My First Photo Shoot – Part I

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Hi,I’m kanika and this is my first story on Indian sex stories and lets come to story from childhood I wanted to be a model and the zeal to become model increase with my age and I used to make poses and shoot my photos with my digi cam and these make me more enthusiastic towards achieving my goal of becoming model. This is how story starts it is about four years ago after completing 12th when I was 18 years of age fair 5.6″inch in height and stats 32-26-36. So I totally decided to become and model and I started doing some local cable channel adds of some cooler, TV shops and others and there I meet Avi which is male model of these shots we both become very good friends very soon. We use to talk a lot and enjoy spending time with each other and one day he told me that why are you wasting time in these small local adds where nobody notice you have good physic so try do some serious modelling I tell him i also wanted to do that but I don’t know where to go and from where to start he said do have portfolio I said no. He said first make your portfolio. I said I will do it how much money is required in this he said around 50-60 thousand so I said. I do not have that much money he said he will arrange as his friend Rajesh is an photographer and I will fix your photo shoot tomorrow. I was very happy with his gesture so readily accepted it. Next Day: I went to Rajesh studio it was not very big but decent one so I feel comfortable as Avi was already there so Rajesh ask about me and said you really have great body you should have done these before. So he started and said before photo shoots I want to know what type of adds do you wanted to do I said I have not decided but can do almost all he said ok lets starts with saree as there is so much demand of these models. I said ok and he said go and change yourself in saree in makeup room and I will set up lighting. Make up Room: There were five six saree lying there with pink green yellow white so I decided to wear white as I like that. I get matching blouse and petticoats with it and wear then I realize it was so see through and my bra and panty lines are easily visible in it so decided to change then Rajesh call me and said hurry up Kanika so decided to continue with it and the whole room was totally changed with lights and camera and he said ready I said yes then he said ok lets starts. I give him poses he started clicking them and said good then he came near me and said pallu ko apne hath main lo I do that he said great and then he came and said bent little which show cleavage line of my boobs and said give me some more poses and I did that then he said ok and said go and change the dress. Now I was feeling very much confident with him now I change into top and shorts we do some shoots. He came and said open top button of your top so that he can have clear view of neck and so that I can do jewellery modelling so I open it he said good and click some pictures and then he said great and said open another one as my neck is not totally visible so I did that and clicked some pictures and then he came near me and hold me shorts and said open it as now a day’s waist jewellery is in demand you can easily became jewellery model. I did that and untied my buttons and show my navel in public and clicks my pictures and then he came up with a powder and apply on my navel and slowly inserted his finger in my navel and play with it I enjoyed it but I thought it was accidental then we do some pictures and then he told me to turned around as he wanted to shoot my back then I turned around and give some poses and then he come near me and he lowered my shorts. I said as my waist is not totally visible so he cannot get clear view it and it is most important in jewellery modelling so he came near me and lowered my shorts which give him clear view of my pink panty he taken some pictures and then he come closer to me and said to open my tops button as it not allowing him to get proper image of my back as it was a loose top so and I was convinced with it and also. I was facing my back towards him so opened my last button of top and said hold it upwards so I did it we do some pictures with that then after some time he came and tell me to turn around I was bit shy but I turned as I was wearing bra he shoot some pictures then he said to lower my top I did it then he said naming maza nahin aaya this top is not going with your bra so remove it I was getting dice but I thought but I thought. He is professional and he knows better and removed it then he take some pictures by bending me and other professional poses after that he himself come and open the zip of shorts and open my short by sides and said it will get good pictures and I thought to scold him but thought it might be for my good and know I he is good photographer as he did not done anything wrong with me till now. I thought to continue it and after some pictures he tell me to turn around and said give me some nice pose I try but he said now not working let me tell you and came near me and adjusted my shorts and lowered my panty line which was giving him clear view of my butts line I was feeling good now as I also aroused from inside so I did not do anything and let it go as it is he clicks some pics after that avi came and said yaar Rajesh shorts main issk beauty chup rahi hai. He said haan yaar after that Rajesh came and tell me to remove my shorts I thought for one time but then thought they have already seen my panty so I did not resisted and removed my shorts and now I am only in my bra and panty which is already have removed which is showing my butts after some clicks with chair and others Rajesh tell avi to do some make up and he came and was doing some touch up then Rajesh tell him do some touch up at backside of bra as color is not matching with my skin. He was doing it the bra hook got broken and my bra felt as I was in facing my back nobody seen anything but then Rajesh said wait Avi I want to click some back pictures as it can help her in back modelling I did said anything and he clicked some pictures after some pictures he came near me and said me your body color are creating hindrance in pictures and he himself removed my panty now I am totally naked in front of two men’s but facing back. I was very hot then after some pictures Rajesh told me to turn as he wants some front pictures and I turned around i was totally naked in front of them try to hiding my pussy but then Avi came and removed my hand and put my two finger in my pussy. This how my first shoot out from saree model to naked model if you like my experience mail me at so that I can tell what happen next.