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The different exciting show I watched My name is Jayadev 18 year’s old student. I feel if doing sex is a pleasure in one way even watching others doing sex is also a pleasure in other way. That is the reason we watch porn movies. The story I am presenting is that unique sex scene I watched. It was a foursome that went on among building construction workers involving two old men and a young couple. The two old men cleverly seduced a young couple and enjoyed both that woman and her husband a bi sexual. The actions that took place involve abnormal filthy items apart from normal sex of fucking. Though I was unable to find out the reason for young couples surrendering themselves to two old men the scenes I saw were exciting. I am the second and last child to my parents both of whom are employed. My sister already married and is settled elsewhere. So during vacation time and college holidays I will be alone in the house during day time. Behind my house there was a big vacant site owned by my uncle. He began constructing a big office complex. As the work was on a contract basis my uncle will visit the site occasionally but took my family help for follow up work in progress. So during holidays I or my father will go to site watching the work in progress. After five months the construction was over up to ceiling of ground floor level. Vacation time began for me and so I went to site everyday .Over a period the workers became friendly to me. Among the workers I noticed except four all the workers who are from local town leaving the site when the day’s work is over. The four who stays in the site itself are a young couple and two old men. The young husband is Muthu who is around 23 years old and his wife is Selvi around 20 years old. The two old men are Raju and Rengan who are around 60 years old. All the four are from same village. The wife’s of those old men are in their village. The couple who got married two years back does not have any children. For their stay they used the backside of the two adjacent semi constructed buildings. In one the couple stayed and Raju and Rengan stayed in the other. The back side of the building where the couple stayed is right behind my house. The area they use is well enclosed. It had walls surrounded on three sides and open one side. The open side is facing my house. That place is visible only through the small ventilator in the bathroom of my house which no one knows except me. Other area on the back side is visible through the window of my room. Initially I did not see anything unusual as I was watching everything casually. Few days later I noticed few strange things. First I saw the two older men moving with the couples closely. First I did not suspect anything as I was impression the closeness is because they hail from the same village until I saw something else. I saw all the four including that young wife drinking frequently and drinks are sponsored to couple by those older men. I noticed once or twice in a week evening all the four sitting around on the floor below a tree on the site and drinking. If I keep the window totally open they may feel delicate. So I closed the screen but had that slightly open at one end. I will be watching them through that opening. While talking both the older men now and then touched young woman Selvi but to my surprise I found the husband taking that casually and keeping quiet. Second is when I watched Muthu the husband. I noticed his behaviour strange. He is more like a woman. As I began watching them closely their movements indicated something fishy is going to happen soon. I was certain that both the old men are after the young wife and are planning to enjoy her. How they are going to do that? That was my question. What I suspected proved to be correct on that particular day. On that particular day construction has been suspended due to shortage of certain materials. Nobody except the two old men and couples were there in the site. Around noon watching through the window I saw all the four sitting below a tree on the site and were drinking. The men were wearing loose trousers. For an hour they were talking just drinking. All of them drank more than normal quantity .The old men made particularly that young wife drink more than she consumes normally. After an hour the drinks had its effect and abnormal actions began. Suddenly I saw one old man Raju moving closer to the Muthu. He placed his hand on his shoulder, Then Raju hugging Muthu told something pointing his finger between his own thighs. All of them laughed including Muthu’s wife. Then the actions that followed were amazing. Raju opened one side of his trouser and exposing his cock to Muthu told something. It was then the other old man Rengan also opened one side of his trouser showed his cock and began talking with the couple. As they were not very close I was unable to see their cocks but was quite sure that they are showing their cocks to the couple. As they continued talking Raju held Muthu’s hand and placed on his cock. Muthu’s fingers closed around his cock. I was unable to make out anything out of that strange action; two old men first exposed their cocks to a couple and then husband holding one man’s cock by hand and wife shamelessly watching what was going on and she also watches other men’s cocks in front of her husband. Then Rengan came close to Selvi held her hand and placed on his cock. Selvi withdrawing her hand pointing her secured place (behind my house) gave a reply. All the four had some discussion and then they got up. Carrying the brandy bottle and tumblers they moved to that secured place where those couple stays. Immediately I moved to bathroom and began watching through the ventilator. First they kept the brandy bottle and tumblers in a corner. The two old men sat on a foot step. Then Rengan told something to Muthu his finger pointing to Muthu’s wife Selvi. Muthu brought his wife in front of the two old men and removed her dress one by one. Though Selvi out of shyness lowered her head she did not resist her husband stripping her dress in front of two other men. Soon she was standing naked in front of the two old men Raju and Rengan. Then Muthu moved away. The two men made Muthu’s naked wife sit in between them and began enjoying her. Muthu filling his tumbler again with brandy began watching the two men enjoying his naked wife. Both men first held Selvi’s breasts began fondling them. After that both started sucking her breasts like a new born child. I was surprised watching that strange scene that is going on. The husband is drinking and calmly watching two old men enjoying his wife. I was still unable to make out why Muthu surrendered his wife those two men and why his wife accepted them? Then Raju got up and made Selvi to stand. He knelt between her legs placed his mouth on her cunt and began licking that. The other old man Rengan got up came behind her. Kissing her on the neck he held her breasts and began squeezing them. With Selvi’s cunt being licked by one man and simultaneously her breasts being fondled by another man she became horny and started shaking her head. Then both Raju and Rengan pulled down their trousers and became naked. Both old men in spite of their age had very hard cocks. Raju told Selvi and Muthu something. Selvi knelt in front of Raju held his cock and began sucking that. Muthu got up and he knelt in front of Rengan held his cock and began sucking that. After few minutes Husband and wife interchanged the positions. Now husband Muthu took Rengan’s cock in his mouth while his wife took Raju’s cock in her mouth. Further scenes I saw almost drove me astonished. Both old men after sometime withdrew their cocks from the mouth’s of couples and Raju said something to Muthu who instantly removed his dress and he too became naked. One young couple with two old men and all the four are naked. I continued watching all most breathless wondering what I have been looking at. Another unique thing I saw was Muthu’s ass. His ass looked excellent; sexy, soft and more beautiful than a woman’s ass. On the contrary Muthu’s cock looked very small in spite of full erection. Both the old men discussed with the couples. Then all the four went close to a wall where a pipe was there. Both Muthu and his wife Selvi facing the wall and holding the pipe bent down with their legs spread. Raju stood behind Muhu inserted his cock on Muthu’s ass. Rengan came behind Selvi inserted his cock on her cunt. Both old men began fucking the couple. With amazement I began watching husband getting fucked in the ass by one old man simultaneously his wife getting fucked in the cunt by another old man. After some time the old men got action inter changed. Raju began fucking the women on her cunt while Rengan began fucking Muthu on his ass. The two old men Raju and Rengan continued fucking husband’s ass and wife’s cunt alternatively interchanging the position frequently. Soon as the momentum increased pleasure built up on all the four. I noticed the husband Muthu enjoying himself getting fucked in the ass by one man also enjoyed watching his wife getting fucked in the cunt by another man. Similarly his wife Selvi enjoying herself getting fucked in the cunt by one man also enjoyed watching her husband getting fucked in the ass by another man. I was jealous of those two lucky old men. Nearly after fifteen minutes both old men continued fucking the couple and the when it was a final stage again all had a short discussion. Muthu sat by the side of his wife Selvi who was still in the same position. First Raju Inserted his cock on Selvi’s cunt and began fucking her very fast. After some time his action indicated that he has started pumping his semen in her cunt. Suddenly Raju withdrew his cock from Selvi’s cunt with some semen still flowing from his cock. He came close to Muthu and held his cock near his mouth. Muthu opened his mouth and grabbed Raju’s cock by his mouth and began drinking the semen Raju’s cock discharging in his mouth. At the same time Rengan inserted his cock on Selvi’s cunt and began fucking her. Then he finished in the same way his partner did few minutes earlier; discharging some in Selvis cunt and balance in her husband Muthu’s mouth. When all of them cleaned themselves and got dressed I was under the impression the show is over. My calculation proved wrong. Again all the four filled the glasses with Brandy and they resumed drinking and talking. As the old men still stayed I was sure that there is a possibility of some more action. Normally I prefer drinking only in late evening but the scene I watched turned me in to a crazy mood and horny. So I started drinking whisky now and then watching through the ventilator to check up whether there are any developments. Nothing happened for fifteen minutes as they were continuing talking and drinking. Then some abnormal thing took place. Selvi saying something got up and was about to move. The old man Raju held her hand and said something to her pointing her husband Muthu. All of them looked at Muthu who gave a nod accepting something. Then I saw the next amazing action. Selvi raised her saree and spread her legs. Her husband Muthu got up and knelt in front of her keeping his mouth close to her cunt. Then he opened his mouth. The next thing that happened stunned me. Selvi started pissing directing the stream to the open mouth of her husband. Muthu started gulping the urine his wife was giving in her mouth. After urinating some quantity in her husband’s mouth Selvi moved away and continued pissing in a corner in the standing pose letting all the three men watch her pissing. As Selvi finished pissing both the old men said something and got up. They opened one side of their trouser and took out their cocks. Then Muthu with his mouth open knelt in front of Rengan and his wife with her mouth open knelt in front of Raju. Both the old men started pissing in the open mouths of husband and wife. I was watching scene almost like a mad man unable to understand any thing but the scenes were exciting. Then letting the couple taste some quantity of their urine both the old men moved to a corner along with the couple .Then Selvi came close to Rengan and held his cock while her husband Muthu held Raju’s cock. Then both the old men resumed pissing with the couple holding their cocks until they finished pissing. After that all the four sat and resumed drinking. They continued drinking for half an hour just chatting. Again the actions began. Raju came closer to selvi and hugged her. Placing his hand on her chest pushed her sari aside and told something. Selvi opened the buttons of her jacket and exposed her breasts. Raju lied on her lap. Holding Selvis one breast by hand and squeezing that he began sucking the other one. Rengan got up and he also came close to Selvi and knelt on one side such that his thighs were close to her face. He pulled down his trouser and held his long cock and rubbed that on Selvis lips. She by her hand held Rengans cock inserted in her mouth began sucking that. At that time Rengan told something to Muthu. Muthu got up and came close to Raju’s legs who was lying on selvis thighs and sucking her breasts. Muthu pulled down Raju’s trouser and held his cock. Then he bent down placed his face between Raju’s legs. He inserted Raju’s cock in his mouth and began sucking that. That went on for about three minutes. Then as Rengan told something all of them got up removed their dress and became naked. First the old man Raju sat on the foot step made Selvi to stand before him showing her back to him. Then holding his cock pointing upwards he made her sit on his lap adjusting his cock getting inserted in her ass. Then they made her husband muthu to stand before her and had his cock inserted in her mouth. Rengan came behind Muthu and inserted his cock on Muthu’s ass. As rengan gave the signal action began. The old man Raju began fucking Selvi on the ass who was sucking her husband’s small cock. The husband while had his cock sucked by his wife was getting fucked on the ass by the other old man. Rengan. Soon the speed increased as all the pleasure mounted on all the four. As Rengan was banging Muthu’s ass pushing his cock deep on every thrust Muthu’s cock automatically began sliding inside his wife’s mouth. As Raju was banging Selvi’s ass from down her body began moving up and down but still she managed to hold her husband’s cock in the mouth. First Rengan climaxed and pumped his semen in Muthu’s ass. Within few seconds Muthu’s cock filled his wife’s mouth with his semen and Raju’s cock pumped semen in Selvi’s ass. After that all of them cleaned themselves. Then the old men left the place. After some time I saw couple coming out sitting under the tree and chatting. As I had written earlier I was unable to figure out any reason behind the strange way in couple behaved but the different lively sex scenes I watched were exciting.