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Hi everyone this is Tinku and I would like to reveal the story which happened unknowingly in my life. I am Tinku with height 5 11 and weight 80 not fair complexion and uncut dick. I have the habit of going online and chating for hours. Then one day when I surfed the internet and I met this couple were they shared there feelings and I also told them that I would like to meet them. They too liked me and accpeted to meet me. They asked me to get a bottle of whisky while coming. Then I went to their place and husband (Ravi) gave me a warm welcome. His wife (Renu) was preparing some snacks for us. Then she came out with some drinks and snacks and we started to discuss about ourselves and our families.Later on we started talkin about our personal life and our life styles. They asked me if I had a girlfriend and how many times I had sex. I told them that Ive been in my relation for 5 years and I dont remember how many times Ive had sex. Then we opened the bottle of whisky which I brought and started having it with combination of redbull and soda slowly we started talking about sex and they asked me if I had sex wid acy couples. I told them I never had sex with couples but it was my fantasy to have sex wid couple as Im Bi. Then let me mention her figure she was 54 feet in height and with flesh at places required on her body. Her body was very juicy with 34 D boobs and her waist 30 and her ass was beautiful must be 36 in size. She welcomed me and behaved as we have met each other number of times. She was fair in complexion but her body was very beautiful and very attractive and her husband was 6 feet nice complexion and well mannered. Then we had about three pegs each and then started talking even freely and open mind intentions and then started have a move on. First Ravi asked me to touch her and feel the warmth in her and I started to do so with in no time. He then went and locked all the doors and brought a bottle of water and few condoms and kept them beside on the rack. Then I started to touch her hands and tried to kiss on her forehead then I kissed on her forehead and she pulled me on her were I slipped and fell on her and she then started kissing my lips and all over my face.Then she started patting my back and touched my ass were it made some kind of vibrations inside me. I started fondling her ans touched allover her body. I loved the size of her boobs and the way they are shaped and tight enough to squeeze. Ravi was watching me doing all these things and changed his dress to shorts and tees. I then started kissing her so hard and fondling her boobs I felt the hardness in my cock and it was oozing some precum and asking me to let it out. Then Ravi asked me to undo my dress and hers too. I started to remove my shirt and Renu was fondling my cock from the top of pants. I started to get completey naked with undies left over. Then Renu looked at my body and started to touch all over my body and started sucking my nipples were I was fondling her boobs then I started undresing Renu starting with her pallu and then chudidar by unhooking her hooks then I could see her big boobs tryin to get out of her bra and already half of the boobs were already out of the bra, then I started to remove her pants. I could see her black panty and half of it going inside the gaps of her ass cheeks. I was in my undies and Renu in her inners I can see Ravi trying to squeeze his cock from outside of his shorts. I was getting even horny looking at that scene. Then I suddenly pulled Renu over and squeezed her boobs and pulled her bra off and kissed her nipples which tasted so sweet. I was sucking her boobs allover the place and started to squeeze her ass with my other hand. Then she was squeezing my cock with one hand and my buttocks with other hand. I immediately asked her to remove my undies were she did and asked her to suck my dick like a lollipop, she obeyed me but asked me to go in 69 position were I accpeted I already bought a bottle of honey and asked her to apply some of it on my cock and suck it and I applied some on her pussy so that I could suck it even harder and longer. Then we went in 69 position and started sucking over selves I was licking her pussy like hell were she was doing the same with my cock too. After few minutes of sucking, I could see juices oozing out of her pussy and precum from my cock. Then I just thought to see wat Ravi was doing I couldnt see him in front of me. Then when I turned back to ask Renu I was shocked to see Ravi sucking my dick instead of Renu. I just woke up from our position and asked whats wrong then Ravi told me that he felt like suckin my dick and thought that I wouldnt mind soo as I already them that I was Bi. Then I said ok and we moved from 69 to triangle position I was sucking Renus pussy Renu was suckin Ravis cock and Ravi was sucking my dick it was awesome feeling to do so and we did it for about 20 mins. Then I started to feel juices coming out form my cock and I said so to Ravi were he asked me to cum in his mouth. I did so and even Ravi cummed in Renus mouth. Then we cleaned ourselves and I was ready for 2nd round we already thought of having atleast 3 shots in the day and tried to do so. Then Renu came to me and started sucking my dick and Ravi was sucking Renus pussy. I was enjoying the scene visually and it was a treat for me to watch so. I never thought in my dreams that I would do it in my real life but it was really great to see me doing it live after some minutes of sucking I told Renu that I wanted to fuck her and she obeyed and asked me to fuck in doggy style which I loved too then Ravi started to suck Renus asshole I enjoyed watching the scene. I asked if its ok to put another dick in her ass and she said yes and I was fucking her pussy and Ravi was fucking her ass it was damn great feeling to do so. Then Ravi gotup and asked renu to suck his asshole were she obeyed him and started to do so I was licking her pussy by then Ravi asked me to fuck his ass I was on the way waiting to do it and started to fuck his asshole which was very tight and was painful for me. I then asked them for some lotion and then applied some of it to my cock and his ass and started to fuck him meanwhile Renu was sucking my asshole which is a great feeling. I was stroking Ravis cock with my hand at the same time then I was about to cum as his asshole was verry tight. I wanted to cum in Renus mouth and did so in few minutes even Ravi cummed on renus boobs which was great scene to see both pur loads on her. I was tired and fell apart on sofa even both of them were very tired and took rest for some time. Later on when I woked up I saw Renu sucking and fingering my asshole I was shocked to see so and with in no time Ravi was eager to fuck my asshole too. I said ok but asked to fuck very slow as I never had it in my asshole. Ravi started fucking me in slow jerks and Renu was suckin my dick. I was squeezing Renus boobs and she was shouting in pain and Renu was squeezing Ravis balls very hard and he started screaming it was kind of hardcore sex and we enjoyed it a lot and after few mins me and Ravi cum in Renus boobs and she was playing with our loads by mixing them and tasting them it was even horny but we were pretty tired. We then dressed and ordered for some snacks then I asked them I have to leave and while goin home Renu gave me a nice blowjob i njoyed it the most and left home with in no time this is real story happened in my life. If you like the story appreciate it and encourage me to write few more.