My Friend And I Seduced My Wife – Part 1

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I was a professional engineer. My friend and ex-colleague Anil, was a smart 33 years young chap same as I and a very close friend of mine. Anil had athletic body and was really handsome. We enjoyed sexy jokes and had a secret desire to share our wives. My wife Neena, is very attractive. After seven years of marriage she had lost interest in sex. During sex in the night with my wife, I kept speaking to her of my friends craving for her. Whenever I mentioned Anils name, although she reacted with disdain, I could sense subtle electric charge going through her body that belied her reaction. I and Anils wife had mutual attraction. Anil knew that I craved for her. He told me that I could try and make out with her; if she agreed. I also offered that Anil could make out with my wife. I assured him that I could help him in seducing my wife, if he could attract her enough. From that time, Anil and I tried to flirt with each others wife, throwing broad hints of our intentions. However, neither of us had much success. This story starts when Anils wife had left for Delhi for the weekend. There was holi festival, when men and women throw color on each other and take mild liberties My wife Neena and I went to a friends house to play holi Anil was present there. When he got the opportunity, Anil cornered my wife Neena away from others and pasted color on her head, cheeks, chest and squeezed her breasts deliberately. My wife was embarrassed. However, she laughed it out at that time, but told me later of Anils mischief. I told her to ignore that as during holi, such things are acceptable. I told her that if she felt strongly about it, we could discuss that with Anil, when we were to go out later that evening. I invited Anil for a late night drive-in type of entertainment program on the occasion of holi festival. He asked me if he could flirt with my wife Neena a little. I told him to go ahead as long as she did not object to it. I told Anil about my wifes complaint and told him to be careful with her. Neena was a bit circumspect about our going out with Anil. She feared that he might again flirt with her that evening. I told her to relax and enjoy holi. I told her that he had already squeezed her breasts once, so what was the big deal, if he does it again? Moderate drinking, flirting, petting, smooching etc. is normal amongst friends during holi; I said. When she was quiet, I said, “All this is ok during holi. We should overlook such things.” She looked at me strangely, but did not speak. Anil came by his old car to pick us up. In that car there was only one long seat in the front; which could accommodate just three persons on the front seat. As I was busy locking our door, Anil invited my wife to sit in the car by his side in the front. Neena got inside the car without a second thought. When I reached the car, I also sat in the front seat by the window with Neena seated between me and Anil. Just as he started the car, Anil got a phone call from his friend. He kept talking for a few minutes. When he finished, my wife Neena asked him who it was. Anil said that it was his friend who had an erotic experience. When I asked him about it, Anil said that it was somewhat sexual, so should he speak about it? He asked my wife. She nodded her head, not saying anything. Anil started narrating his friend Sameers erotic experience with a couple. At some distance, whilst talking, Anil stopped the car and brought out a bottle of whisky and a bottle of gin. He had three glasses. My wife refused to drink. She drank rarely. Anil knew that Neena drank gin some times. As such he had brought gin for her. After some persuasion, my wife Neena relented. Anil poured a generous quantity, when she was looking elsewhere and filled the rest of the glass with ice cubes, water and lemonade. Anil then resumed his story about his friend Sameer. He described how his friend Sameer was involved in a threesome with the couple, whom he had known for a long time. The couple invited Sameer to spice up their dull married life. The couple was drifting apart due to sexual monotony and lack of excitement in sex. Anil said that they all had great sex together. They had a passionate threesome. It was exciting for all of them. The couples sex life thereafter reached the old high. Neena was quite impressed with Anils restrained narration. She liked his suave talk and gentlemanly behavior. My wife was surprised that until that time, Anil did not try to touch her or use sexy words. After the drink she had loosened up a little. Anils low and soft voice charmed her. My wife has nice full breasts. She and I had to push closer to Anil to hear him. In the process, Anils hand frequently brushed my wifes breasts. My shy conservative wife ignored it, thinking that it was unintentional. I saw it and loved it. I decided to go a bit further. I bent towards my wife and gently squeezed one of her breasts through her dress. She knew it was intentional. She saw that Anil watched it. Neena blushed and shuddered; but did not say anything. I then kept one of my hands hanging down her shoulder around her neck and kept squeezing one of her breasts towards Anils side frequently. We went to the function and watched the program, sitting inside the car. There were loud speakers and a lot of sound. It was dark in the car. I had kept my hand ton her shoulders and kept fondling my wifes boobs. After some time, I felt Anils hand, touching mine. I withdrew my hand gently and let Anil play with my wifes boobs over her blouse. There was no adverse reaction from her. Could she have guessed it was Anil, or she thought the hand was mine? I was sure she could have guessed it was Anil, because I had removed my hand from over her shoulder. There was no way I could have squeezed her breast with my hand in my lap.
When there was a small break for tea, we drove out of the crowd. Anil said that he wanted to tell us something very important and suggested that if we did not mind, we should go to his house and listen quietly. We asked him what it was about, however, he insisted that he wanted to say this in a quiet environment. There was no one in his house. We were very curious to know what he had to say. I looked at my wife Neena. She said that it was ok. We reached Anils house. On the way my wife and I had a heated debate on women. My wife said that new generation women were as competent and intelligent as men and should get equal salary as men. I disagreed with her. Anil, however fully supported her. I aggressively argued with Anil and Neena. My wife Neena was very pleased with Anil for supporting her. She even clutched his hand in a gesture of appreciation for his support. Since we had all the night to ourselves, Anil suggested that we should change into casuals and shift to his bedroom to talk at ease. Anil and I changed into pajamas in the living room. Anil selected one of his wifes very sexy and almost see-through kind of night gown for Neena to wear. I asked my wife to change into the gown and asked her to fold her dress as well as all her undergarments separately and not to wear them, so that she could put them on again the next morning. Alcohol was working on my pretty wife. In the heat of discussion, Neena did not see the nightgown properly. She went to the bedroom and changed. When she returned to the living room, her naked body outline clearly stood out through the semi see-thru night gown against light. Anil complimented my wife saying she looked ravishingly beautiful. My simple wife was delighted to hear the appreciation; not realizing that she looked practically naked in the gown. Throughout our arguments, Anil always supported Neena. He did not miss any opportunity to puff her ego. Whatever my wife said, Anil always agreed. He said that Neena was one of the most intelligent ladies he had ever come across and I was the luckiest husband to have her as my wife. This boosted up her ego. Anil had a small bar. He went and poured three gasses with gin for my wife, same as before. Surprisingly, that time, she did not protest. She happily accepted her glass and carried on sipping from it, while talking animatedly. She finished it soon. I saw a subtle smile on Anils face. He was happy the way things were moving. I could observe that Neena was feeling a lot more comfortable with Anil. She thought that perhaps she had misjudged Anil. In her eyes Anil was really a nice gentleman. He certainly had scored some important points. She went and sat on bed between me and Anil and stretched her hand around Anils waist to show her acknowledgement of his praises. Anil led us to his bedroom, where he said we might relax and discuss. I asked Anil to tell Samirs story more vividly, without being so bloody orthodox. Anil looked at my wife Neena questioningly. Neena shrugged her shoulders. Anil then described how his friend and the couple kissed, sucked, fondled and made love. His description was elaborate, explicit and downright erotic. He used the word “made love most of the times, looking cautiously at my wife. Neena was in good mood and listened to his erotic description intently. He then went ahead and used the word ‘Fucked several times. My wife didnt raise any objection. Anil was pleased. During the narration, out of excitement, Anil placed his one hand on Neenas thigh and kept sliding it over her saree and started squeezing her thighs. Neena looked at me with concern. To put her mind at rest, I turned her on the bed to face me, pulled her face on mine and began to kiss her simultaneously squeezing and massaging her thighs. I said “Anil, your friends story is very erotic and I am quite aroused hearing it. Honey, are you not aroused?” I asked her, my voice getting muffled as we kissed. Neena was certainly aroused. She looked dazed at me. She hesitated initially, but then kissed me back shifting towards me. To steady herself, she had to place one hand down for support. Her hand landed between Anils thighs on his bulged cock unknowingly. I felt her body tightening up. My wife hastened to withdraw her hand. However, Anil gripped her hand tightly and pressed it inside his crotch. She wanted to move her face away from my kiss, perhaps to object. However, I had gripped her face tight and kept kissing her. I saw then that she let her hand remain there. It was somewhat dark and she pretended that she did not know where her hand was. Suddeny, Anil said that he had to say something important. Neena and I separated, eager to hear what he had to say. Anil said that his boss had served a notice of firing him and that he was going to lose his job. We knew that Anils parents also depended upon Anils income and if he lost his job, it would be disastrous for Anil. Anil said he was quite unnerved by the prospect and almost started crying in front of us. The mood in the bedroom changed completely. Anil became rather hysterical. He kept saying, “You are the only two people whom I can confide. I am finished.” I saw tears in Neenas eyes. The two strong drinks had made her extra sensitive, more emotional and less cautious. I pulled her in my lap. She whispered to me, “Poor chap, he is undergoing so much of tension alone. His wife Anita is also not there to comfort him.” I agreed and said, “I feel that this is the time my dear, to do our duty as close friends. Being a woman you can comfort him more. Come on let us comfort him. I am with you.” I pushed her to Anil and moved close behind her on the bed. Neena looked at me apprehensively. I smiled encouragingly, tapped sympathetically on her shoulders and signaled her to go on. She sat on bed, made Anil lie on bed and made Anil rest his head on to her lap. Anil was excited by Neenas full breasts almost touching his face and experiencing the feel and fragrance of her body. There was a small gap between his mouth and her breasts. She kept petting his head and told him, “Anil, dont worry, everything will be alright. Come on dear, forget your worries, we are here with you.” Anil kept nuzzling his head on her breasts covered by the gown. I was aroused to see that she let Anil do it. I also stretched my body on bed and lay down with Anil. Neena adjusted her position to let me also place my head in her lap by the side of Anil. Now she had two heads in her lap. Both our faces were almost touching her breasts. I gently raised my hands and pressed Neenas head down, so that she had to stoop lower. When she stooped lower, her breasts touched our mouths. They were covered by her flimsy gown. However, we could clearly see them and feel their elastic softness. Her breasts bounced on our nose and face. She also must have felt our face and nose touching her breasts, because she shivered at the touch. I opened my mouth and grabbed her one breast in my mouth. She almost cried out as she felt my teeth, biting her breast. She shuddered and almost jumped up. She shouted, “What are you two fellows doing? It hurts. Go easy,” That was a clear giveaway. She knew that it was only I who bit her breast.. Why did she include Anil also, by saying “you two fellows”? However, more significant was that she asked us to go easy. She did not ask us to stop. She also did not push us away or move away herself. Anil gently kissed her breast and took it into her mouth with the covering gown. He mumbled “Umm…”as his lips squeezed her breast under the gown. I felt my darling wife tremble and shiver visibly at Anils kissing and licking her breasts over her gown. However, she did not react negatively. I gently inserted my hand on her gown zip and slid it down a little and said, “Darling, there is no point in hiding your lovely melons. Tonight you are our lover. Let us all enjoy this night and holi festival together.” She was quiet. I caught the zip of her gown and pulled it down from the front. Her breasts jumped out of the gown. Anil looked transfixed at her breasts with awe. Her breasts were full as if filled with milk. Her nipples had perked up with excitement and her areolas swelled up in anticipation. She jerked and straightened. Taking advantage of her movement; I quietly pulled her gown down to her waist by slipping it off her arms. She did not resist. She was reconciled to the situation. Perhaps she concluded that it was a fate accomplice and there was no point then in making a fuss.. She moved her body to facilitate my pushing down her gown to her waist. Anil was ecstatic. Neena was confused, aroused and embarrassed all at the same time. She let her exposed breasts kiss our mouths. That was all my friend needed. He began to suck one of her exposed breasts. Both of us began swallowing her two naked breasts. I joined Anil in kissing, suckling and nibbling my darling wifes breasts and nipples. He started nibbling on Neenas nipples, one after the other. So did I. We squeezed Neenas areola and pinched her nipples. Anil mumbled, “Neena, you have the most beautiful breasts, I have ever seen and that includes my wife Anita.” I slowly rose from my wifes lap and made her lie between Anil and me. Anil also sat up. We bent down and began caressing my wifes topless body. Four hands working on her body was too much for my wife. In between Anil spread his saliva on my wifes lovely tummy. He poked her navel with his tongue and kissed her flat stomach repeatedly. She was getting aroused and could not control her ecstatic state. I made her place her hand on my crotch. I untied my trousers, inserted her hand in it, extracted my hard lund and made her to fondle it. She began to shake it. I was rock hard liberally oozing pre-cum. Neena was shaking in excitement jumping her tummy up and down grinding her hips on the bed. She pulled both of us close to her. She caught Anils hand and pushed it on one of her breasts signaling him to squeeze her breasts harder. She pulled my neck down on her bringing my mouth to suck her breasts, deep into my mouth like a milk sucking child. She whispered in my ears, “Suck my breasts, faster and harder, I am going to cum soon.” I took her other hand and placed it on Anils cock. She felt Anils cock covered by the trousers in her hand. It was pretty wet with all his pre-cum. Anil quickly dispensed with his trousers. His naked long and thick cock was in her hand. She jerked visibly feeling the girth and length of his big cock. Neena felt Anils naked cock for the first time. She turned her head to look at it. She had never seen any other mans penis except mine. She was surprised and awestruck looking at Anils cock. She had not expected it to be that big. It was at least one inch longer than mine. It was reddish pink and looked fresh and shining. She had two cocks in her two hands. She had two lovers. This situation was highly erotic for her. Four male hands and two mouths were working on her. She was unable to control her orgasm. She was gyrating and squirming on her buttocks and with a muffled cry she started moaning “Aah!!!! Ohh!!! Humphh….!!!! Ummm…” This was my dear wifes first orgasm. However, she, refused to take a breather. She kept pumping both the cocks, whilst she was relishing her after orgasmic effect. It was then clear that she had got over her initial inhibition. I made Neena stand up and tried to push her flimsy night gown down below her waist. She blushed, caught my hands and said in low voice, “Please switch off the lights”. I immediately switched off all lights except one light in a corner below a bed and disrobed her. Both of us men watched Neenas naked body with amazement. Some of her juices leaked out and flowed down wetting her thighs. She had a caved in stomach and flaring ass and full blown up right bosom, her nipples were long, hard and erect with aroused feelings after our sexual activities. Her hair spread across her body and hid her face partially. End of My Friend And I Seduced My Wife – Part 1 Please read Part-2