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Please read the first part “First Class AC Nightmare” @ https:www.indiansexstories.netgroupfirst-class-ac-nightmare, would help to get the plot of this story. And second part for continuation “Glooming at Gents Hair Saloon” @ https:www.indiansexstories.netgroupglooming-gents-hair-saloon, would add spice to the current story. And third part for continuation “Village Adventure of an Idiot Wife” @ https:www.indiansexstories.netgroupvillage-adventure-idiot-wife , would add spice to the current story. And fourth part for continuation “Colleague Taking Over Control” @ https:www.indiansexstories.netgroupcolleague-taking-control , would add spice to the current story. And fifth part for continuation “Local Crook Free Mistress” @ https:www.indiansexstories.netgrouplocal-crook-free-mistress , would add spice to the current story. The Diwali season was nearing and Dushera was on the head, the land lord came to visit me and see the condition of the house. The house was in good condition except the boundary walls. He asked me whether it will be alright if he breaks the whole boundary wall and get constructed a new one. It was not an issue for me, only the issue was parking bike. So I told him the concern, he went away and came back with a solution. He handed me a key of garage which he owned, situated at the end of colony. Now having no concern I gave him permission for that. Next day the land lord came with a man who was in mid-thirties, ugly looking called as Laddan, the land lord introduced him as a contractor for the work. We have a formal meet and he told me his entire layout for the work. Next day he started his work but he arrived late by 11 and left the place by 5 in the evening as told by Neetu. I was not concern about the work as Laddan promised that they would complete it before Dushera which was a week later. Two days later when I return home the boundary was gone, with entire stuff of waste materials and it was made clean. Later at the evening Laddan met me at a tea stall. He told me not to worry as work will finish soon, as for last two days he had employed one labour and from tomorrow there would be two workers working. I was not concerned about the work as that was a rented apartment and its the owner who needed to concern. Still he pointed out towards a direction were two fellows in early twenties were sitting having some local smoke. Both were heavy build normal looking guys, physic was extra ordinary due to hard working. I took my tea and bid him good bye for the evening. From next day the work really went very fast. The beam work was really going on smoothly. But Neetu suggested at night that if the front gate was shifted to the corner many privacy issues could be solved. I also liked her idea so decided to instruct Laddan on next day. As they all came late for work, next day I moved to office. At lunch time I took lunch off to get back to home and instruct Laddan for the gate. But as I got out the office found my bike tire punctured. The lunch time was only for 1 hour so I decided to get home by public transport. Usually I prefer auto or taxi but as I reached the road the bus stopped just beside me so I took the bus. The bus dropped me a KM away from my home that too on the opposite side, from here my house backside reaches first. I started to move towards my home. A few steps and I saw Laddan coming towards me. He wished me and then I told him my concern, he said that he was leaving for the day as he was having some work at his house. He told me that he would return tomorrow morning and I can tell him about it then. He was in hurry so I let him go. Usually I dont take lunch at home, have office canteen for lunch but as I was very near to house I thought to go and have lunch at home itself. I took fast steps and reached my home in few minutes. Going to the front side was another 100 meters so I thought when the walls are broken then why not to enter from back side itself. So I moved toward the back of my house. Soon reached the backyard and when I was about to turn inside I saw both fellows peeing inside my bedroom from side window. I waited there for a while, what the hell are these two idiots doing. And why they are peeping inside, both of them stayed there for 15 minutes peeping inside and whispering among themselves. After 15 minutes they moved towards the front side of the house. As soon as they moved I tip topped towards the window and peeped inside. The scene was welcoming and irritating, Neetu was sitting all naked in front of dressing table combing her hairs. So this was that moron viewing, and how much idiot could Neetu be. Suddenly she got up and went inside the drawing room, as she vanished inside the drawing room it was no way I could see her. I thought I heard a knock on the door so I thought she had gone toward the front door to open it. But I thought she went there to open door all nude? So I rushed to the front side and saw the front door closed. I dismissed the thought that how fast could the door open and close. So I thought for the lunch and I ringed the bell, but no sound came, might be bell switch was off. I knocked the door 2-3 times, but after a minute there was no response. I called on Neetu mobile but it was switched off. I thought what the hell is happening, she came to the drawing room, yet no response. I dont think she could sleep so fast. But she was not responding at anything which was making me confused. Suddenly I heard a hissing sound inside, followed by few more hissing sounds. There she was, inside hissing but yet she was not responding. I knocked the door for few more times but it was no vein. I was sure she was in drawing room but there was no way to see inside as the windows were locked completely. I went to the back side of the house to check any door or window was open. Luckily the back door was open but as soon as I entered I found the door separating the back veranda and the drawing room to be closed. But the hissing sound was clearer from here. I was about to go back of the place when I went to the kitchen, when an idea hit my mind. The drawing room had a ventilator which opened in the kitchen. I climbed the kitchen counter and tried to reach up to the ventilator, I did succeeded few times but seeing through it vertically downwards was not possible. I got down again and then saw the dustbin. The dustbin contained few pieces of broken mirror, which accidentally broke by me only. Neetu swept them and placed them in the dustbin. I grabbed a piece of it, climbed over the platform. Then I raised my hand and placed the mirror on top side of the ventilator, so see inside in the reflection of the mirror. There she was my beautiful wife lying on the sofa table all naked. Both the labour that went towards the front side of house definitely went inside. I don’t know why Neetu opened the gate for them all nude, why she let them in and why she was letting them fuck her up. Yes one of them was fucking her up and another one was playing with the boobs and was getting a blowjob in the meanwhile. It seemed that the game was on since a long time and both were about to discharge. And as expected the one fucking her pussy discharged in about a minute or so. As soon as he went lump and withdrew the guy getting the blowjob replaced his place and started to give her thumping. Neetu had an eyes closed, smiling lightly, hands behind his back and behind his head, caring his hairs, encouraging him up. He didn’t take very long and discharged quickly. Both started to dress up where as Neetu started to clean her up. They both went to the gate followed by Neetu. Both of them pressed her boobs and butts few time, before opening the gate and existing outside. Neetu closed the gate and went straight to the bedroom. I got down and went outside without making any sound. When I came outside I checked my phone and saw two missed calls from office. I started to move towards office. At night Neetu didn’t complain anything, which was a confusing question like always. Was she been seduced, forced, raped or she was willing. Or might be she invited them inside. Anyways I dropped the thought to question her and went to sleep. Next day I reached office and came back after an hour. Not for any special purpose but to check Neetu out. I parked my bike at the garage, and came to my house direction. I reached near my house and hid myself behind a tree, which was having thick shrubs near. There was no way anyone could see me from here. Laddan arrived after few minutes and went straight to his employees to give some direction. He talked with them very eagerly for few minutes and then went to my house gate and knocked the door. As I was little side angled I wasn’t able to see the door straight. But as I hoped the door opened and Laddan went inside closing the door behind. Both the workers saw each other and smiled meaningfully. I think both had told Laddan that how easily they had fucked Neetu last day, and how easy was laying hands on her. I had no way of viewing inside the house at any condition, as those two fellows were in my house premises. But I was facing another problem of mosquitoes, the place was full of mosquitoes and so after few minutes I decide to move elsewhere. I slowly switched my position and went towards the front side of my house. I entered a close house boundary and sat behind the boundary wall. Luckily it had few slabs near the wall which could be used as chairs. I sat there with head covered by the boundary walls and I had to raise only few centimeters to see my house. Laddan was inside since 10 minutes how, and I was not sure whether he was inside due to work or was fucking Neetu inside. Suddenly I heard a shout and raised my head to see toward the gate. Laddan was standing on the gate all naked, the door was open and Neetu was missing. One of the labours went to him running, he told him something and he ran towards the market. Now I was sure that he was surely fucking Neetu inside. After about 10 minutes the labour came back with a carry bag and knocked the door. I raised my head and the sight welcomed me with Neetu on the gate all naked, hair messed up and a wide smile on her face. The labour gave her the carry bag which she took it with a wide smile, and then he pressed both her boobs. Neetu shoed him up with a smile, went inside closing the gate behind. I was confused but yet excited, but very much annoyed with the progress too. After about half and hour I heard some talking and peeped. The labours were laughing and I saw in their direction. A few second later from the direction of the back door, Neetu appeared all naked running towards the bathroom. The toilet and bathroom in our house are outside the house at the corner of house boundary. She was followed by Laddan who was also naked but was carrying a carry bag with him. Neetu went inside the bathroom and closed the gate behind. Laddan reached the bathroom and started to knock the bathroom door. Both his labour where laughing on his state. After few knocks Neetu opened the door and Laddan vanished inside. I got an idea to hit Neetu with a punishment today. After 30 minutes, I supposed Laddan had finished fucking Neetu and both had taken bath, I came from my hideout and went straight towards my house. I was hearing whispering from the bathroom, and the labours were discussing something and laughing. I went to the labours and shouted at them that they are useless fellows and not doing work properly. They were stunned to see me and shocked till bones. All the sudden the whispering from the bathroom was gone, the sound vanished completely. I asked where Laddan was and they pointed towards the bathroom. I reached to the bathroom and knocked the door and asked Laddan to come out. I asked what he was doing inside. He replied that Neetu had told him that the bathroom door was getting jam from inside and he was checking it. I said that I’ll ask Neetu about it and went inside the house, pretending to search Neetu. When I came out Laddan was out of the Bathroom and both his labours were in attention position. I told him that Neetu was not inside which he confirmed that she went to see her friend. I questioned him in doubt that why did she left the house open then. He said that they are trustable peoples and we can trust on them. I went to the bathroom gate and pushed it but as expected Neetu was inside and the door was locked from inside. Laddan interfered that the door wasn’t repaired yet and need a professional carpenter to repair it up. I went to the veranda and brought a comfortable hanging chair and placed it in front of the bathroom door. I took a newspaper and magazines and sat on the chair. I asked Laddan whether he would be repairing the gate or I should call someone professional from my link. He panicked and said mumbling that why to waste money for that as he was happy to help, and he will bring the carpenter himself. I said him to keep moving, on which he told me that he will bring him on lunch time and I can move to my office for now. I took a cigarette out and started to puff it. I told him that I had taken a day leave from office and would be here all day for keeping an eye on the work. I also told him that he was generous in helping so when Neetu will return back I’ll discuss more repairing with her and let him know on the spot. He went pale and so moved towards a direction. I asked him where he was going on which he replied one liner, “To search a carpenter.” I didn’t say him anything and he vanished but didn’t return for half hours. In the between either his labour went to pee, or maybe they wanted to discuss something privately. This gave me time to peep inside and confirm whether Neetu was inside or not. There she was inside all wet, seems she had bath with him also. She was all nude, without a towel and any other cloths. I smiled and took the seat. After 1 more hour the labours told me that they were leaving for lunch which I permitted them. They told me that I should also go inside the house and have my lunch on which I told them that today was my fast, which was a lie of course. They left leaving me and Neetu behind. As expected they didn’t showed up after the lunch. I peeped several times inside; Neetu was inside shivering from cold, sometimes sitting on the floor & sometimes standing. It was now about 3 hours now, since Neetu was inside the bathroom. I though noticed a young man roaming in front of my house several times in few intervals, with a packet in his hands. I think he was a labour of Laddan who was roaming to get a chance to pass cloths to Neetu but I was enjoying the punishment for Neetu. Hours passed and it was 8 in the night and Neetu still trapped inside the bathroom, all three morons were off and no one returned. I called the owner of the house and complained about them, I said they are unnecessarily extending the work and I’m not comfortable with their behavior with the colony women. He took the complaint, seriously and assured me that he would replace Laddan with new person. He also assured me that he will stay at the side himself every day, every minute until the work was finished. Now I was off the problem from these three morons. I was thinking that the punishment was enough for Neetu so took all the things and went inside the house. Closing both the doors, the back one and front one. Went inside the bedroom and closed the curtain, and started to peep from the curtains. After whole fifteen minutes the same guy roaming outside came to the bathroom door, he knocked the door few time and Neetu opened the gate. He handed her the packet and Neetu opened it to check it out. She was checking the contents inside and he was checking her naked body mean while. She said something to him and he said something to her. Neetu showed anger on her face and so the guy started to push her inside. Neetu was resisting but yet she went inside. I think he too was interested in fucking Neetu and Neetu was denying to it. Reason was obvious, she was struck inside for many hours and she didn’t want to struck inside for long. I didn’t interfere and soon the guy was inside closing the door behind. After 15 minutes the door opened and the guy peeped outside. After confirming that no one was around he said something to Neetu and took the packet from her. He rushed towards the main road and vanished. Neetu came out after few minutes, neatly dressed up, nicely combed hair and with light makeup. She was wearing high heels also. She looked in all directions and came out, walked towards the front door and knocked the gate. I purposely opened the gate a little late. She came inside and I asked where she was. She replied confidently that she went to see her friend and as she had met her after a long time she stayed long. I said that she must have called me which she said that she forget to take the cell with her. I didn’t enquire her more and dropped the topic for future. After we slept Neetu started to sneeze and cough, she had surely caught a cold. Do write mail to me for comments and suggestion over my mail id: , readers are requested not to ask whether this is real incident or fake one. I would like to leave the matter to you. Believe it as real one or a fake imagination. Request only reviews on mail, no rubbish mails are to entertain. Do not request to send pictures of my wife. Do not request for, her or mine contact details. Do not request to meet us in personal; I’m not interested in all that. I would write another episode soon. Till then have a nice time, stay happy, stay healthy and keep waiting.