I felt relaxed once I was untied by him but without any further delay, Ramesh Sir caught my hair and pulled me from the bed till the bathroom. I expected him to tie me up in the washroom for the night but that was not the case. He asked me to lie on the floor. He asked me to close my legs firmly and put my hands over my head. Once I was done with it, he firmly tied my legs first and the ropes were tied till by knees. It was very firmly tied and I could feel the intensity in him. He then tied both my hands together and asked me to keep them firmly over my head, once I was ready according to his needs; he went out to get his tools. He returned in no time but the tool this time was not a toy. It was two huge candles with a lighter. The width of the candle was exceptional and it was of red and green color. I hadnt experienced candle bondage a lot in my short career but the ones I had ever also pathetic. I wasnt very friendly with melting wax but I was prepared for. I knew he wouldnt do anything that would permanently damage any of my body skin. I had that faith in him. Once he unpacked his candles, they were lit up with the liter and now the show was about to begin. While the candles warmed up. He licked my armpits and neck area. He was constantly stroking his dick with his hands but was somehow controlling his cum to be released. I thought if I could make him cum early then he might rest for a few hours before attacking me again. So I made a plan for it. As he was checking his candles progress, I acted as if how sacred I was from it. I closed my eyes and started pleading for mercy from him. I exactly knew that his main intention was to harass me and see the look on my face when he troubled me. I was intentionally gave him facial expressions so that he can enjoy me expressing my fear. While I was acting, I felt the warmth of liquid wax on my underarms. Since the underarms are delicate area, I tried closing my hands in order to deny him access to it. But he was in no mood to accept that. He held my hands above my head and sat on then with one leg. Once he sat in his desired position, the liquid wax started flowing on my underarms again. The burning sensation was horrible and it was really unbearable. My act of showing him fake fear was turning into reality now. The wax kept flowing all around my arms making me burnt all over. As he continued with my second armpit, tears start rolling of my eyes with the amount of pain I was made to suffer. He dint seem to mind my tears at all and he continued with his assault. Once he covered my armpit with his wax, it was the time for my nipples to suffer. My eyes where till closed with pain and tears. He moved his wax candle towards my nipple. He held my left boob first. As the liquid wax was dripping drop by drop on my nipples, the sensation of my nipples was going. It started feeling as if the nipples were put of my boobs. Once his wax covered my nipples, he started smacking my nipples with his rough hand in order to remove the wax of it. He treated it as if I he was playing with a non-living person. His brutal assaults were on and my eyes were closed when suddenly I felt his hands catching my mouth. He slapped me to make me open my mouth which I did as soon as I realized what he wanted. Then in no time he placed his dick on my lips and I knew it was the time I was waiting. I started licking his dick head as much as I could with my tongue while he was stroking his dick. As I realized his climax was near, I opened my mouth wide to accept his blessings. He too held my hair and started stroking faster than usual. Every second was making me crave for his release and I was expecting for a huge cum shot. But when the cum shot came, it wasnt too disappointing. He threw his cum all over my face and then at the end gave it in my mouth, it wasnt very thick but it was nice in quantity. I definitely expected this kind of cum shot of his. He added a couple of his cough shots in my mouth and sat on my belly. I gulped his cough and some of his cum which was here in my mouth. It tasted divine. I knew he was exhausted but my belly wasnt able to handle his weight. In a couple of min I asked him to move and he instantly realized and got up. I too breathe a sigh of relief. He untied my hands and legs and again dragged me back to his bed room. My head was really paining due to his hair pulling now. He tied rope to both my hands and legs separately and asked me to lie on the floor. Like a good dog I followed his orders and got on the floor. He then tied all the rope separately to multiple rods in the room and hand cuffed my hands and legs. He then blind folded me so that I couldnt see anything at all. He checked all the ropes again and once he was satisfied, he got on the bed to sleep. Though the second day was over but the third day was very near to start since I had my session with Anil Sir at 5 am in the morning itself. I had no clue when to get up and get ready for it, but I was only concern with my sleep now. I closed my eyes for a few hours of peace. A long day waited for me surely. Well this was the fifth part of my Series “The Assignment”. My next part will on the most selected option during my survey. I hope you readers loved my series and would keep mailing me your views, comments and suggestion. And once again the people who were not declared as the winner would surely get a chance to win in the next survey. The details about the next survey will be given in my next story. I hope the topic of the next story would be very exciting for all of you. . A personal request for all my readers, I would appreciate if you dont ask for my pictures and telephone numbers on mail ids and stuffs. I am waiting for all my readers, till then keep shagging and enjoy.