Marriage And Honey Moon

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Hi this is Babu.  After fucking my first wife Vijaya i went to my second wife Parveen ammi. I told her to hand over her baby to Vijaya and come into the bathroom. She came in with a glass of milk to me she said it is her milk she has put pista badam and cashew in it. She was looking gorgeous in her black sari G-string blouse G-string panty hairs opened kajal in her eyes my sindoor on her forehead her nipples cunt navel and her ass. She had the mangalsutra in between her huge 44 sized boobs nose ring ear rings finger ring toe rings anklets jasmine flowers in her open hair black thread over her waist with bell her sari was worn like a pros with all the boobs seen half of buttock seen and small amount of pussy seeing this my cock was already growing i went near her and kissed her smooched her and gave her own milk to her to drink and also drank it i kept sucking her and French kissing her i slowly opened the shower on the top lukewarm water was coming down like rain drops she was fully drenched and her whole figure came into the picture. Omg what a scene she was looking like a goddess. As i was smooching my hands had already entered her boobs and milking her. I slowly strip her and the sari and blouse and panty disappeared in no time, i bent down and sucked her big milky boobs and in other hand was milking her other boobs milk was flowing into my mouth and i was swallowing the sweet nectar flowing down her other boob and was dripping down her white belly into her fat navel and into her pussy. I kept sucking her in between taking her nipple in my mouth and biting it due to my constant sucking milk was flowing like water mixed with warm water from shower. Nipps became so long that i was holding it in my fingers and twisting she was shouting make me your ammi wife bitch take the milk son and give me your milk to give your son i slowly came down and started sucking her fat navel and playing with her boobs i sucked her fat navel with lust and took the whole navel into my mouth. I got her boobs milk and sindoor with ghee and drank the whole thing her deep navel could hold a lemon in it. It was looking so sexy due to the fat surrounding it after sucking her navel my cock became big and i made her to sit and told her to take my cock in her hand. She started to massage it pulled the skin and was licking the red tip with her tongue i was screaming oo ammi i will make u my favorite wife and fuck u and produce children from u. She put the cock into her mouth and started to suck and slurp making noises my whole cock was inside the mouth and she was fucking my cock and hitting my balls. I was in seventh heaven. I hold the jasmine flowered hairs and pull her head towards my cock and fucking her mouth i was fucking her mouth i was also slapping her huge melons squeezing them and pinching her nipps. I kept on stroking my cock in her mouth without mercy. Then i pulled my cock and bent and stared to lick her red pussy with sindoor already she was wet and juices were flowing i kept sucking her pussy and squeezing her boobs my tongue went deep into her pussy and i was fucking her with my tongue same time put two fingers inside her ass and fingering her my tongue was feeling the fingers in between the small thin layers. I kept on fingering her ass and tonguing her cunt juices were flowing every were she shouted fuck your ammi your wife milk me drink my juices give me a son so he will fuck me when he grows. Hearing this i lied down in the water tub and filled with warm water opened the shower and told her that i am fucking her ass today ,i made her sit on the cock slowly as it was lubricated with the ghee sindoor and the tip slowly disappeared and she was shouting tear my ass beta make me your slave then the whole cock went in and i was slowly fucking her grinding her and increased my speed i was fucking her ass like a horse. Same time i bought a carrot with me with a slow push i put the whole thick carrot in her pussy and started to fuck her with the vegetable and cock in the ass was moving like a hot rod we both were fully drenched with the drops of warm water from shower and the bath tub i was also sucking her boobs and milking her, i held her hip as a grip so that the cock will not come out she was moving up and down like horse riding ,i also increased the pressure in the pussy with my carrot, i was drilling her asshole like hell and was moving in and out with heavy strokes. I was slapping her huge hanging 44size boobs and milking her. I squeezed her boobs like chapatti powder and collapsed the stiffness of the boobs. My entire fat cock was drilling her ass hole she was moaning mmmmmmmmaaaaaaaya. I was going to the extreme depth of both holes; i held her long hair and drilled her asshole. 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I made her sit in the water tub and pushed my cock in her pussy it went in very easy and the whole 10inch cock was not seen, i started to fuck her pussy first slowly then like a jet fast, faster, fastest. She held the water tub as my strokes increased and made her to collide i was also mauling her boobs and drinking it i increased the speed of my fuck and the balls were hitting the ass she could not control screamed make me your wife give me your child drink my milk and fuck my all holes and suddenly my cock became bigger and a huge load of cum spilled into the pussy with her watery juices and i collapsed on her after the second fuck with the cock still inside her.