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Hello everyone …! This is Chandru working down here in Hosur. This story is about my aunt, her daughter and me which happened when I was doing my college studies. My cousin name is Kavi (32 30 36), she was doing her +2 in my native. I used visit her house regularly as we used to play from childhood. My aunt Arasi (Kavi’s mom(36 34 40)) was married to my uncle at age of fifteen itself who was at the age 34 that time. My uncle is a lorry driver, used to be out for more days due to his trip. One fine day I still remember 20-07-2008, Kavi’s birthday she proposed me and I accepted later with some hesitation.We loved each other like no one can ever until that happened. I used to frequently go to her when my aunt is not there and used to kiss her and massage her boobs. One day likewise I went to her house as she messaged no-one is at her home. It was about 1.00pm, I just went in like a rocket and kissed her lips and sucked as dry as possible. She was wearing a top and night pant. We locked the front door and kept watching a nice movie and kissed at regular interval. All of a sudden my manhood started to rise. I made her to sit on my lap. She sat hesitatingly and felt my rod and said”Mama, unga pantla ena rod sorikittu vanthigala”. I told ” naan unaku pambu kaata than eduthutu vanthean but unoda kissukey athu rod a mariruchu”.. She then kissed me and asked ” inaiku mattum un rodla velaiydata..??” I replied ” enoda wifeku ilama vera yaaru athu…” then I loosened my pant and took my 6” cock out . She was caressing in her hand “wow. What a feeling”. I told her to take in her mouth. She readily obeyed and gave a nice blow job for 15 mins. Then I took her to bedroom without locking I removed her top. Asked her to remove her pant she told “pussy only after marriage.. enjoy my boobs”…. I then removed her bra and licked my darling boobs.” Mama…. Nallla………. Dei …. Amuthu da…. Kasaku sapppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppuuuu maammmmaa” was her mouning. I then massaged them. She was giving me Boob-job saying ” paaaapom un rodaaa illa enoda paiyaaaaa…. Which will win..???”. Suddenly someone peeped into bed room; it was my aunt who had come from backside door. We both went to extreme fear. She came inside bet Kavi and told to stay in hall so that she would talk to me in person. Then she locked the bed room. She came near me , I was nude coz I left my pants in hall. She was eyeing my erect rod which was about to cum. Then asked ” Is it right to do so with her daughter..?”. I felt guilty and lower my face. Then she lifted my face and asked again” Is it right to do it with her daughter without her presence”. I was puzzled. Then she took my cook in hand and said ” enoda marumagan sunniya patham pathutu than en ponnuku kodupen…” by saying she held in her mouth and sucked like anything. She might be an expert in this. I was mourning ” athai ., paathu… lighta valikuthu..hmmmmmmm..” and released the cum inside her mouth. Then I removed her saree pallu and blouse licking her heavy boobs and massaging. I told ” athai unga ponnoda ithu heavya um softaum irkku..!!” .. She replied ” hmmmmmm… apdi than irukkum… but enai athainu kupudatha peru solli kupudu..”.”seri di arasi kuthi” I told. After 20 mins I untied her petticoat and tearing her panties into two. Came down and started licking her pussy. “Chandru… hmmmmm… nalla nakku …. Kaiya vittuuuuuuuu nakku…… unga mama nakki pala naal aahu….. ya…. Apdithaan.. aaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaa….. nakku” she was mourning. Then had her cum in my face. “arasi un thanni sema sudu di aaana ore uppu”…. Then I started to insert my penis into her. Stroking slowly first then rapidly. She was screaming” poduuuu… da.. podu unga athaiyaaaa punnnndaiyaaala podu….. vegama vegamaaaaa …. Kuthu kuuuuuuuuuuuuthhhhhu……. “I released the cum then changed to 3 positions and fucked her. She cleaned everything . I was tired then we dressed up, I took my uncle dothi. She asked me whether I had fucked Kavi . I said no and today only first blow-job. She then put make up and opened the door as if we were talking for 3 hours. In Hall Kavi slept crying itself on sofa. My aunty gave her hot milk and told her not to cry she has something to say in night. Told her to forget it and asked me to stay in their home that night. My aunt made special milk for me with Badam, Pistha, etc. while giving she winked and get ready to be fucked by a cow and its calf. I will continue it with my next part of this story. Reviews please. Any aunties and girls in Hosur and Bangalore mail me to satisfy u for free.