We Finally Got Minnie

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We finally got the gorgeous Minnie on bed. Minnie is my close and best friend’s wife. But he has affair with my husband and with Juss’s wife too. We decided to take revenge on him by fucking his gorgeous, glamorous wife. Minnie looks a bit short in height but has a perfect figure. Minnie’s voice was really sweet, every man wants to listen when Minnie mourns and screams. We decided to fuck Minnie and i know Minnie well but she never used to talk to me lot. I called Minnie to some hotel and me and Juss went and told everything to her. Firstly Minnie didn’t believe our words but finally we make her to realize the truth. We had some food and back out. I don’t know when Juss captured her pictures. He captured nearly hundred pictures of Minnie. We reached my home and sat on bed. He closed the doors and came to me. He said what the fuck, she is too good. Minnie came in pink top and black jeans. He opened her pictures and zoom the pictures and scanned Minnie on screen. He zoom her face and felt her wet lips and said i want to kiss them, i want to eat her chubby cheeks, the scrolled down to her breasts and felt them and then he changed the picture and felt her perfect round shaped ass. He said Minnie’s ass is too good; her husband must fuck it like crazy. Our revenge turned to lust on Minnie. We started to talk to her daily on chats and phones. Minnie started to see with us for lunch and all. We started to praise her glamour in chats and phones. It’s completed a year but we didn’t even touch her hands. Fortunately the day came. Minnie asked us to take her to shopping; her husband was out of the city. We picked her and completed the shopping by 8pm. We stopped near some star hotel for dinner. He asked Minnie when your husband going to come Minnie? She said it think he come tomorrow morning. He said then why don’t you stay with us tonight? We will drop you in the morning. Minnie asked where should i stay and why? I involved just having fun, we take a room in this hotel or if you agree we can go to your home. Minnie said no, i don’t know when my husband will come and tell me what fun? He said just talking and cracking jokes. Minnie thought for a second and called to her husband and talked with him to enquire when he going to come. She cut the call and said as your wish guys. He didn’t yet start. I said to Juss, you go and get condoms Juss. I’ll take a room, we won’t leave Minnie today. He said you are right. We should enjoy and eat every inch of Minnie. He went off. I took a room and Minnie and i reached and went in. There was a king sized sofa and big bed. That’s a big room. We sat in the sofa. Juss also arrived. He was standing. We talked for an hour and slowly went to another topic. I asked what you bought today. Minnie said tops, capris and leggings. We opened the cover and pulled the clothes out. He held a legging in his hands and said it definitely looks damn hot on you Minnie. Even schooling guys will masturbate, if they see you in this. What you guys think and do masturbate? Minnie asked. I said to tell you frankly, we did masturbate thinking of you. Minnie said you stupid stop such things and don’t tell me such things about me. I said ok! Actually man will imagine a woman and thought that she was with him on bed and both were naked and doing sex. Minnie asked angrily do you guys imagine me in such way. I said if you want to know true, we too do. Minnie said do you have any shame to say that? I’m your friend’s wife, how you people think me in such way? What’s wrong in that Minnie? You are a fool. Your husband has affairs with my and his wives. They are enjoying their sex with each others but we people like still in doing masturbate. To tell you frankly we both love you like crazy. Not only have you, we both also fooled because we never try to convince you before. We both started to convince her by saying badly about our wives and her husband. You guys really love me? Minnie asked. We both said yes truly. Minnie asked what you guys do to me if i were alone with you. He said we make love with you on bed. Minnie said i think Im alone with you, but my mind is saying it is wrong and you peoples are saying it is right. I don’t understand either i could do this arent not. We both understand that Minnie was getting down by our words. I stood up and make her to stand. I said Minnie feel our breath, sense our lips on you, you’ll surely find the definition. Juss in a second hugged Minnie from behind as Minnie sounded aaaaaahhh by his rough pull. I moved very closer to Minnie, my chest could feel her breasts. I placed my hand on her cheek and said everything will go to be already, be relaxing Minnie. Minnie was in black top and blue jeans. I placed my thumb finger on her lips and rubbed them and feel the wet of Minnie’s hot lips. Minnie closed her eyes tightly. I moved my head to hers and kissed her both cheeks, kissed and slowly sucked her nose and Juss was kissing her neck. I was placing sweet, light kisses on her cheeks, forehead, jaw line, even her nose and closed eyelids. I rubbed my lips on Minnie’s smooth, wet lips. Juss sweep her hair off the back of her neck and kiss her there. He lightly stroke Minnie’s neck with the tips of his fingers and he started to lick Minnie’s neck from the bottom to the top. I wet my lips with my tongue and i kissed Minnie’s lips. After a long work Minnie opened her lips to chewy them. He wrapped his arms and cupped Minnie’s breasts and my hands reached her hot ass cheeks. Minnie stopped me and said no guys please. I said everything will be ok. Relax Minnie. I again kissed her and i started to squeeze her ass cheeks and Juss was squeezing Minnie’s breasts. Juss was lightly brushing his lips against her ear and it was creating waves of tingly pleasure in Minnie. He un-buttoned Minnie’s jeans and yanked it down and he got down and removed my hands on Minnie’s ass cheeks and he started to kiss Minnie’s ass cheeks on panties. He was kissing Minnie’s hips and cheeks. He yanked Minnie’s panties and spanked Minnie’s ass cheeks twice, kissed, sucked and licked her ass cheeks. Minnie was in confusion still, Minnie wasn’t mourning nor did screaming Minnie just leave her gorgeous, glamorous body to us. I fisted, squeezed, sucked and licked Minnie’s boobs until i satisfied. Even i lift light bites on her boobs and nipples. Minnie don’t understand what happening to her, what step she has taken. Minnie just sacrificed herself to fulfill our lust on her. I gave a bite on her nipples as Minnie screamed aaaaaahhh gone mad? Minnie’s boobs went wet with my sucking. I captured Minnie top to bottom and ask Juss to leave Minnie’s ass. I turned Minnie back. Juss ate Minnie’s ass like hell. Minnie’s butts were totally wet and he left his teeth marks on Minnie’s butts. I have never seen such a beautiful shaped ass ever before. He said Jim you left so many teeth marks on Minnie’s boobs. I said not as much as do to her ass. “Minnie’s ass tastes too good to lick, bite, eat and all. Minnie’s ass is mine for today. Minnie whenever i see your sexy bore it makes me want to throw you down and fuck you whenever we are” he said. “Ill lick your sweet pussy and Im going to give you the best orgasm of your life Minnie. “I said. We took Minnie to sofa and sat her on it. Juss began to strip his clothes and i too did. I sat on the floor and wide Minnie’s legs and started to lick her sweet pussy. Juss got on the sofa and started to lick Minnie’s boobs. I said Im going to suck you out until there’s nothing left inside of you as i finger you nice and slowly, teasing you until you’re begging me to penetrate you with my hard cock Minnie. I pushed a finger in Minnie’s pussy; it was tight and wet already. I fucked her pussy with one finger for some time and shoved another finger as Minnie started to mourn loudly. Uuummmmmmm aaaaaahhhhhh Jim listen aaaaahhhhhh you guys are showing me the hell in heaven. Don’t torture me like this. Stop this here or complete me soon. I can’t take them anymore, i can’t wait and i can’t control myself anymore. Juss asked Minnie to lick and suck his cock but Minnie said no. But he didn’t left her mouth. He stood on sofa and his cock was straight front of Minnie’s face. He hit his cock on Minnie’s and asked suck Minnie. I want you sweet lips around my hard cock. He rubbed his cock on Minnie’s lips for moments and finally Minnie opened her warm mouth and took his cock inside. Minnie can’t see me now because he stood front of her face. Minnie slowly licked his cock head like a lollipop first as he mourned loudly. Ummmmm Minnie your warm mouth making me mad. Minnie’s tongue touched the opening of his pee hole (urethra). Minnie licked in circles around the head of his penis once clockwise, and then once anticlockwise, in the cool air outside her mouth, and then Minnie pulled out and said i think it’s enough. Juss said take it deeper Minnie. Minnie has took his cock again. He clutched Minnie’s ponytail and giving hard thrusts to Minnie. Minnie felt difficult first but later she enjoyed it. I tried to pushed third finger but Minnie’s pussy is damn tight. So i continued with two fingers until she got orgasm. Minnie released his cock before her orgasm comes. Minnie mourned really loud when she got orgasm. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh. Minnie’s sweet voice adds a great sensation in me. Juss went out to bring some oil to lube Minnie’s ass. I took Minnie in my arms and lay her on bed. I positioned Minnie well to my convenience and i rubbed my cock on Minnie’s pussy. I enter her with a couple slow, teasing thrusts. Biting her bottom lip she releases a light moan. Eyes closed… Detached… She’s gone now, lost deep in pleasure. Pick up the pace. I grab her hips raising them off the bed and slam into her Like a brute. Minnie stopped me and throws hips against the bed pressing deep for safety. Her nails claw the mattress and waist suddenly refuses to move. Minnie tries to sit up, pulling away, sternly raising back. She’s tweaked. I push hand against her chest, holding body down. The quick fractured beats of her heart resonate against sprawled fingers. “Wait, wait, wha- Wh-where’s the condom,” Minnie stammers scared. I said damn it’s with Juss. I have already given few strokes Minnie and i don’t cum in you as i pushed my cock again. Minnie hit me damn good and she sits up quick, scooting ass back toward the head of the bed… Running in disgust, her eyes have changed colors, “Im not one of your fucking whores,” Minnie wails! I want to fuck her but i don’t want to force her. So i said then lets wait for Juss.