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Hi readers, thanks for your all comments for my previous stories as you all know I am Rakesh and my wife Meera and we both are enjoying every moments of sex in our life and try every time new things . This time me and my wife had a sex with one of our know lady whose name is Devi age 38 same like my wife age off what a bitch she is. I and wife always fuck her in dream. My wife becomes devi for me and we enjoy like that. This happen few month back and my wife knows little massages and that give us this enjoyment. Once my wife and devi was talking about massage and devi said she too need massage in this age also my wife and devi looks so hot and any one lund can be become hard looking at them and they will shake thinking them. Devi is having nice boobs 38 and gand part is also nice wide fair she is simple looking female but looks hot Sali I told you I use to be in travel and enjoy with my wife through chatting and sms. We both leak and we use to scold all know ladies badly in Hindi. It happen like this once devi asked for a massage and my side come to my home I will give you. Devi asked if Rakesh is there then how come I can take it. My wife said he is leaving to Bangalore tomorrow so you come in the morning stay with me and take massage and will have food together. She agreed for that and this my wife told me about this so we planned to fuck her and next day morning I left to airport early my flight was in the afternoon. I left by 8am so that she can come home early. My wife is sending me message continuously about the plan around 10 am devi came to home in saree my wife message me dada she came n looking hot Sali randi once I remove her saree will message you and tell u how she is looking I was waiting for her msg around after 20 mins she sent me a message dada our dream fucking lady is standing in petticoat n blouse and looking sexy once. I make her nude for massage you come back to home you have a house key in your bag n watch Sali randi till that I will make her hot with massage again after ten minutes she sent me a message start dada Sali rand is nude now lying on bed. I started from airport to my house, my wife was telling me that she needs a hard massage because she never took massage in her life and hear from someone that massage relax the body specially if they massage boobs gand and choot after that only. We planned for this when I was on the way to home she was sending me message that I am also wearing short nighty and my boobs choot and gaand can be seen to her and after 30mins I reached home and slowly open the door and went inside the room where my wife is giving her massage looking devi nude my loda become so hard. I massage my wife I am looking at you people give her massage and seduce her. Devi was looking dam hot Sali k long hairs white gand sindor on forehead. I started instructing my wife through sms what to do. I told her ask her to sleep on stomach and you go n stand in front of her head n massage her back so that your boobs can touch her face and she did that n giving massage to her and my wife boobs are touching her face she saw that and kept quite suddenly devi said to my wife Meera remove your nighty na nahi tho oil lag jayega aur kharab ho jayegi waise bhi apan dono alone hai. She looked at me and I said remove it and now they both are enjoying this moment when my wife bend to give her massage her boobs touch her face and devi is getting hot slowly. She asked my wife what you do when Rakesh go on tour for one week n all and she said so what we use to spend time on phone and net looking each other and feel that we are close to each other. devi randi Devi randi: how you guys spend time on that what u talks. Meera: everything. Devi randi: means everything means Meera: personnel talk sex talk Devi randi really she said even my hubby is at home but we never enjoy like that do Rakesh really talk so hot on phone and you feel that. Meera yes he talk to hot on sms and make me hot and he use to scold all ladies whom we knows. Devi randi: To me also and my wife boldly said yes. There was no reaction for some time from devi and suddenly she asked how he scold me what you guys talk about me and how you both enjoy with me My wife is continuously giving massage to her and she started telling how I scold her and we feel her once and leaked. Meera: Rakesh use to scold you maa ki lodi randi,kutiya bhan ki lodi Sali uski choot mil jaye thu maza aa jayega meera. Devi randi: what you tell that time Meera: yaa sale rakesh uski choot thu bahut garam hogi Sali ka pati thu bahut thin hai sala us randi ko maza nahi atha hoga. Devi randi: aur kya bolte hoo tum meera bare main. Meera: Rakesh sala bolta hai muhje uski choot suck kar meera aur boobs ko bhi dada Sali ko garam kar de uski maa ki choot Sali kutiya. Devi randi: Thu massage kar na meri choot ko abhi feel that Rakesh is massaging you telling you to play with my nangi body mujhe bhi maza aaraha hai Sali meera randi. Meera thuje aur gali don kya Sali Meera de na bhan ki lodi chat meri choot ko meera massage kar Sali nangi choot ko aur suck kar bhan ki lodi tum dono sms main mujhe fuck karte hoo na aaj real main feel kar ley. Now Meera is sucking her choot. Meera: devi Sali kya main Rakesh massage karon ki main teri choot chat rahi hoon aut toh bilkul nangi hai in our bed sala pagal ho jayga aur tour cancel karke wapas ajayga teri maa chodne ki leye Meera was keep on sucking her choot and know I told meera you lie down and ask her to suck your choot. She lied down and devi randi was sucking her choot and putting finger in her choot my wife is pressing her boobs and massaging me everything was happening in front of me. Now we planned to fuck her and Meera said devi Rakesh massage got saying flight is cancelled I am coming back. Devi said you are kidding he wont come if he comes I will give her my choot and gand. Meera said no devi Sali he is already at home and looking us how we are enjoying. Devi said no way call her inside if he is here and she send me msg dada come inside randi want to c you and come nude only in the room. I entered the room nude my loda was already hard. She got surprised looking at me Rakesh you are at home only sale tera loda thu bahut bada hai aaja sale hum dono ki maa chood aaj aaja tera black loda bahut mota hai sale chusne de na. Meera boli Sali rand first main suck karungi mere rakesh ka loda phir thu suck kar uska loda Devi randi:kyun Sali aaja hum dono iska loda suck karte hain. They put me on bed and took my loda in their hand start massaging it uffff sale kya maja aa raha meera Boli sale rakesh ab gali de na hum dono ko jis tarah se sms main deta hai. Aur meera na pura loda moh main lay kar suck karne lagi aur devi mera pass aa kar apnay boobs mere moh mein dal kar chuswaney lagi. Aur apna hath meera k sar par rak kar use sahalane lagi meera ko aur maza aane laga aur who loda zor zor se chusne lagi.devi boli sale apni wife ko gali de main ne meera ki taraf dek aur meera boli de na sale Main bhi ahhhh Sali kutiya randi teri maaaaa ki choot Sali aur chos na loda ko devi boli ohhhhhh rakesh mujhe bhi gali d na aaaaa na Sali randi teri maaaa ki choooot chodne k liye he hum dono ne plan kiya tha kutiya randi aur who garam hoone lagi. Ab meera loda chuste hovey devi randi ki choot par hath rub karne lagai aur devi randi pagal hone lagi aur usne apana legs wide kar diya aur meera k hairs ko pul karke Uska head uski choot ki taraf pull karne lagai.meera pain main chilaeye thoda phir usne usk moh devi ki choot par rak diya aur suck karne lagi main meera ka sath dene devi ki choot ka pass challa gaya aur Meera k hath main loda de kar rub karne laga hum dono ab devi rand ki choot chat rahe the Meera boli Sali ki choot bahut garam hai dada tum chuso aur maaa ki lodi ki choot ko aur main apni choot uske moh par rak kar ragad thi hoon. Devi ki choot bahut garam hogai thi mujhe se raha nahi gaya mainey meera she pucha meera mera loda bahut garam ho gaya hai leak kar don kya meera boli thu is maa ki lodi chood main dal kar chod isey aur leak kar. Main loda devi ki choot main ghosed diya aur use chodne laga kuch ten mins k bad main uski choot main he leak kar diya.devi boli mujhe aur chodna hai sale Meera boli bahan ki lodi thu aaj khub chodegi dont worry. Devi was eating my wife Meera choot and my wife to leaked in her face and now we all are sitting nude and my went and bought juice for all of us we are having juice and Devi again started playing with my loda after 30mins. My cock was fully erect ready to fuck now. I told Meera to come near me and gave my cock in Devi Randi mouth and devi gobbled it slowly and bringing it her mouth deep. I caught Meera hair and pulled her to me. Meera cried with pain then I took her boobs and started to press it and licked her boobs while with one finger. I put in devi pussy and other in Meera pussy. Devi Randi took her finger and put in Meera asshole and took out and took in and while putting it in side devi came and took my loda in her choot again and started moving her gand on it. Then I told Devi now stand up let me wife ride my hard loda when Meera was riding loda Devi wide her gand more and started licking it and now one by one they both are riding me my cock was so hard and paining with their ride both gone a mad. Now both of them stand like bitch on bed corner and I put loda in Meera gand and finger fucking Devi Randi gand and when I put loda in Devi randi gand I finger fuck Meera randi after ten mins again we was going to cum so I asked them where to leak they both whispered to each other and said remove loda sale bhanchood and sat down holding loda towards their face meanwhile Meera was pumping me hard and hard so I told Devi not to waste time and shake my cock. I came within one minute in the hands of Devi randi. The bitch now is sucking my cum and drank my full cum and said Meera Sali iska maal to zabardast hai and Meera took my cum loda in her mouth and started licking it again now Devi was so happy that she enjoyed with us and felt so satisfy. 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