Banged My Co Passenger And Airhostess During My Recent Flight To Delhi

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Hi this is Neeraj, just turned 24 from Lucknow. If u want to give any kind of feedback or need any sort of help you can mail me on : , I would need more responses from horny mature ladies, aunties, bhabhis, teens, teachers, lonely girls especially of Lucknow to post some more exciting events of mine and to bring smiles around the world. This story was inspired by the occupant of the seat next to mine on a recent overnight flight to Delhi. I do not know her name or where she is from, but this story is dedicated to her. I had a long flight ahead of me and the gate is usually a very dull place. On this evening, the object desire at the gate was a tall beauty about 18 years of age. She was leaning against a far wall apparently oblivious to the fact that she was thus worshiped. She was a brunette with fairly Long hair and wearing a nice skirt and blouse. The skirt looked shorter than it was, since much of her legs were below the hemline. Her legs just seemed to go on and on. All in all I estimate her height to be a stunning 62”, which is 4 inches shorter than I am. Ive always had a thing for tall girls with long legs and long hairs. For this particular flight I tried in vain to get a seat with some real leg room, but alas it was booked full, and I wasnt quick enough. At least I had an aisle seat. I board with a small carry on bag and head for my seat… but I keep walking and walking and find my seat in the vary last row where the plane was already starting to narrow. A pair of seats were crammed into a small space. In fact these seat were smaller than the rest just so they could cram them in here. I curse and appeal to the very cute flight attendant hiding in the back of the plane. She can do nothing. I sit in the aisle seat and stretch my legs over the window seat… except there is no window here, just the wall. The windows ended three aisles up. Maybe Ill get lucky and the owner of this seat wont show… Minutes go by… The seat remains empty. They are about to close the bulkhead. Im going to get lucky…. And then I see her walking down the aisle. The very same tall beauty from the gate. My heart skips a beat and my mind is conflicted. Do I want her to sit here or not? Shes way too tall for the seat next to me, and Im going to be very uncomfortable, but I hope its hers. She approaches and sees me sprawled out. She instantly appraises the situation excepting my admiration of her features. “Poor luck man,” She says with a smile. I jump up out of the seat so she can take her seat and shes looking around for a larger seat. “I already did that.” “Did what?” “Looked for a larger seat.” “Oh. I guess well have to make do,” as she claims her seat. I look down and see that her legs are in my way. I wait. She moves them a bit, but theyre still on my side. It seems that she cant put them in front of her. I am waiting and shes a bit flustered. She then splits her legs and puts one knee on each side of the seat in front of her and her skirt rids up a bit. I look down and see a lacy pair of white underwear covering what must be a treasure. I try not to stare, but she catches me. Im not sure what to do, so I decide to apologize. “I am sorry. I cant help myself. Your beauty puts unreasonable demands on my mind,” She laughs as she adjusts her skirt. “I should apologize. It was not my intention to torture you like that.” Now its my turn to laugh as I take my seat keeping my legs in the aisle, since there is no other easy place to put them. The ice is broken and small talk with this beauty is easy. She is very pleasant and seems to like me as much as I like her. She puts her hand on my biceps in an affectionate manner as we talk and laugh. A large flight attendant comes lumbering down the aisle and in another life she could be a drill sergeant. She insists that my legs be removed from the aisle and shes not just yelling at me, but also at the shy girl sitting next to me, as if its her fault too since her legs are in my seat well. She lifts up her legs and goes into a fetal position and I see a tear form in her eye. I move my legs from the aisle into the well of her seat. This is finally comfortable for me, but Im sure the poor girl wont like this for very long. She looks unhappy. “You can put your legs on top of mine.” I offer. She hesitates. Im wearing shorts and my hairy legs dont seem to inspire her very much. “No really. It would be OK.” I smile to her. She finally smiles back and places her smooth long legs over mine. Her knees are in the middle of my lap. The feel of her legs against mine is exceptional. She moves her legs a bit and we become more comfortable together. I close my eyes to savor the feeling. When I look up, I can see her eyes are closed too. I like this girl very much. We continue with small talk for a while. She is just on her way to start college near my home town and shes very nervous about it. Shes unfamiliar with the area and doesnt know anyone there. I offer to help her get settled in. Shes nice and doesnt reject it out of hand as one might expect a stranger to do. Were sitting like this as the meal is served and its assumed were a couple. When the meal is done, she puts a blanket over both of us and it looks like an attempt to sleep is in order. A pillow is placed behind her head. She is the picture of health and beauty. After a few moments she leans forward and tries to reach her feet, but fails to reach them and sighs. “Is there something I can help you with?” “Um. Um. OK. Can you get my shoes off?” “Oh. Sure.” I look at her feet and see the elegant straps. This wont be too hard. I undo one set of straps and pull the shoe from her foot. I then undo the other. I notice that shes still wearing socks and I decide to go after these as well. “Oh. My socks. OK. You can take them off too.” I playfully pull at her socks and I start to massage her feet as I ineptly work at her socks. Im in no hurry to actually remove them. I push my thumbnail into the arch of her foot and discover that she is very ticklish. She playfully resists my efforts and I am enjoying not only her feet but also her legs as the wriggle and slide about on my legs. This is quite fun, and soon I am sporting a very large erection which she cannot see. I continue to play with her feet and when the socks are removed, I continue caressing and massaging her bare feet. She looks rather pensive. She probably wants to stop me, but hesitates and lets me continue for the present. I take it slowly understanding that it wouldnt take much to scare her off. She seems inexperienced with men. My hands drift to her ankles and then to her calves to start to massage the muscles there under the blanket. I look up at her and shes giving me a stern look. Is the game over? I return a sheepish goofy look and she laughs. I am now massaging her knees and all the nearby flesh. This is all right in front of me. She bites her lip. I decide to see how far I can go. Above her knees the flesh is especially smooth and enticing. My fingers float over her skin applying the bare minimum of pressure, but enough to excite the nerve endings where each fine golden hair ends. Her breathing is more pronounced. It seems that this is having quite an effect on her. It seems that this is all new to her. I now press into her femoris muscles and give them a good massage. Here eyes are closed and her breathing more deliberate. My hands drift upward and upwards. If she doesnt stop me, Ill soon be touching that lacy white thing that I saw earlier. But as I get to within about 5 inches, her legs pressed together at the knees and her hands go between the top of her legs as guardians. It seems I will make no further progress here. Instead of retreating, I move my hands to the outside edges of her thighs. One hand is on each thigh, and I am almost hugging her. My hands roam up and down on this smooth flesh unhindered and I eventually creep up towards her gluteus maximums muscles and tickle and squeeze the flesh in that region. I do finally reach those lacy white panties. “Are these what I think they are?” “ What do you think?” She laughs. “Oh. I so wanted to touch you in these.” “Im going to need to keep an eye on you tonight…” I continue to press and squeeze. “I need to go to the bathroom.” “OK. Do you want me to get up?”?“No. Thats OK. Ill just climb over you. Can you put my shoes back on?” I put the shoes on her bare feet. We dont bother with the socks, and shes off to the bathroom. She returns with a coy look and goes back to her position and drapes her legs over mine. I am thankful that she is rather thin and light. “My shoes.” I take them off again and massage her feet, then ankles, and calves. My hands retrace the wanderings of the last hour and she just closes her eyes and enjoys. My hands again wander all over her thighs and when I get to her ass and reach for her panties, I discover that they are not there. She is wearing nothing at all beneath her skirt. “Oh my.”?“Are you missing something?” “Um. Im just surprised.”?“Ive got a present for you… something you admire… a moment to help you remember this flight.” and with that she hands me her lacy underwear. I am stunned, but I accept them. “Thanks for massaging me so nicely, but now Ive really got to get some sleep.” I look at the item and notice that theres a large wet spot. It seems that she really did like my massage. I put it away with my things. My mind is in a swirl. The thought of her bare wet vagina only inches away and well within reach has me wanting to reach out for it, but here she sees her gift to me as a closer. Shes asked me to stop. I put my hands on her knees and gently caress them. Her eyes are closed. I wonder what she is thinking. I continue to press her flesh waiting for her to tell me again to stop in a more direct manner. I see her looking at me. “I know youll be busy at college, but do you think you might want to go out on a date or two with me? I could show you the city.” “That would be nice, but dont you have a girlfriend?” “Not at the moment. Im too busy working on my doctorate. Didnt you notice that I am a nerd?” She laughs, “Yea… Me too.” I continue to press her legs and start to work the area between her knees. She parts her legs to give me better access. My hands slide up her inner thighs and I caress the soft skin between her legs. She is breathing harder and staring at me. My hands are now about 7” away from her sex organ and she closes her legs tightly trapping my hands. Her hands are placed on top of mine completing their capture. Shes not angry, but scared. “Enough.” “Please?” Im not beneath begging. “ Ive never done anything like that before.” “Ill be gentle.” “Umm. Im afraid.” “Do you want me to wash my hands?” I joke. She laughs.. “What are you going to do?” “Ill surprise you.” “No. No. I cant. You cant. Maybe after we date a while. If we date…” She releases my hands but I dont retreat, but I also dont press forward. I simply caress the skin about 6” away from her cunt. Shes starting to breath harder. Suddenly, she open her legs widely. Its mine. I dont want to rush this. I decide to tease her at the risk of losing my advantage. My hands drift away from her sex and I move to caress the outsides of her legs and then onto her hips. I finally start to massage her ass with both hands. Im squeezing and fondling and lifting her up a bit. She squirms about in response. I can tell that she is very horny. I release my hands from her butt and one goes to her shoulder and pulls it towards me. I want to kiss this girl on the lips. This seems to surprise her, but she complies with eyes closed. I kiss her again and its very nice, but she doesnt seem to know much about kissing either. My other hand is making its way under her blouse and around to her back. In a moment her bra is unsnapped. “You naughty bastard.” she chides. “I didnt say you could do that.” But before she could finish that thought, my hand was cupping her uncovered right breast. The breast was a perfect size with a small, but very erect, nipple. Time is suspended are we both stop to savor the moment. I kiss her again. “Oh. wow.” she ejaculates. I move on to her other breast. After a moment, we both lean back. She wrestles with her bra straps and removes the bra without removing her blouse. I can see her small erect nipples through the thin material of her blouse. She is simply stunning. My hands go back to her knees. I slip one of my knees between her legs to prevent her from closing her legs should she try. My hands, once again, drift upwards while caressing between her legs. But this time, I do not stop until my hands reach the very end of her legs. I am firmly pressing her flesh, and she is starting to tremble. “Are you OK? Do you want me to stop?” “I… I dont know what I want. I…” The trembling continues. I place my index finger into the folds of her vagina. It is very wet. I move it slowly up and down. When I move it up, I make a point of pressing it into her clitoris. This hits her like a jolt of electricity. “Oh!” I say nothing but continue this simple sliding. Her body jerks about every time I hit her clitoris. I probe a bit deeper, and I soon his a barrier. She was telling the truth about not having much experience. At least her trembling has stopped. I decide to get her off on my fingers. I move one hand to her butt and the other continues to probe her vagina. Her skirt is bunched up at her waist, but I cannot see anything due to the blanket. I want to see this as well, but the aisle is not always empty. I lift the blanket to take a quick look. She is exquisite and nicely trimmed, but she wasnt expecting to be thus examined.
“Hey. None of that,” as she pushes the blanket back into position. I start to tickle her vagina in earnest. I am pressing and probing and pushing. She is jerking all about with stochastic motions, and she is quickly approaching a climax. My free hand goes to her left nipple and that has her rolling her torso too. “Uh. Oh. Its coming? Uhhh. Uhhh!” She is making some extreme jerks, but she is trying to be quiet. “Uhhh! Uhhh!!” I feel her cunt pulsate on my fingers as they get increasingly wet, and I know that she has just had one hell of an orgasm. Her eyes are closed, but eventually she opens them and blushes deeply. “Was that good?” “Ohh. I didnt think it would be like that.” “I am glad.” She is catching her breath and in deep thought. There is a moment of silence as she relaxes. I simply rub her thighs. “Can you return the favor?” I ask after she seems to have recovered. “What do you mean?” “Can you give me an orgasm like I gave you? “Do I have to? How?” “You could use your fingers, or your mouth, or…” She looks shocked. She hesitates. “Show me how to use my fingers.” I undo my belt and push my shorts to my knees. My penis springs forward, but the blanket keeps it all hidden. I grab her hand and move it towards my dick, but shes resisting. I dont think shes ever seen or held one before. I pull harder and introduce her left hand to my dick. She spends a long moment investigating it and my balls. Now Im pretty sure shes never seen a dick before. She then starts with a painful motion. “Stop. What are you doing? Its very sensitive.”?“I was trying to return the favor. What am I doing wrong?” “Look. The penis wants to be in a vagina..” “No!!” “What I mean is that you need to make your hand feel like a vagina in action.” She has a puzzled look. “What does a vagina do in action?” “Silly girl. It slides up and down on a penis.” “Oh.” She blushes. “Maybe I can try that.” She tries but she is terrible. “Dont you know how to use your left hand?” “I am sorry. Ive never done anything like this before.” “This isnt the best place to teach you.” “Its hard for me in this position.” “How about we switch places so you can use your right hand?” “Yea. OK.” She lifts herself up so I can slide into her seat. I extract my legs from hers and sit in her seat, but before she can move to my seat, I pull her back onto my lap. Her bunched up skirt is the only thing keeping my penis from rubbing her ass and her back is leaning on my chest. “Hey! What are you doing.” “Can I hold you for a moment? This is nice.” She tries to get away, but Ive got her. I pull her back further and kiss her cheek. She faces me and we kiss on the lips. While kissing, my left hand goes under her blouse to her breasts. My thumb presses her left nipple and my ring finger presses her right nipple. Both become very erect. My right hand seeks out her clitoris. It finds its way up under her skirt and presses at the nub. She breaks the kiss. “ Oh. You bastard! Oh.” “Isnt this better than before?” “Let me go.” She tries to get up. I kiss her again, and shes returning the kiss, but then breaks the kiss again. “This is too much for me.” She lifts herself off of me, but I only let her move a little. I use the opportunity to bunch her skirt at her waist and to position my penis at the entrance to her vagina. I then pull her back onto my lap. This causes my penis to slide up and press into her clitoris. The entire length of the top of my penis is slimy and wet as its caught in the groove of her vagina. “Oh!! Damn. What is that?!” “Kiss me.”?“No. Oh… No. No!” “Why not?” “Help. What position is this?” “What do you mean?”?I grab her hips and position my penis at her entrance. I then push firmly and hard into her hymen. “ Stop! Youre hurting me.” Another firm thrust and there is a breaking of her virginal barrier and I quickly slide into her to the hilt. “Oh my god! I didnt know! Oh my god!” “What didnt you know?”?“I didnt know we could have sex like this. Take it out.” “Please let me stay in.” “But Im a virgin.” “Not anymore.” “Oh. No. No.” I continue to press her clit with my right and and to toy with her breasts with my left hands. She is not insensitive to this pressure and starts to respond with her own movements. “It will be ok,” I reassure her. She starts to cry and a tear rolls down her cheek as I start to move my dick in and out of her with a slow rhythmic motion. She responds to each thrust with a delightful counter thrust. I set about to fuck this girl in earnest and increase both the tempo and the strengths of my thrusts. She responds accordingly. Apparently she doesnt want me to stop any more. Her body is writhing and jerking in a most delightful manner. I look up and notice a flight attendant studying us intently, but Im not about to stop just because she has caught us. At least its the cute one and not the drill sergeant. I see her hand down her skirt. The little minx is masturbating while watching us. Ill bet her cunt is all wet too. I blow her a mock kiss and she blushes profusely as she scoots off to the rear of the plane. My thoughts return to the girl in hand, and I continue to fuck her somewhat violently. With my thumb at her clitoris, she is soon reaching her peak and starts a pronounced jerking motion. This is too much for me as I start to deposit my seed as far as my penis can reach within her. Again and again I squirt an ample load. She must know that I have climaxed and that its nearly over. “Dont squirt in me.” “What?” “Dont get me pregnant. I have no protection.” “Too late. You are already full of my sperm.” “Oh no. No. Ive got enough things to worry about.” “Im sorry, but rest assured that I will stand by you if necessary.” and I mean it. This girl is a keeper. “Thanks. Youre a good man. Thank you.” I kiss her again softly and hold her gently. I finally retreat to the bathroom to wash up. Theres a mix of sperm, blood, and vaginal secretions all over my lap. Im thinking of that cute girl and the flight attendant too, and soon I have another bold erection. Im debating how best to handle that. As I exit the bathroom, I see the cute attendant standing in back looking rather bored. I go to talk to her. “Did you enjoy that” “Enjoy what?” “ You know of what I speak. It was you watching us.” “Im sorry to have disturbed you and your girlfriend.” “Shes not my girlfriend. I just met her on the plane tonight.” “Oh Really?? I dont believe it.” “Do you think that fucking strangers is all that rare?”?“Ive never done anything like that.” “Well. Theres always a first time.” “Uhhh…”?“Put your elbows on this counter.” “No.” “Put your elbows on this counter.” “ No.” “Put your elbows on this counter and keep them there.” I push her into position. She looks around to make sure were alone and all is quiet and then she reluctantly complies. Shes bent over. I reach under her skirt and pull down and off her panties as she steps out of them. I stuff them into my pocket. It seems that I get a bonus set on this flight. “Wait. No.” She has second thoughts. One of my hands is on her back making it difficult for her to get up. I quickly release my erect member, raise the back of her skirt and position it for quick entrance. I wiggle it about there and find that her cunt is wet and ready. I quickly slide it in while holding her hips firmly. “Wait. Oh my god.” I drive in to the hilt. “This isnt right. Take it out.” Shes trying to stand up and be free. I hold her, but she puts up a fight. I let her go. “You nasty man. I have a good mind to report you.” “And with my report, youd be fired.” She faces me with a glare, but I lean down and kiss her on the lips. She pushes me away and slaps at me. I then grab her legs and lift her ass to the counter and pull up the front of her skirt and move in between her legs. “ What are you doing? Stop!” In a moment, my penis is reintroducing itself to her vagina. “What does it look like Im doing? Im going to give you the best fuck of your life.” She pushes at me, but I am pulling her with greater strength, and its a struggle made in heaven. Inch by inch my penis is making its way into her. She continues to struggle and push while making small grunting noises, but she is inept. She soon is impaled on my dick as her legs are forced to wrap around me. Its all the way in, and I start to move it in and out and all about. I making especially sure to give plenty of pressure to her clitoris. And sure enough, in a moment or two she is responding to my thrusting with counter thrusts as she starts to hug me fiercely. I am squeezing her as well and were working up a good rhythm. I start to kiss her forehead and she looks up so I start to kiss her lips. She is very pretty as she is being fucked. She kisses me with a great deal of passion. With my free hand I rub at her breasts wishing I could get at her bare flesh. I am enjoying this immensely. But alas, all good things must come to an end. She is panting heavily and starting to make louder grunting noises as my climax approaches. I push into her all the way and start to deposit my seed with several firm jolts. This pushes her over the edge and she comes hard and not too quietly. I hold her for a moment and then kiss her again on her lips and then on her neck, and then I depart for the bathroom to wash up again. I look back see her trying to deal with a mess dripping down her left leg. Shes got no underwear, so it will drip for a long while. I smile at the thought. The girl back at the seat is sprawled out in an all too lewd position and is apparently asleep. The blanket is sliding off of her and her oozing well trimmed cunt is out there for all to see. What a sight! I just stand to take it all in. I really want to remember this. If these seats were a large bed, I could have so much fun with her, but here, the options are rather limited and Im already somewhat drained. My best option is to get some sleep and try to get to know her better in the morning. I slide into my seat trying not to disturb the beauty and cast away my worries of the day. When I awake, the plane is about to land. We just have time to collect our selves and our thoughts. “Did you sleep well?” “Of course not, but I enjoyed this flight with you. I will remember it all my life.” “Im very glad. By the way… Where are you headed this morning?”?“To my new dorm.” “ Would you like to start off your life in this city with breakfast at my house?” “Only breakfast?” she asks with a sly look in her eyes. “Well maybe a bit more, if youre up for it.” “Sounds good to me.” We head for the exit. The cute flight attendant hands me a note as I pass her and I thank her for an enjoyable flight. She says “Come again.” and I laugh at the double entendre. The tall girl really was a keeper. We became a happy couple and dating a college girl was a lot better this time around. She turned out to be a screamer as she strives to catch up with her peers who lost their virginity early on. I guess that virgins who go off to college really do lose their virginity rather quickly. This one lasted only three hours. The note from the cute flight attendant was her phone number. Even on d very moment I gave that flight attendant a msg from my mobile stating my email id – , which makes her know my email id n phone no for future reference. It Seems that I really did give her the best fucking of her life and she wanted more. I did my best And she took it all… again and again and again. If you want to give any kind of feedback or need my help you can mail me on : .