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There’s annual function in my office by 6pm. I told my wife to plan for the party. My name is Sagar and live in Mumbai, posh area and my age is 40. I had a arranged marriage and since I was wealthy I married a 25yrs girl, Poonam in my native village where I gave dowry to the girls house. Yes it happens. She is a dusky girl with a perfect structure with 34 26 34 figure and she made her hair, curly after she came to Mumbai. Even though my wife was from the village, she is well educated and likes the city culture and thats the main reason she married me because she can move to mumbai. She goes to gym and parlor and keeps her sexy, more than she already is. My work mostly keeps me late and I reach home around 1 in the night. But in 1 year of marriage, my wife never complained about it or been sad of it. Many times I wondered or even surprised by it . We had sex weekly because of my office schedules and she said she don’t want baby for 1 more year and I never insisted for that too. The party was on the terrace in a 5 star hotel. I told my wife to get ready by 5, so I will come and pick up at that time. She was more excited for this party than me and she went to shopping prior to this. Even when I asked her, she didn’t tell me what she bought for the party. Around 4.30 I left my office to my home to pick up my wife. When I reached down my apartment, I saw my boss prakash car standing there. I know my boss don’t have his home here. Puzzled, I reached my home and when I opened the door, I saw my boss sitting there. My boss told a hi and he said, he came to meet me. I never knew my boss know my home. He apologized for showing like this in home. Before even me responding, he told me I have a important work. Sagar: sir, but don’t we have party at 6 today. Boss: yes and I want to you to pick up a important guest and bring him to the party there. Sagar: sir, but my wife is also there. She is already ready I guess. When we were talking, my wife came out of the bedroom fully ready. She was wearing a designer black saree transparent and a sleeveless blouse with a big open back and a low cut front. She made her curly loose hair in front. She wore a navel chain in silver and most of her ornaments matched it. She was wearing a red lip stick and black bindi. I could see a black bra strap near her blouse strap. I was awestruck on seeing her like this and didn’t speak for sometime. My boss said , this must be your wife. She is beautiful. I came back to my senses and said thanks. My wife was little shocked on seeing me, but stayed silent. My boss said, he will take my wife to the party and asked me to receive the important guest. He said, he is very important and he cant trust anyone else than me. I was in a tight spot, but my wife said its ok and she is fine with going with her boss, since I am going meet her anyway in the party. I said ok and said a bye to my wife and went to my car. I went out the apartment in my car and I had to take a u turn and wait for a signal. I can see my apartment from opposite road. When I was waiting, I could see my boss coming out of the gate in car. I can see my wife sitting at the back. I was little annoyed to see my wife with him and I was sitting in my car alone, waiting to meet some unknown guy. The car stopped near the street. There was another car nearby and 2 of my seniors in office got out and got in my boss car. The they sat on either side of my wife. I was little shocked and worried to see this. But the signal went green and the people at the back started to horn. So I left from there to the address given by my boss. I was full of thoughts on whats happening and worried to see my wife with 3 people she don’t know. I went to the address and picked up a guy in 50’s . He is our next client for the new project. I greeted him and I rode ghastly, still thinking about my wife. I reached the hotel by 6 and went down the parking garage. When I reached and looking for a place to park, I saw my boss car parked. Since it was dimly lit, I couldn’t see inside. While I passed it , the light in my car illuminated the inside of his car and I could see my boss still sitting inside looking at the back. He noticed me and he started to get out. I parked at a empty place and when I got out. I saw the 2 seniors and my wife got out from my boss car. I had to open the car for the guest and wait there. What were they doing till now, they could have reached here around 30 minutes before me. My boss saw me and gave a smile and they went for the lift with my wife. One of my senior was holding my wife in the hip and leading her. My wife doesn’t seem to object it. The guest was taking time to take his things and when he got out, my wife and my wife was already gone. I was more enraged than worried to see other guys holding my wife hip. I hurried to the lift as much as I could, with the client and reached the terrace. My boss was there standing with a group of people and talking and I couldn’t see my wife anywhere. I made the client to meet my boss and they started to greet each other and talk. I was so worried now, and was waiting to ask my boss where my wife is. He was telling to the client that they arranged a special gift for him to continue their business with them. I was in no mood, to listen any more business talks and I interrupted them and asked my boss to come aside for a second. He excused with his guest and came . I asked him where’s my wife is. He said, that he don’t know first. I got so angry, and when he could see my anger in my eyes, he told me, oh wait she said he had to go to the bathroom, and my senior had taken her to show her a room in this hotel and he went back to speak with the clients. The place was crowded with party people already. I don’t know where to find my senior and there were 2, I saw with my wife. In the crowd I saw one of my senior and rushed soon toward him, yet I didn’t see my wife with him. While I was moving towards him , I saw his shirt totally came out and no tie. This was so odd in our office like that and I saw him dressed neat when he got in boss car. He was smelling some cloth in his hand and I couldn’t figure out what it is. When I reached more near, I could see the cloth in black color, looked silky type. He seems not to notice anything happening around him. When I totally was standing near by of him, I was shocked to the core. It was girl’s panty in black color, of brand n-gal. Its little transparent type lacy kind and it costs 600k. I know this much clearly because I bought this to my wife a month back. I was shocked to see my senior sniffing my wife’s panty. My thoughts ran wild and now I seriously worried what happened to my wife. My senior saw me and he immediately kept the panty in his pocket and he smiled at me. Still in shock, I asked where’s my wife is. He didn’t answer me for sometime and his face showed he was clueless of what to answer. After sometime I again asked him in stern voice and he said she is in a room 609, freshening herself up. She came in ac car and for 30 minutes and why she need to freshen up. I wanted to ask about the panty, but I dont want to risk a bad reputation with my senior. It may be some others panty . But I know I am lying to myself. I left the place and rushed to the elevator. I reached the floor and I was searching for the room 609. I almost ran to the place seeing the number one by one. When I reached the room 609, I knocked first and waited. No one answered, I knocked again and still there’s no answer. Then I just tried to go in and tried the knob. It was locked. I thought its locked inside. I don’t know what to do now and I saw a room boy walking that side. I went to him and asked, can you open the door, my wife is in and I think she slept. He saw the room and he said no one is in this room, because its in maintenance. I thought myself, will this day go bad than this. I don’t know where’s my wife is and my senior is sniffing my wife’s panty. Finally my stupid brain told me to call my wife and when I called, the phone rang fully and she didn’t receive. My senior lied to my face and I was in full anger now. I reached the terrace and I searched the senior to punch his face. I couldn’t find him only. My boss was very busy with the client and a group of people. I just sat near a bar there and my mind was so cloudy. All I could remember was my wife in a sexy saree standing there in home. A bartender asked me whether I needed any drink. In frustration I ordered whiskey and started to drink. I suddenly got up and I saw it was almost 12.30 am . I slept here and I saw many glasses around me. There were only few people at the party and I still could see my boss and the client laughing and speaking. My head was paining by the alcohol in me and suddenly it stuck my mind, still he didn’t find his wife. He could see his boss fully drunk and he and the client was also with no tie and untucked. My boss said something and they both got up and went towards the lift. I followed them, they went inside the lift and the door closed. I saw the lift stopped in the same floor I was already before. I reached the floor with the other lift and in the corridor I could see my boss and the client walking . They were fully and they couldn’t walk properly. They stood to the opposite of 609 and knocked the door. I moved nearby without getting spotted. The were just in the opposite room all along, when I was trying 609 before. A guy came and opened the door after sometime. It was the senior I was searching the whole time. He was just wearing a shirt and no pants. He dick was hanging freely and it was around 7inches long . He opened the door and went in smoking a cigarette and both my boss and the client went inside. The last to go was the client and he didnt close the door properly as I went I tried the knob, it opened. I was very hesitant to walk in and I clearly know my wife is inside. My mind is so wavery, I couldn’t think anything. I slightly opened the door and peeked inside. I saw my boss was sitting on a sofa in one corner and the client is sitting in another corner on a sofa. Finally I saw my wife on the floor lying towards the floor. Her petticoat was above her ass and in a corner I saw my wife blouse torn in pieces. The guy who was sniffing my wife’s panty was totally nude and drilling my wife from back. He was so aggressive,that his balls made sound hitting my wife’s ass. I saw my wife face. She was sweaty with her lipstick smeared and mascara fully on her face and she moaning loudly. By the way she moaned, I found out she is totally enjoying it. My wife looked like she was used many times, since she looked so tired, but she was moaning, ahh ahhhh ahhhh, and she was even smiling looking at my boss. Ijust sat there near the door and came to know how much useless I am. I could hear my wife scream in joy inside and yet I was shocked , to see that I am doing nothing. The senior who was smoking said,” stop screaming bitch, this is a hotel.” she doesn’t seem to notice it. He threw his cigarette , knelled down and shoved his dick in her mouth. He collectively caught her hair and started to fuck her mouth. I could see he inserted his full 7 inch dick in her mouth and almost its in her throat. They both were fucking her mouth and pussy for almost 15 minutes . I saw the guy moan a lot and shoot his cum inside her. The other guy also climaxed in her mouth. The guy at the back got up panting and slapping her ass saying,”mast maal re”. The client now stood up and he removed his clothes. He was totally rock hard and his dick was fully erect. He grabbed the hair of my wife who was lying on the floor and made her stand up. She looked so small before her. He saw the petticoat the and the saree down. He just pulled down in a forced manner and both went down easily. Poonam was standing with just the navel chain , necklace and bindi on her. She looked more slutty now and I started to get hard on seeing it . The client just lifted her like a doll and inserted his dick in her pussy. Poonam responded well by moving her body on his cock fastly, holding him. He started to suck her juicy tits while fucking her in air. My boss now came at her back with his dick out. He hold my wife hip, and he inserted his dick in her ass slowly. When she was about to scream, the client inserted his finger in her mouth. After slow momentum, my boss increased his speed on fucking my wife ass. Even I never fucked my wife in ass. They both were sandwiching my wife in air. They were fucking her like that for almost 20 minutes and then they throwed her on the bed. I am now fully erect and I couldn’t control myself. I took my dick out and started to rub it. One of my senior now, got on the bed. My wife was on the bed with legs wide. He just went between her and inserted his dick and started to pound her. I could see my wife’s eye roll in pleasure and she pressing her boobs hard. I thought whether my wife was made a slut or was she already a slut and what am I. I am seeing my wife fucked by 4 people and still I didn’t get any anger, just so horny on seeing her fucked. After 10 minutes he drained his cum in her again and fell beside her. Cum was drooling out from her pussy and she was tasting it in her mouth with her hand. I couldn’t handle any more of my lust and went in the room with my dick out. My boss saw me and he just smiled at me. Everyone was so drunk, and with no senses. I just went straight to my wife there. She was little shocked to see me but didn’t move as it is she was so tired. I just touched her cheek with my fingers and touched her hair. She was in shock totally on seeing me and I was above her with a disheartened face. Suddenly her face reaction changed and she left a moan. She lifted her head and when she saw down, my dick was inside her fully. I hold her face in 2 hands and I started to fuck her looking at her face whole time. She started to moan now and I increased my phase roughly. I fucked her so hard that she started to cry a little in joy and I thought this as her punishment. I was enjoying her totally and in just 5 minutes I cummed and I fell on her. She just hugged me . After 10 minutes my boss made me to get out from the bed and he started to fuck her again. We all 5 fucked her taking turn till 3 am and all slept. I woke up around 10 am in the morning, and I saw my wife sleeping near me nude. I got up and near the table I saw lot of cash was kept on the table and I couldn’t see anyone else than me and my wife. I saw my wife nude sleeping showing her cute butt . I gave a kiss on her butt cheek and inserted my finger in her butt and she gave sexy moan. Hi guys, Thanks for reading. Hope you liked it. Please do comment and leave your suggestions here or mail me to It would encourage me or at least make me know how bad I am writing. :) Thanks. Gift To The Client Is My Wife