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I am sudhir, aged about 36 year and my wife priya, aged 34 is a good housewife and does all her duties very diligently. She is bit fat with large body (large boobs and butt) to be played with and average looking, however she is very good in bed and crazy about sex. She is very horny in bed and she would need 2 men to satisfy her at the same time. I am not able to satisfy her since my dick is only 4” (when erect) and most of the time does not get erection and I cum very fast, mostly in 5-6 strokes. My wife remains unsatisfied all the times. I always fear that she may leave me due to this. I do not want her to leave me at any cost since I love her, for this I was ready if she can get satisfaction outside. I have told her many times that she may sleep with anyone else but do not leave me, but she always refused. One night she was very horny and my small dick did not get any erection. I tried to finger her, but she was unsatisfied since she needs hard long dick only. She was frustrated and started crying. I again told her that I will try to arrange men for you but dont leave me for this. For the first time she responded “It can be risky” I took that as a positive sign. I then suggested her that if we can take help of any friend or relative in family then it will not be risky. She said “to us ko pata chal jayega ke tum naamard ho”. I said I am ok for that humiliation, if you get satisfied and do not leave me. Then I suggested that we can use her sisters (Bina) husband Sanjay for this. She looked happy. I know why, Sanjay is well built healthy person and real macho man. Bina is very beautiful and I was always jealous of sanjay having such a godess. Also, Bina was my dream girl. Next day she talked to her sister to convince her and told her that she badly needs sex and want to use her husband. Bina first got angry but then she understood her sisters situation. Bina told her she is sorry to hear that Sudhir is namard. She agreed and said “I am ok for my sisters happiness but Sudhir needs to convince Sanjay”. On Sunday I and Priya went to Binas residence. While Bina and priya were in kitchen. I explained my position to Sanjay and said I am naamard and need his help. First Sanjay tried to mention few doctors name but I said “mujh jaise naamard par koi doctor kuchh nahin kar sakta, main aur priya chahte hai ke tum priya ko apni mardangi se kushi do” Sanjay was shocked to hear. He refused. I requested him repeatedly but he did not agree. Priya and Bina came to drawing room hearing our conversation from kitchen. Sanjay said “Bina see what they are requesting” Bina said “ I know, please do it for my sisters happiness”. Priya was quite with her head down in shame. Sanjay was shocked again to hear his wife. I again pleaded and bent down to touch sanjay feet to request him. I was feeling humiliated to do that but I did. Even Priya did not stopped me to plead like that. May be she wanted me to get humiliated being a naamard. Finally, Sanjay said ok he will think and let me know by Thursday. On Thursday night I got call from Bina that Sanjay is ready and will come Friday night to stay with you till Monday morning. I was very happy, I put up phone and told Priya looking into her eyes that Sanjay is ready to fuck you. She was very happy and smiled, then she covered her face with her hands and ran away into bedroom. I guess she would have fingered herself thinking of Sanjay. On Friday I took leave from office. I took priya to beauty parlor and asked the attendant to do whatever is required to make her sexy and look like bride, saying that we have to attend some marriage function. I wanted her to look like bride since this will be her real first night. After 2 hours she can out and really looked sexy. She told me that she has got full body waxed including her pussy. On way back to home, I purchased flowers, Perfumes, some eatables and whiskey as well, Since I knew Sanjay drinks on weekend. All the way priya was happy and smiling inside and trying to hide. About 7 PM, I myself decorated my own bedroom with flowers (for my wifes first night with other men). It was Rose and jasmine all over. I decorated it like a suhaagrat bed. It was the same bed where I did my first night (rather unsuccessful one), now my wife will have second first night. Sanjay came at 9 PM. We had dinner together. Priya was wearing Red Sexy saree below her navel and sleevless blouse with deep cut in front and back. Her cleavage were clearly visible. All the time Sanjay was starring my wife and she was avoiding eye contact with Sanjay. We chatted for some time in drawing room. Priya was now in kitchen and did not come out. I called her many times. I then went to kitchen. She was afraid and feeling shy and nervous as well. I hold her hand and took to sofa where Sanjay was sitting. Sanjay stood up and I told Sanjay “Your room is ready, you can take priya inside and satisfy her”. Priya covered her face with her hands since she was shy. I Pushed her towards Sanjay, she resisted. She was resting on Sanjay Chest now and I was still pushing her. Sanjay now took her into his arms and I stepped back. It was humiliating view : Priya was into arms of some one else in her sexy red saree with almost her full back showing to me. I was happy as well as feeling bad since I was not able to satisfy her. Soon my wife will be naked and her pussy will hand a strong dick inside for the first time. Sanjay move his hand on her butts and bare back. She felt shy and came to me rushing. I asked Sanjay to take her into room since she will come back to me again and again. Sanjay picked her into his arms strongly and moved towards room. Priya requested sanjay to allow me to remain nearby bed since she wanted me to be there only. Sanjay asked me to beg in front of him to come to their room (my own room). I bend down and said “please sir, allow me to see my wife getting satisfied”. I repeated this for three times..Sanjay said “ok, tujh jaise naamard ko dekhna chahiye ki aurat ko kaise satisfy karte hain” I accompanied them to my bedroom (as a guest in my own bedroom, which now will be owned by sanjay, since he will be my wifes master now onwards). Sanjay gently put priya on decorated bed, she was happy. Sanjay kissed her cleavage and navel slowly. Priya was enjoying (she closed her eyes and was biting her own lips), I was happy to see her enjoying. Then they started lip kissing, both were sucking each other lips and tounges. She was much comfortable now with Sanjay. I was like idiot, standing in that room where two horny person enjoying themselves. Sanjay removed his clothes and was in his underwear only. He ordered ME to remove priyas clothes. I said “I cannt do this”. He scolded me “You bloody idiot naamard, do as I say, else will tell all your neibhours that you are impotent”. I removed priyas saree, blouse etc. She was now in her pink laced bra and panty. When I tried to remove them, priya said “naamard, bada besharam hai, aab apni biwi ko pura nanga kar ke dega kya, itna to sanjay bhi kar sakta hai”. They both laughed at me. They lied on bed and priya was in sanjays arm. Priya has now lost all her shyness. She was playing on sanjays chest, while her hands were rubbing sanjays penis. Sanjay remove her bra and panty, and threw them on my face. I was still standing and watching them. Sanjay ordered me to take Priyas wet panties in my mouth while standing there. Priya also removed his underwear. Sanjays penis was damm erect, more than 7 inches and thick. Priya was so excited to see his penis, that she immediately took it in her mouth. It was very shameful for me. Priya was sucking him and his fingers were all over her pussy and ass. I was about to leave the room so that priya can enjoy more without feeling my presence, but priya stopped me Priya : “ab jaa kahan raha hai, dekh to le mard kaise hote hai or kaise aurat ko kush kiya jata hai. Sanjay laughed and said “ye to asli me naamard hai, chal aab apna lund dikha. Priya : kya karoge iska lund dekh kar, kuchh nahin hai is naamard main Sanjay : Main bhi to dekhoon naamard kaisa hota hai, cha lab kapde utaar I was shy but slowly remove all clothes except underwear. Priya : Naamard ko sharam aarahee hai… haha haha Sanjay : aab utaar bhi nahi to lund kaat doonge tera. Priya : Kaatne layak bhi nahin hai. And she started to suck sanjays penis again like a hungry slut. I remove underwear to reveal my 4 inches so called dick. Both of them laughed at me. Sanjay : Is this penis or a pimple Priya : Guess what – It is erect as of now… Sanjay : Ha aha ahaha aha haaha ha ah. Priya how can you live with this naamard, I will satisfy you today and forever now…. Sanjay lifted her both legs and started licking her pussy, she was enjoying. Sanjay asked me to hold her legs so that both can enjoy. While I was holding her legs, priya splitted on my penis “saale thu hai tujh par, hat naamard kahin ke”. I was humiliated and frustrated, but have no choice. Sanjay prepared to enter his penis in her pussy. I told him to put condom. Priya said “haraamzade, aab naamard wali baat mat kar, I need real penis and real semen inside my pussy” Sanjay “aaja meri jaan, tujhe apne amrit se bhar doon” . His bare penis entered my wifes sweet little pink pussy, like rocket. She cried in pain, since this was the first time her pussy actually got a penis. She was bleeding now, and looked like she only now lost her virginity. I was pleading again and again, please do not put semen inside her, please do not make her pregnant. Priya : Sanjay, I do not have kids, I want you baby… make me pregnant. I want my kids to be real macho like you. Sanjay fucked like animal and she enjoyed like a slut, abusing me all the time. Sanjay inserted his semen inside my wife. And both were resting on my bed. Sanjay ordered me to clean his dick. Priya said let me suck this first, she licked his dick full of semen. I was humiliated again by sanjay. After few hours, I cleaned both of them. They got dressed, but told me to remain naked. For next two day, both of them, enjoyed each other, all over the places in the house like kitchen, bathrooms, drawing room. For two days I was not allowed to wear anything and become their servant. I was naked all the times and serving them food, drinks, water, tea etc, like a servant. Priya even made me to wash underwear of both of them, dirty with blood stains and semen of sanjay. From now on every weekend, Sanjay comes to fuck my wife and I am made naked servant to them for two days. But I am happy since my wife is happy and is with me only. I have accepted sanjay as her husband and my master for weekends. Even during weekdays I was not her husband. She did not allowed to fuck even once saying that I do not own her anymore and she wants to be fresh for weekends so that my master can enjoy her. One day Bina also came with Sanjay. She already knew that every weekend priya is satisfying her husband. This has also made Binas Sex life spiced up since Sanjay gets horny after fucking priya. Bina thanked Priya for making her sex life wonderful. Priya welcomed her. Bina suddenly said “Aur main bhi to dekhoo namard kaisa hota hai” and looked at me (I was shocked to listen, my dream girl was saying this to me). All three of them looked at me and laughed. They asked me to get naked. It was humiliating. Priya said “you bastard, dont you listen”. I said no… Then priya slapped me and Sanjay hold my hands from back. I was not able to escape since sanjay was very strong. Priya pulled my pants and then underwear. Sanjay tore my T shirt. I was now naked. Bina, my dream girl, saw my dick and laughed. In fact every one laughed. I covered my dick with hands. But Sanjay tied my hands from behind with rope. I was standing naked in my drawing room naked and all three of them were at sofa watching a laughing at me. Sanjay then asked priya to sit on his lap and said to Bina “want to see us in action”. Bina said “you enjoy, I will play with this bastard namard”. Sanjay stared fucking priya on the sofa, while Bina came to me, and squeezed my balls. I cried in pain. She was not making love with me, but punishing me. She said haraamzade, meri behen ki zindgi kaharb kar di tune, sazaa to milege. My godess was humiliating me. She also tied my legs (hand already tied). She got naked (she was stunning beauty inside also) and crushed my balls by putting her foot, then slapped me and spitted on my face saying “thu hai tuzh naamard par”. She took sanjays belt and spanked by butts for about 10 minutes. It was very painful. She took me to sofa where sanjay was fucking my sweet wife like a whore and priya was saying “fuck me fuck me fuck me”. Bina splitted on me and said “see your wife becoming whore you bastard”.Sanjay and priya also splitted on my face. Sanjay was about to cum, he pulled back and released all his cum on my face. All three of them were now splitting on me. Priya said “time to get fresh” and dragged me to bathroom with hands and legs tied. I thought she will clean me. I was wrong, worst was coming. She put me near the toilet seat and sat on my face and urinated on my face. Sanjay stood up near me and urinated on my face. Bina said “lick it”. I was licking urine on the floor. Bina sat on my face and urinated. All three went inside the shower glass cubicle (in same bathroom) and started to have shower. I was laying there in urine with my hands and legs tied up. Priya was shouting keep licking you bastard. They had threesome in shower and got dressed and went to drawing room. They ordered food from outside. Priya come to bathroom after one hour and untied me. It was disgusting lying in floor with urine drenched body. She said “honey you are great husband.. keep up the good work, now clean yourself and come to drawing room… naked….”. By the time I reached drawing room, food was delivered and all of them were finished. Priya tied me with a rope attached to my neck. All of them were dressed but I was naked. Sanjay ordered me to kneel down like a dog and bark like dog to get food. Bina put all the plates with left over food in plate and put it on floor. I was still barking. Sanjay Said “Come on tommy come on eat it” I ate like a dog the left over food. They had again fucking session on my bed, while I was tied like a dog in the corner of the room. Sanjay asked to me to keep barking in order to plead “please leave my wife”. This also continued for few weekends. After three months, Priya told me that she is pregnant. I had not fucked her for last three months. I asked her, is this Sanjays kid, she replied “namard ko bachhe nahin hote haramzaade.” Be ready to take care of kid and learn baby sitting. Impotent Husband