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Hi every one. This is my second story and I hope you all would love the same as my first. Kindly comment or send me personal message if you love my story at Shyam, my uncle was not a gambler, but our whole family failed to understand what happens to him on Diwali. He has his group of friends who sits every year for the game, Teen Patti. Usually the game takes place in sum ones house. He is just 32 and has created a well establish business within past few years from just scratch. He hasnt been married for long either. Though the full family wanted to get him settled long back but he gave a deaf ear to all our pleading. At last just a year back he got married to Nandini. She was young, around 24 and no words could define her beauty. With her Sand Glass shaped body, long flocks of hair ran down till her butt, thick lips and long big eyes she was a beauty not every man could resist. Though I wanted to have her from the moment I saw her but at the end of the day she was my aunt in relation so I threw all evil thought of my head. This year two of his friends Prakash and Shiv planned for an overseas vacation with family. So we here relaxed that my uncle would drop the plan for Teen Patti this year, but both he and his friend Dr. Raj and he was growing impatient as Diwali came near. Just the day before Diwali one of his client, Mr. James came to India from London for some business deal with my uncle. He was in his late forties, tall and well built. Though Im 6 feet tall he is around 6 inches taller than me. They managed to convince James for the game. Now they needed a fourth player and in their frustration they turned to me. I blankly refused to be the part but they lured me with I phone 6 plus. This was too much for me as I wanted to bag it for long. Moreover I have recently been promoted and received a hefty amount as my bonus and incentive so I agreed but with only condition that it had to be outside our house. Few relative came to Dr, Raj house to spend their Diwali so we had to get some other place. I suggested a hotel room and all agreed. We got a suit booked in a five star hotel just outskirt of Delhi. James was invited to celebrate Diwali with us. After puja we had lot of fun firing crackers and after finishing our dinner around 10 were preparing to leave. Just then Nandini said she wanted to go too. Though all of us was not willing but my grandmother said that let her go so she could make sure that Shyam could be kept in check. I brought our Toyota Fortuner to the door step. Nandini climbed in the front seat and my uncle and James in the back. She was wearing a blue saree and all her jewelry & looked like a goddess. I asked her to open all her jewelry and keep at home. But she refused saying that its tradition to wear them on this auspicious day. We picked up Doc from his home drove to the hotel. Doc was a handsome guy, average built and always wore his specs and smile. After check-inn we came to the room and ordered a bottle of Glenfich, 30 years with some side dishes. Though I knew that Nandini drinks occasionally but in front of Shyam she wont so I suggested for some red wine for her. She was overjoyed, as I understood her. The rules were informed and minimum stake was announced. James knew this game but they call it 3 Card Brag back home. The game began with four of us and Nandini volunteered become our butler and watch our game. The game was moving with ups and downs, jokes (sometimes dirty), booze, cigarette and beauty (in TV Bollywood songs and Nandini). Around 1.30 am we had finished our bottle and ordered for next. Nandini was sipping her wine as she had just emptied half of it. As the game proceeded Shyam and Doc both started losing, James was wining occasionally but I had the most kill. My uncle was losing more and may be this ignited him to drink more. By an hour my uncle was drunk as a fish had lost a hefty amount, all which he had brought. We could understand that he could barely see. We wanted to stop there but he insisted for a loan so he could play. We all refused and then he ordered Nandini to give her jewelry. Nandini was not willing to but we all in family dreaded his anger so did she. She did not want to make him angry at least not at this hour and this drunk condition. He lost her jewelry also and fell down from the chair in drunk state. Though we all were drunk, including Nandini but not to that level as my uncle. We all carried in to the sofa and placed a cushion under his head. The room was so dirty and smelly that James suggested we should go and sit in the bed room. Doc and James sat on the bed and Nandini on the writing table. I sat on the love seat placed in the bed room and put on some slow romantic songs in TV. We chatted and joked for next half hour and then Nandini said to James how she can win back her jewelry. James thought for some time and said that lets play spin the bottle. Each time the bottle would face James he would return a piece of a jewelry. She did not hear the full statement and ran to the living room to get an empty bottle. When she returned James laughed and said that she should hear him as there is a catch. Every time the bottle faces Doc she has to do a dare decided by them and if the bottle is faced in her side she has to strip a pieced of her cloth. We all three were shocked hearing this. Doc didn’t say anything and waited for us to respond. I wanted to see her nude for long but I was in dilemma. I said its I wont be part of the game and its her call what she wants to do. To my disbelief she agreed, James and Doc face sparkled in excitement, but now she had a catch. She said that she has 16 pieces of jewelry while she was wearing just 5 pieces of clothes. So to make it even James has to give 4 jewelry at one go which he agreed. She looked at me and I gestured that I wont say a word to anyone. They all 3 sat on the bed making a triangle and kept the bottle in the middle. At first spin the bottle faced Doc. James ordered her to check on Shyam and lock the bedroom door way back, which she gladly did. Both second and third times the bottle faced her and she had to lose her sari and petticoat. Her face as skunked as she lost two pieces of her clothes and didn’t not win any jewelry back. I was happy to see those long naked legs but we all men wanted to see more of that body. Forth spin bottle stopped to Doc and he got change to kiss her. He utilized the moment fullest and explore her full mouth with his tongue. Fifth also was a dare and this time James wanted the piece. He kissed her and started to squashing her 34D breast over the blouse. She did not protest and the kiss grew more passionate and intense. This aroused me and I could imagine what was going with them as they were actually in the act. It ended after 5 minutes. She won twice and recovered half her jewelry but lost all her clothes in next three spin. Her naked body was in front of us, her bare boobs, her pink nipples, flat belly and her shaved pussy. The room was like a goat sharing a cage with three hungry lion. She said to James that he has lost all her clothes and half of his jewelry was still due. What more could she do to get back the remaining pieces. As we all in the room knew what James would ask for and he did the same. “Fuck me and take back your jewels”. Doc: “I dont want to be left back, will offer my nights win for a threesome”. She said: she would agree if she gets back her jewelry, all of Docs winning and the amount from James which he had won from husband. They all looked at me, and I indicated that Im staying here and watching. Then began the brutal agony by James and Dr. Raj… They stripped naked and jumped upon her as hungry lions. Hard to say why, but I sat and started enjoying the show… James stared kissing and fondling Nandinis boobs while Doc engaged with her pussy and legs. This went for few minutes. When Doc stopped for a while James stood up & picked up Nandini in his lap like a child and her legs were wrapped around his waist. It was like a koala bear wrapped around a tree trunk. His penis was ramming her pussy continuously…. Thap Thap Thap Thap…. It was a beautiful music and the ambiance was filled with it. Her teeth was grinding with soft moans coming out while she as taking the ramming. Her face was turning blue. But James did not stop for a second. Doc grabbed a bottle of moisturizer kept on side table and applied on his shaft. Then came behind her and smeared some on her ass hole. Before she could react he kept his long fat penis just in the tip of her ass hole. The anal skin and the penis tip was rubbing with each other and his penis was gradually moving inside her ass with each jump. Time flew and by their faces I was convinced that all three was in seventh heaven as Doc emptied his load in her. She recovered from the dual pain within few minutes but she was exhausted. Doc moved giving space to James to keep her on bed. Doc caught one of boobs and started pinching her pink nipples and pressing it like a dough. She moaned and moaned loudly as James was ramming her non-stop. She forgot where she was as her husband was drunk next door and I was sitting in the room itself. Nu Ne nnnnu nee nuuu, a strange sound was coming from her voice. James shouted … “bauphabumphahauuphaghuuphauuphpha … is the sound of breathing while filling her tight pussy with nine inch cocks cum. She slept on her boobs and was panting like street dog in summer heat. Both of them rested beside her for few minutes. Doc took the initiative and stared sucking her tits and then James started with the other. In no time both their cocks here standing tall like a shaft while the veins were clearly visible which wrapped like snakes around the pole. James wasting no time pulled her waist near him l, gliding in his pole in her ass which was already soar, fucking her in doggy style while Doc merrily slapped her cheek twice, sat leaning the head board dragging her head into his cock. She gagged and wanted to breathe. She couldn’t take the pain and screamed in agony. She began to abuse James, “Chor kutte, haramike pilla, apne maa ko chode aaise, gannd fat jaiga mera, tera pao parta hu” (leave me you son of a bitch, you asshole, go and fuck your mom like this, my anus would tear apart, I beg of you). Doc pulled her hair and said “teri jaisi randi life me kaha milta hai hume rozroz, ab maje lene de hume”(we dont find bitches like you every day, now stop complaining and let us enjoy). James caught one her boobs and pressed merrily ramming her ass. I couldnt resist anymore. For long my own shaft was standing erect and it hurt as I was hearing jeans. I took my cock out and slowly started stroking it. James slapped her ass cheeks and the other few times. And started ramming her in full speed. She was in a verge to collapse. James empty his load in her ass. White fluid dripped from her ass passing her cunt in bed. James looked and me and gestured to come near the bed. I didnt not want to go but my feet moved towards the bed. As I came up the bed and looked toward my aunt. Doc moved a bit and said, “sale dekh kya hara hai, chinal ke mu me dal apna auzar, sahi majadegi” (what are you looking at, come here and put your penis in her mouth. She is a pro). Her eyes were closed and there were droplets of sweat all over her face and her perfect toned body. I dont know how many times she came. But Im pretty sure that it was the largest number in her life time. I kept my hand on her firm boobs, she opened her eyes, and there was a small smile at the corner of her lips. The only thing that came up to my mind was “Doc was not wrong”. I placed my Rod just over her lips and to my delight it disappeared in her mouth within seconds and my penis tip was touching the throat. I wanted to more, and I wanted to swing my hip but I didn’t had to. Though she was exhausted, she showed amazing spirit and moved her head to & fro. Her right hand was massaging my balls while with her left hand pushed my butt more towards her. James sat near the sofa and lighted a cig while Doc took her purple bra which was lying near the bed and cleaned her pussy. He then pushed the corner of the bra into her cunt so the inside of her cunt could be cleaned. Then he couched in front of her cunt had started sucking her pussy. He moved his tongue inside and some time was chewing her labia. Nandini closed her eyes and I could feel she was enjoying. The she moved her tongue over my balls and started licking it, occasionally stroking my shaft. This went for next 4-5 minutes until with a loud moan she released her juices. Doc said to me “le tere lie main gufa tairar kar dia, tere saap to dal idhar abh” (I have cleared the cave for your snake to enter my lord). I was enjoying the blowjob but I was sure that her cunt would give me more pleasure. Doc slept near her. I moved toward the foot of the bed and pulled her near me. I pushed my rod inside her cunt. It was warm as if a mountain was filled with hot molten lava. I started pumping her slowly. She was smiling and a soft moan could be heard. By that time James completed her cig and came to her, “now you will give me some pleasure” he sat on her face and said to suck his balls. I didn’t slow down but gradually increased my speed. Doc didn’t wanted to be left out and stared to suck her boobs and pressing the other. He sucked had and pressed her boobs harder. She stared abusing again in pain and enjoyment. “sale randi kiaulad, aj mar hi dalega kya…. Aaaaaaaaaa…. Meri chut ko phar di aisne….. sale anaconda bhar dia mere andar. Chod choed choed…. Aur zor se chod mujhe, kutte docter to khajayga mere jawani ko, kutte ki aulad” (son of a bitch, Ill die of pleasure, Aaaaaa, ull tear my pussy, an anaconda has entered my hole, fuck fuck, fuck, fuck me more, doctor would eat me today I increased my speed and to punish her for her bad mouth James pushed his ass near her mouth. “bahut gali de rahi hai, ab firang ki gant chat tu.”( you are abusing too much, now lick the ass hole of James). She was caressing Docs shaft. U could only see her tongue moving around James ass hole. Doc didn’t stopped nibbling, biting, pressing her boobs. It was red and sore. After 9-10 min Nandini said she was about to come and pleaded to come at the same time with her. I stared pumping her more rapidly within minutes we both came. Her pussy was filled with both our juices. I havent seen or hear a women come this number of times, but she did. James was ready and indicated to open her mouth. Doc started stroking his on his own and with left hand he pressed her boobs to make the process faster. She opened her mouth and both emptied their loads in her mouth. She didn’t stopped to amuse me and drank all which was poured in her. She looked at me and said “itne pumping ke bad thora protine to cahie.” (U need some protein after all this pumping). I smiled and she winked. Kindly comment or send me personal message if you love my story at Tags: Foursome