Into The Souls Of Regina And Shika

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Hi everyone , This is my first story , Reading ISS for 7 years. I just waited to write my story , I would have written story earlier but I wanted to do real sex in my life & write it. About myself , I’m tony rudhip from Kanyakumari , Half tamizh & Half malayali , My mom is from Kerala & Dad is from Tamizhnadu. I’m not fair , Athletic ; I’m DarkChubby , 5.11 ,82 kg. Doing my Final year architecture in thiruvanathapuram , Kerala. This story is about Myself , My schoolmate Shika & Her Cousin Regina. Shika & I studied together from childhood. I know Regina for years but personally I know her in college , she is two years senior to me in college. Shika is living near my Home , we used to go church regularly on Sunday. Shika is moody to others so boys never comes to her and propose , they afraid of her. I’m the only guy who speaks to her , she trusts me so much. When we’re in high school a guy named shivRam proposed shika , shika also about to Accept him but I doesn’t want it to happen , I doesn’t know why , I was not loving her but I doesn’t want her to love some either. I did all my best to break their relationship & succeeded After the 3 year even semester, shika asked me to take her to Regina house which is in TVM , we started very late in the evening , It was 2 hours travel in bike from Kanyakumari to TVM. Half the way it started raining , We drenched , had coffee, Again started riding , She started to shiver , hugged me , I was riding as well as holding her hand , Just to make her comfortable. We reached TVM around 9.30pm , In Regina home no one was there , everyone went to velankanni church for Festival , Regina had her Final jury & submissions in two days. So she had to stay. As we fully drenched Regina gave as towel , we both dried ourself and sat on the couch. They both were speaking a lot things murmuring themselves , laughing. Shika on her periods , she was so tired , she said that she going to sleep. Both Regina & Shika went inside room. I was texting in Whatsapp group , friends sent Arab Homemade videos , I started watching the video , earphone on , In that video A hijab covered teen girl was kissing a schoolboy may be he is 14 ; she may be 19 , Very passionately , Girl completely took over him. That small boy doesn’t know what to do. Girl in that video started removing his T-shirt & she is licking him very hard. That guy is moaning loudly & almost he sheded tears. She biting all over his body , after watching this video I couldn’t control myself , I was looking around is anyone there , no one is around , while pulling my shorts down to shag off , Regina called me from balcony , I just pulled up my shorts and went to her , asked me what I was seeing I just some videos in group. She said hmmmmmm okay okay. It was drizzling outside , raindrops falling over us as we are standing in the balcony. It was small balcony. Regina said me Shika slept , and she added its boring ask me something. Without any hesitant I asked do she have boyfriend ? Regina : No , why? Tony : Just asked ? Regina : Did any of class boys said anything to you ? Tony : yeah , They said that you rejected all their proposals & they doubts you have boyfriend , that’s why I asked. Regina : ha ha ; Poor guys. They just want a hole , That’s it. I just speechless after hearing such words from her. Tony : so you don’t want to love anyone? Regina : I want to fall in love , Make love to him. I wish he should be younger to me. Tony : Younger ?? Love making ?? Regina : yes Tony : why younger ?? Regina : because I want to guide him in all aspects. I understood her intentions & purposely asked , what does all aspects mean ? She just came near my war and said softly : Lemme show you. Regina is tall girl , Chubby not fat , 65 kg , Fair girl , 22 years , Malayali. She always wears tight dress you will easily get hard on by seeing her.
38- 34- 36 her stats. Now she is not wearing duppatta , she is little shorter than me , she came near me , I could see her cleavage which is so big , poking out , She pulled me & took to couch in the hall. I just not feeling comfortable , she asked me do you love anyone , immediately I said yes I love shika. Regina asked because you love shika you don’t want to make love with me. I said yes I don’t want to have sex with you , because I want to have sex with shika. Shika is fair girl not so lean , Her eyes can seduce any men in this world. Almost all our school boys was behind her but I never let her to fall in love with others. She is little shirt than Regina but she is better in stats than Regina. But Regina is not allowing me to get out from couch , Regina is upon me. I’m couldn’t control myself. Slowly I’m falling for her. She slowly started to lick my ear lobes , she completely took over me and Rolling her hands inside my T-shirt , I hugged her & tried to bring her down but she doesn’t allow me she was rubbing her body over me. My dick is started paining as she pressing my dick with her thighs , I licked her upper lip with my tongue , she had lengthy & juicy lips. We started kiss very passionately , slowly very slowly we kissing , I was in some other world , I just made her to put her hand inside my boxer, Half an hour we were kissing , I tried to touch her boobs but she is resisting. Meantime we’re rolling our tongues . exchanging saliva. She said that now , ‘I saw you that you watching porn video’ , She planned it and seduced me. Now she took my hand and kept on her left boob. I circled her boob with my finger over the chudidhar , she removed my T-shirt I licking my chest very slowly , I’m pressing her boobs. My dick is very hard. I removed her tops she was in her chimneys , it look good girls wearing chimney than bra. I could see hard nipple over the white chimney (Vest kind) I licked it , Making wet over the vest & pressing right boobs. She started moaning. Tonyyyyyahhhhh , Lick me , Make me nude , Kiss me tony. She been starved for so long time. Her moaning sounds seducing me more. It just made me like animal , I just teared her vest and Pressing her boobs very hard , Made her boobs red in colour biting it hard , Pulling her nipples by using my teeth Licking it, She started crying but she is yelling please don’t stop tony , I love this pain, she is pressing my dick very hard due to pain. I inserted my finger inside her panty , she is wet , My finger fully wet due to her love juice. Slowly I came down started licking her navel , circling her navel with my tongue and presses her hip , suddenly she shouted Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh yes tony make me yours , show me the heaven , Come into my soul, I was licking between navel and her pussy , she started pushing down my head to her pussy , meanwhile I removed her panty she is nude in front of me. Clean shaven pussy , I was licking it. She just covered me with her sleek legs. I longed for oxygen , I’m licking her , for ten minutes , She cummed loads , , Her moan sounds filed the room, I hope you people can imagine the situation , She doesn’t want to give blowjob because she wants lots of cum in her pussy , so she asked me to fuck her now. She took my dick and inserted in her love hole I couldn’t enter so easily I thought she already had sex and lost virginity to someone but she doesn’t. I couldn’t believe that she is virgin , I asked her repeatedly that she is virgin, I couldn’t believe because her involvement in sex made to think she have slept with at least 5 persons. But to my surprise she is virgin. I inserted very slowly applies oil in my dick , smoothly it entered , To tease her I pulled out my dick and rubbing it over pussy , she pleaded me to fuck her. But for almost five minutes I teased her. She lost her patience and pulled me down and came up and riding me , Her hymen wall broken I could sense blood in my dick she shouted loudly I feared that shika could hear. But Regina doesn’t stopped riding me. She pumping up & down , After 15 strokes I just released my cum. When reaching to cum I just pulled her down and all my semen into her. My cum overflowed and came out of her. She is totally upset and pulling me up and started riding me again my dick becomes small , she took my dick and licked , Pressing my balls , I shouted bitch leave me , But she is not listening she is sucking my Dick , made it hard , erect to 5.8 inch again. She guided my dick to her pussy again. Now I took control made her turn back , doggy style and ride. I was riding her , making her mine. Pressing her boobs , Licking her back. And pressing her ass , licking it , riding her., moaning like anything , I ride her almost ten min this time , slow and steady , Equal interval between Stokes , finally I rise my pace and thrusting very hard , she shouting my name Tony tony please fuck me hard , tiny ahhhhhh hmmmmm ahhh ammmm yes baby , cum cum cum inside me , take my soul away. At last I cummed in her , she took my dick kissed it. And cleaned it with her saliva. I kissed her for five minutes and thanking her for the wonderful time. I lied near her for ten minutes and getting up and opening bathroom door , I saw shika fingering herself inside bathroom , she saw me with great shock , next part how I fucked shika & Regina on the same bed. Sorry for grammatical error and if any spelling mistakes. Hope you all liked the story. Feedbacks to Into The Souls Of Regina And Shika