Fantasies Leading To Twists And Turns – Part I

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Me and my gf are together for some 4-5 years. We have enjoyed love, sex and various moments together. Slowly with time we both found that our interest and activeness in sex is decreasing. Its just because that we were getting bored doing similar stuffs again and again. Also we have noticed that porn in the categories of group, threesome, swingers etc gave both of us ultimate excitement. We both never dared to take things further. But one night we both discussed on this topic. We discussed about our decreasing passion for sex and the excitement due to those porn that we watch. She agreed that she was too feeling bored and used to with our sex life. Seeing the situation I tried to pitch the thought of possibility of threesome or group sex. Me: It would have been great if we could also exchange partners or if we can invite a third person into our sex life…….as it happens in those porn videos. Shreya: Hmm……I dont know whether that can happen in real life, but really it makes me wet just by imagining. Me: What you say ? Should we give it a try ? Shreya: If it is possible and if we wont be having any trouble…..then I am ready. I dont know why I get super excited only at the thought of a stranger fucking me !!! Me: True with me too babe.. then lets give it a try. Shreya: Do you have anybody in your mind who can fit in. See I dont want any problems or complications afterwards…………but I do want to enjoy that ultimate sex !! Me: Ha ha ha you are a bitch babe !!! Dont worry I have something in mind. Shreya got excited hearing that. She got up and kissed me hard. And without further delaying asked, Shreya: Who is he ? tell me
Me: What about Naveen ? He is a common friend of both of us. Trustworthy and reliable friend.
Shreya: Ohhh God ! Will he agree ?
Me: I think he will……and you both chat often…..try to figure him out.
Shreya: Hmmmmm…..we have discussed about porn and sex….but I think it will be difficult.
Me: Naveen also has a gf…….Suchi ! She excites me too….
Shreya: You naughty……I knew that you stare at her and you both chat too. Me: Yaaa we chat……but only regular stuffs..Never talked about sex though.
Shreya: Good then……both of us will enjoy if this happens..I am excited baby !!
Me: Me too……but we have to work it out soon. After this discussion, Shreya got “go ahead” signal to bring in Naveen into our fantasy. I knew it will be difficult for me to talk anything related to sex with Suchi (Naveens GF). Shreya put her best efforts and their chat was becoming naughty day by day. Naveen was sending her naughty and sexy jokes and images. She too was replying positively with similar stuffs. Slowly their discussion shifted to personal things like- “what is your underwear brand ?” , “What is the color of your bra ?” etc etc…. One of their conversation goes this way…. Naveen: Hey sexy…….wassup !
Shreya: Yaa smarty…doing nothing. Waiting for Amits (Me) call..
Naveen: Missing you
Shreya: Why sweetheart ? Is Suchi away ?
Naveen: Yaaa……and you are so hot that I cant resist.
Shreya: Ohh really…….What of me……you think is hotter ? Naveen: The way you dress….The way you talk……the way you allow me to see your cleavage….everything.
Shreya: Heyyy….when you saw the cleavage ?
Naveen: Yesterday night…….when you mailed me your recent photos.
(Naveen stays in Chennai. He is in his final year of graduation. Me and Shreya, we both stay at Bhubaneswar separately)
Shreya: Ohhh god….You noticed that….. Naveen: How cum I wont notice those beautiful cleavage of yours and that blue string of your inners.
Shreya: You sexyyyy……..that was my bra strings. That is the latest from Triumph.
Naveen: It is so sexy……and I know I am so unlucky that cant even see it again.
Shreya: Poor baby……But I know you are so naughty that you will peek through my top next time…or you will find it in my other photos….You are sexy….
Naveen: Ha ha ha.. sure wont miss any chance to explore you. Shreya: Acha….you will explore ? You dont even know the difference between bra and inners….I know you will only watch and have fun. Naveen: Sweetheart dont worry. One day I will definitely get beneath your bra and beyond that.
Shreya: Letz see !!! And I am sure my things wont disappoint you !!
Naveen: You are a goddess of beauty and sex!!! Theres no question of disappointment. Just let me in once……….and I promise that while you will be around me, you wont be needing any bra or panty !! (Shreya is 24 years old. Fair complexioned and very curvaceous body. Her stats are 34B-28-36. Medium black hair and big eyes. She has got a height of 5ft 4inches. Her body is flawless and her curves are perfect) Shreya: Ohhhh…….Even now I am not wearing any bra or panty !!! What you say ?
Naveen: OMG ! I am just imagining how beautiful you would be looking……..cant control my excitement.
Shreya: Control baby control….else your pant will get a tent ! Hope it will be a big tent…
Naveen: Yes baby its a big tent………and I wish you could see it !!! You will definitely go wet.
Shreya: Am wet Naveen: Really…….Luv u babe……..Wanna make you wet again and again ! My dick is uncontrollable.
Shreya: My pussy is all wet and flowing too…….
Naveen: And your boobs ?
Shreya: Huh……therez no fun in this……why dont you come and see ?
Naveen: Are you serious ? Amit will kill me.. Shreya: Dont worry he wont……I think he will love to see his GF having fun with somebody else.
Naveen: I will be coming for sure…..please make some plan.
Shreya: You sexyyyy….ok. I will tell you. Heyy I have some work. Catch you letter. Bye….and luv u and ur big dick.
Naveen: Sure. Love you too…..and luv your big boobs and wet pussy too. Bye So after this conversation, Shreya told me to do something so that Naveen will come to Bhubaneswar and we can have fun. I made a plan of calling Naveen. Next month Shreyas birthday was coming. So I called up Naveen and asked him to come down to Bhubaneswar. He was happy and confused too. He thought why I called him instead of Shreya, as they both talked about the plan. But that thought went away because the excitation of meeting Shreya dominated it. After that we made all arrangements like ticket for Naveen and his staying arrangement. Finally the day came……..It was 21st November. On 22 it was Shreyas birthday. Naveen reached Bhubaneswar and I brought him to my house. In the evening at around 8pm, we both went to Shreyas place. While on the way in my car, I said that we will take a cake and some drinks. Naveen agreed to that. I got a small cake, two Smirnoff vodkas and some cigarettes. Ohhhh also got some condoms !!! We reached Shreyas place. She hugged both of us and she was very much excited all the way hiding her desires. Seeing Shreya, Naveen was blushing. I just went into the kitchen to keep the stuffs, Naveen got the chance to talk with Shreya.
Naveen: Whatz gonna happen…Amit is here !!!
Shreya: Dont worry you sexy we will have fun. Naveen: By the way you look damn sexy….cant control myself.
Shreya: Control yourself you sexy !! (Shreya immediately planted a kiss on Naveens lips)
Naveen: Ohhhh you are awesome !!! Then I came back to them and we all went to her bedroom. The bedroom has a attached balcony….good for smoking. We all sat on the floor and I opened the vodka. Shreya was looking really like a sex goddess. She wore a long skirt and a tank top. Her curves are perfectly visible. She was not wearing any bra and her small nipples were poking through the top. Her skirt was very thin and the panty lines were clearly visible. Her hair was open and the smell of her perfume was hypnotizing both of us. We drank till the first bottle was over. Inbetween we were chatting and teasing each other. We all were damn excited and the effect of vodka was taking its toll. I saw Naveen trying touch Shreyas body pretending to be accidental. Shreya was giving her full chance to touch her too. I just got up and went to balcony to smoke. I lit up a cigarette and waited for both of them to join me in the balcony. Naveen got the chance and tried to kiss Shreya. But Shreya guessed his move and stepped away. The effect of vodka was still very high. Shreya went near the balcony door and waited till Naveen recollects himself. Naveen looked towards Shreya in desperation. Then Shreya did something that Naveen wont forget ever……..She slowly slid the left shoulder strap of her tank top. She slid it exactly to that point where her complete upper part of her left boob was visible. Naveen lost himself and his dick was poking through his shorts. Shreya then came to the balcony and stood next to me. Naveen too joined. Me and Naveen shared the cigarette. Shreya slowly entered her hands inside my shorts and grabbed my dick. She started playing with my dick with her hands. Seeing this Naveen couldnt control his thoughts and spoke , Naveen: You are doing this infront of me……… Shreya: So what Naveen…….do you have any problem ?
Naveen: Nope, but what I am supposed to do ?
Shreya: Watch and have fun you naughty boy ?
Naveen: Nothing more………you disappoint me now Shreya !
Amit (me): Dont worry buddy…..You will have your chance !!! My words left everybody guessing……..What is going to happen next was revolving in everybodys mind. Then we came inside. It was 12 am. We wished Shreya of her birthday. Cake was cut and we celebrated by beginning with another round of drinks. After half of the bottle was over, Naveen was totally engrossed in the effect of vodka. Shreya was lying on the bed and I was sitting next to Naveen. Then we decided to sleep on the bed. It was a big bed. It accommodated three of us comfortably. Shreya was in between. I was on the left and Naveen slept to her right. After sometime Shreya started kissing me violently. Lights were off and only there was little light coming from other room. Naveen couldnt control himself and started caressing Shreyas back and her big ass over the dress. This continued for some time. Then I lifted her top and exposed her boobs but Naveen couldnt see them. He felt that her back was bare. I kissed and sucked her boobs. Shreya moaned and was enjoying the feel of four hands exploring her body. Naveen wasted no time and lifted her skirt up. He caressed her legs and thighs while kissing her back. Then I turned her facing upwards so that Naveen could see her boobs. I told Naveen, “ Itz your turn now buddy !!!”. He turned mad at the sight of Shreyas boobs. He put his both palms on her boobs and kissed her madly. Naveen squeezed her boobs very hardly and Shreya was moaning like hell. I dragged her skirt and panty away. Her pussy was clean shaven but was wet and sticky. I licked it vigorously. I inserted one finger and followed it with two fingers and simultaneously I was licking her upper clitoris. She was vibrating and moaning with ecstasy. Naveen was sucking her boobs and Shreya was caressing Naveens hair with one hand. Then Shreya turned a bit towards Naveen and inserted her other hand inside his shorts. She grabbed her dick and started stroking. She lifted her leg so that I will be able to insert my dick inside her. I understood that and rubbed my dick on her wet and hot pussy. She got more excited and stroked Naveens dick very speedily. Then she told Naveen,” Please dont get inside me !”. Naveen agreed to her terms. Then Naveen brought his dick to Shreyas mouth. (Naveen is an average built guy. 5ft 8inches will be his height and he has got a dick of 4.5 inches long.) Shreya kissed his dick on the tip. She slowly pulled the skin back and swirled her tongue on the reddish tip of Naveen. Naveen was in extreme pleasure. Meanwhile I entered inside Shreya and she twisted her body so that her legs could be spread more. I fucked her continuously for 15-20 min. Shreya sucked Naveens dick completely. She is a master in giving blowjobs. She was running her tongue from the base of Naveens dick to the top and Naveen was enjoying it like hell. Then Naveen took his wet dick in-between Shreyas cute boobs. Shreya pressed his dick with her boobs and Naveen started stroking his dick. They continued this for some 5 min and I was fucking her pussy. Naveen was about to eject his sperms….. Naveen: I am cumming Shreya……I am cumming…
Shreya: Bring it in my mouth…..put your dick in my mouth Naveen.
Naveen: Ohhh yes baby…..suck it……drink all of it….
Shreya: Ahhhh itz awesome……I am loving its warmth. Shreya took all his sperms and was licking and sucking his dick. This excited me like never before and I too ejected my sperms on Shreyas belly. Then she got up and sucked and licked my dick. Naveen was sitting in a corner. He was exhausted but still excited. Shreya asked me to again lick her pussy. She wanted more and she was damn excited. But to add more to the fun I asked Naveen to lick her pussy. Naveen got up and caught hold her legs. He licked her pussy and finger fucked her. Shreya started moaning in extreme pleasure. I got up and brought my dick to Shreyas mouth. She licked it. She licked and sucked my balls. Then suddenly Shreya got up and asked both of us to sit back. We did. Me and Naveen sat a little away from Shreya. Shreya asked us to masturbate looking at her and she started rubbing her pussy and squeezing her boobs. She moaned and her sounds made us more excited. We both ejected our sperms and she too climaxed with severe vibrations. Then she got up and came near us. She took both our dicks in her hands, shook them and went to bathroom. Naveen was so exhausted that he slept and I was waiting for Shreya. Shreya came near me, whispered in my ear “Thank you sweetheart”. Then we all slept. Dear friends this is the first part of the story and the continuation will be coming soon. Please do send your feedbacks to Thank you.