Dance Parties Lead To A World Of Swinging – Part II

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Please search Dance Parties Lead To A World Of Swinging – Part I and read it before as this is the second part of it. Thank you! Stairs being on the opposite side of the dance floor, me and Hina had to pass through the couples dancing in full swing while Hina was just in her bra And jeans and it took us a while and when we reached the stairs they were already gone. I pulled Hina and went upstairs and Afia told me to enter the bedroom and just as I entered I saw Zeeshan again hugging my wife. He had the same wicked smile on his face and then he entered both his hands in Afia’s jeans and cupped her ass and started pressing them. This time I was out of my senses and just getting way horny looking at my wife being felt by another man for the first time. I grabbed his wife and hugged her tight and couldn’t do anything more than just watch my wife. My wife was full drunk and was in ecstasy for sure. Zeeshan then backed off a little and took off my wife’s shirt and then unhooked her bra as well and immediately started playing with her boobs. All what I could see was my wife’s bare back it was suspense and the thrill for me now on the situation and I was dumb froze as well. Zeeshan then lifted Afia and made her lie on the bed and he then started sucking and pressing her boobs while I was looking at them made me unhook hina’s bra and wow they were huge but in perfect shape I started enjoying them and took her to the couch placed at the corner of the bedroom. After sucking and playing with Afia’s boobs Zeeshan got up and unbuttoned her jeans and pulled it off along with her panty. Now Afia was completely nude in front of him and us having her eyes closed. Right then Zeeshan took off all his clothes and as he slide down his underwear I saw his hard and huge black dick was surely bigger than mine. He climbed up the bed and sat on my wife’s boobs and started to move his dick on my wife’s soft lips. To tell you the truth Afia never liked to suck my dick, even though I always forced her to do it for me she never gave me a full blowjob. Anyways as she opened her mouth Zeeshan entered his dick hat inside her mouth and made her lick it for a while and slowly started to insert more and more while moving in and out. It went for a while and he almost succeeded in entering half of his dick in her mouth. When he saw me looking at him spoke up for the first time looks like your wife loved my dick, see she is enjoying sucking me off” and then he gave me a thumbs up and signalled me to do the same. I also unbuttoned Hina’s jeans and took it off and I saw she wasn’t wearing any panty and now was completely nude, she was hell of a sexy lady with huge boobs. I took off my clothes as well in a flash. Hina then stood up and made me sit on couch and sat on the floor and took my dick in her hands and started to kiss it and play with it. Hina said “tonight I will give you the best blowjob of your life while you can watch your cute and sexy wife being manhandled by my husband. Damn she was good at it, the moment she slide my dick in her mouth I felt like I was in heaven. I felt all the tensions beings released from all my body but my dick. Zeeshan then stood up and adjusted my wife on the bed a bit to give me a good view of her and laid himself over on her kissing her for a while. Then he placed his dick on the pussy lips of Afia and rubbed it there for a while making her go crazy and she started moaning. Again he looking at me and this time started to push his dick in her slowly and I on the other hand got electric shocks in my whole body looking at my wife having a stranger’s dick entering in her. When Zeeshan’s dick was half way inside he stopped for a while and then suddenly with a huge force pushed his huge black dick in her making her scream out loud and right then he started fucked her with full speed and force that Afia’s boobs also moving with the same speed. I was having the best hard on of my life while having a great blowjob and looking at my beautiful wife being vigorously fucked by a stranger. After some time Zeeshan then lifted her up in his arms started fucking her in standing position. Man he was strong as I always saw it in the porn movies only. Zeeshan was crazy and furious and giving Afia full long thrusts. Right then Hina took all my dick of 6″ in her mouth and started giving me deep throat blowjob with ease. Then after fucking Afia in the while standing for a few minutes Zeeshan made her stand in the doggy style and entered in her and now he was literally banging my wife from behind holding on her little waist while her breasts moving along with every push I could hear the sounds of him hitting himself on butts. He almost had a dick of 8″ or may be above moving in and out of Afia’s fully stretched pussy. He continued fucking her and cupped her hanging breasts. It was getting out of my control to hold on more and I said Hina to take my dick out as I was about to shoot me cum instead Hina increased her speed even more and right then I started unloading my cum deep inside her mouth having the best ever orgasm of my life from the best ever blowjob of my life. She drank all my cum and still Hina was in no mood of stopping. Right after a few minutes I heard Zeeshan grunts and with his full stokes he also started to cum still fucking and spraying in my wife’s pussy and when he was all done made Afia lie on the bed and laid himself on her still not even bothering to take his dick out of her. Hina then stood up and started wearing her clothes and gave me mine to dress up. We both dressed up and still Zeeshan and Afia were in the same position while his dick was still inside her and he had his hands under her and was pressing her boobs while relaxing. Hina then took me down to the party hall and we sat on the couch and started having the liquor and enjoy looking at the couples dancing with the loud music. After almost 15 minutes I saw Zeeshan and Afia coming down from stairs and they also joined us with the drinks. Right then I saw my friend Shehzad coming in the party hall from outside and he came to me and apologized that he had a phone call from his boyfriend who was sad and he had to make him up and it took a bit long, he was so apologetic that he left Afia on the dance floor alone And not even telling me. On that I said that don’t be we really enjoyed the party well and then we three told good bye to the hosts and left the place. And Shehzad never came to know what really happened with us there. Although it sounds strange but this one party really gave a push in our sexual life And me and my wife are again active in our sex daily routine. Thanks to Zeeshan and Hina for the experience that we couldn’t had ever. To tell you the truth I am not a story writer and if there are any mistakes then I apologize for that. Yet if there are any comments, remarks or suggestions, you can contact me through my email: If there are any couples from Lahore who want to swing can also contact me. Take care everyone. Bye.