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Hi this is palak mayre an hardcore submissive by nature to women I am a strong believer that female are born to be dominant and my purpose is to serve them. This is an story of my ex gf sneha who was very short tempered by nature but was very very hot on bed and I was never able to cope up with her hotness and that lead to steamy arguments all the time which eventually turned to a point were I dumped her finally. She was pissed badly on this and hurled abuses,cried begged in short she tried everything but I was determined and finally she gave up at least I thought so. After couple of months life was normal and I was coping up to recover from the recent heartbreak. I live on Ahmadabad and the summer is very hot here so I was relaxing at my home in my room when I received call from sneha,I didn’t picked up the call but she kept on ringing and I finally picked up the call. She said hi finally you picked up my call and enquired how I was and all that, she said she has moved on and want to be just friends with me because I am a nice guy. She further told me that she is alone at home for few days so please come home and we will sit and talk,usually I used to go home whenever she is alone as she is staying with her father who is occasionally on your and neighbors don’t doubt me or they are least bothered about it. I was horny so thought why not lets go to her home may be we end up in sex as usual and I said yes I will drop by, she was very happy listening to it and I got ready and headed towards her home. It was afternoon and the whole colony was in pin drop silence and nobody was outside as it was a very hot afternoon.I rang the doorbell and sneha opened the door. She was wearing dark blue jeans and sleeveless tsirt cream colored. She was looking smoking hot as she is having an amazing body and big ass and boobs. Her vital sign is 34-30-36. I got an instant hard on but as soon as I entered the house my all hopes went in drain as I say her best friend Shilpa in the hall smiling at me. She was also a bombshell and was very close to sneha.she is around 5 feet 10inch tall and was wearing heels which made her more taller. I am only 5 feet 7 , shilpa is little plumpy but I always admired her thighs and biceps as it looked very strong to me. She was wearing kurti and leggings. I said down in hall ànd we were having usual conversation of some friends and colleagues and all that. Shilpa and sneha worked in same company. Sneha went in to bring some cold drinks and I was talking with Shilpa at that point Shilpa asked why u dumped sneha do you realize how heart broken she is. I apologized but said I had to as this relationship is not going anywhere,just then sneha came in with drinks and I drank along with then. While drinking they both were giggling and said to me we will show you where this relation is heading,I was feeling dizzy and I fall flat on sofa that’s what I remember when I woke up. I was tied to a iron chair with my hands tied backwards and there was a tape in my mouth. Both of them were sitting in a sofa and was looking at me. Shilpa came closer to me and she removed mu tape and gave a thudding slap.I was puzzled and got afraid I begged to not kill me,listening to this they both laughed and said poor dog he thinks we are going to kill him. I asked them to free myself as it is paining but they didn’t listen.sneha bought my phone near to my mouth and to say at home that you will come after two days as I am in a tour and not to worry abt mom was puzzled but this has happened earlier as I suddenly announce that I will be on tour so she said to take care and disconnected the call. My hand was paining like hell and I thought that my shoulder will dislocate if I am not released at the earliest.I begged sneha and she said she will do if and if only I will do what I am instructed. I readily agreed and Shilpa took out her phone and signalled sneha, sneha asked me to say that I am gay and always been gay my life I confess please boyz fuck my ass I want bigger and harder dick. I was reluctant and said no just then Shilpa came closer to me and have a second thundering slap on my cheek , I now knew that I have to do what they say and I finally with a straight face repeated what sneha told me and Shilpa recorded it and afterwards showed the clip to me and said if you don’t do what we say then this is going to be forwarded in WhatsApp group añd to my colleagues also then sneha took the phone and locked it in her cupboard and hid the keys upstairs. She came down and glanced at Shilpa and they both laughed and gave hifis. Sneha came close to me and said baby we both know that you are a submissive pervert and you have said many times to me for domination but I always said no because I wanted you to marry me thinking I am a sweet girl and I wanted to dominate you whole life and not in sessions but you ruined everything.Now stop being a man and be a good puppy slave for both of us as we are now going to show you what female power is,do you understand? I said yes sneha, a punch in my stomach by sneha,she said yes what? I quickly regained my senses and said yes sneha madam,hmmmm nice baby boy replied sneha. Shilpa came closer and untied my hand,I was very relieved and happy as I am going to be dominated by two hot girls but I didn’t knew what was in the store. Shilpa told me to remove my clothes and kneel on floor,I did that readily they both didn’t undressed and was standing in front of me. I kneeled with my head down waiting for instruction. Sneha was wearing a flat slipper I thought they will ask me to lick their feet but sneha took out the slippers and gave one to Shilpa. They started slapping me with chappal on both cheek and asked me to count.I started 1,2,3,4and with each slap they were getting more powerful and both of them were laughing.I started to get an hard on when Shilpa said to sneha look at this pervert he is having an hard on and look at his dick so tiny weenie sneha how did you even fucked and they both started laughing loudly. The count came to 100 when they both stopped finally my cheek was tomato red now, Shilpa said enough of it now baby now lie down I wanna pee. I lied down and opened my mouth Shilpa pulled down her leggings and she was wearing no panty her vagina was hairy and red she aimed my mouthed and started was very warm and sneha was watching it calmly I drank all of shilpas nectar and she was relieved. Now sneha turned to me and said I got a surprise for you baby and removed her jeans, she was wearing panty and something white paper was popping out of panty I realized she is in eyes went wide as I have never tried drinking pee of an girl with menses. She removed her panty took the sanitary pad which was all red and came closer to me. Before I could say anything she stuffed the pad in my mouth,I was about to puke when she said no no no baby come follow me in bathroom with the pad in mouth and I followed her. She made me lye down in bathroom and aimed to my mouth and started peeing. It was tasting funny and frankly I enjoyed it. After that she removed the pad and threw in dustbin,she ordered me to go back to hall while she clean herself. Shilpa was sitting in sofa and asked me to come and lick her armpits,she hàd an very wide armpit and was not wearing deo I sniffed and started licking both her armpits. Sneha came in with mobile and sat on sofa she asked to start licking both their feet while she shoots me. I started licking four feet and they were stuffing my mouth with their feet.they saved that video and asked to stop as they are hungry and they went to have dinner in kitchen and asked me to stay here. After sometime Shilpa called me in kitchen and asked me to sit on floor they were having chicken.they ate the chicken and threw bones and left over on floor to me and asked me to eat.I ate it as I was very hungry.they were laughing all the time. They were tired and said they are going to sleep and I must sleep in hall naked and morning they will start the next. Session but not to forget to clean the dishes and floor before sleeping. I obeyed and cleaned the dishes and was cleaning the floor just then Shilpa came in with a cucumber and asked me to continue cleaning the floor. As I was doing she.came behind and in one go she inserted the cucumber in my ass,it pained like hell but they were enjoying it. They said till next morning this cucumber should be in your ass and they will check in between unexpectedly also if the cucumber is not the then they will insert another bigger object till you bleed from ass. I started crying and they laughed and went to bedroom.I was sitting in hall with cucumber in my ass red cheeks and feeling like a slit. It was bitter painful but somehow arousing for me and waited anxiously for next day session,which I will narrate later. Do write me in your suggestions and feedback to ,? I love to hear from you and ladies in Ahmadabad or India write to me if you want to dominate me. Revenge Of Angry Ex Girlfriend And Her Best Friend