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By : Shobhen After that night, our life changed (read my last story “My Friends Banged My Wife”), we started exchanging all our feeling more closely. When we go-out, if she sees any good looking man, she will hint at me, and whisper in my ear that, what a man, hope he can enter me one day. We smile at each other. All passing by keep staring at my wife. I notice all. They mainly stare at her big melons and big round ass. Nobody misses chance to feast my sexy wife. How can one be if he is not a fool? Some time I ask my wife not to wear bra and go-out to for shopping, oh after that like whole men mass in Forum Mall fix their eyes at those two swinging boobs. We both enjoy these kinds of acts and in the night, getting the beautiful lady in the bed naked. I fuck her like a bitch scolding all bad languages I know and she does the same to me. One day, a Saturday night, we got a knock in our door at around 7 pm. I opened the door. What a surprise my friend Arun was at the door step. I am seeing him after some 5 years he is now taller and has become more handsome than last time. He was my colleague in my last company. He said he came to the city for a meeting and unfortunately he did not get a suite in the hotel and hence requested me to adjust me for a night and next day he will shift. I said dont mind does, if you want you can stay here for whole week. My wife came from kitchen. Both greeted each other. I could see my wifes reaction, which hinted me that she is happy to see a handsome man. We both adjusted in sofas. My wife was continuously asking one question or other, without taking her eyes off him. She started enquiring whether he is married or not. Why? Etc. I asked her to prepare a cup of coffee for him. She then realized that she has forgotten everything. We asked Arun to get fresh and lets have coffee. Arun left for bathroom and we moved to the kitchen. I asked her, what is the matter? She said me openly, Rahul please. I want to fuck this guy. He is so cute and I want to do this with you both please please. I said smilingly darling have I ever said no to you. I will try. Then I asked her to take-off bra and panty be with only t-shirt and a skirt. She obeyed me immediately. T-shirt was low-cut and skirt was barely hiding here knee. I could see her nipples on t-shirt. Cleavage was also clearly shining as it was low-cut we were ready for Arun to come-out of the room. He came out my wife was eagerly waiting for him. As he adjusted in the sofa opposite to me, my wife bent in-front of him and served coffee. Then it was testing time for Arun. I noticed him; he took the chance and glanced at my wifes hanging boobs she smiled at him catching his deed. Arun got nervous. Now, I and my Wife are sitting in the sofa opposite to Aruns. We started talking lots of things while having coffee. Arun was staring at my wifes nipple whenever he gets chance. I got the 1st step passed, as I knew now that Arun will never miss to fuck my wife if given a chance. I was wondering how to start. I need to fulfill request of my wife. After all she is my lovely darling and my cute bitch. After sometime we ordered for Pizza. We started having it hot as soon as it was delivered. My wife was extra caring for Arun. He was also very happy for such caring. He was also showing all sorts of gratitude for her. I need to take some steps as I knew. Otherwise nothing will materialize. We started talking about our likings and dislikes. My wife started saying, he like tall dark and good build guys. Arun was like that and he liked her statement. To break the ice, I said I like women having big boobs maybe 34-36 size and if they have good shaky ass. Arun was surprised to see my boldness but did not react much. My wife started teasing me asking how many I have tried other than her. Arun was blushing listening to all these. He was adjusting to the environment. I noticed that a spot of tomato ketchup sticking near premas lips. I gently moved and licked the spot and cleaned it by tongue, then kissed my wifes lips. I said, smilingly, “very tasty” She teasingly asked me which one? The stain in my lips? We all laughed to her questions. Arun seems to be more comfortable now. Now my wife asked him Arun? Which type of girl you would like? This was a bouncer to him. He said nervously I will like any girl in your figure his face showed he really meant it. My wife was very happy listening to these and shook hand with Arun. It went for little longer. I said with this note let us have some “Vodka saying this I went to fridge and got 3 glasses and a bottle. We started drinking. Now we started getting to mood. Arun was now looking more comfortable with my wife sometime my wife pats on his back and he also doing the same thing. Now Vodka started working on him and he commented me. Rahul really yaar bhabi is too good. Hope I get a girl like her. I proposed all guys, lets have a game. Both, Arun and my wife looked at me. What game yaar I said, lets have some game to enjoy yaar. I set the rules, we will roll a bottle and who the bottle head is pointing, will start dancing on any dhun. It was okeyed by all bottle started rolling and we all danced one after other my wife got punished twice And she danced by shaking all his assets Arun was enjoying and now he is not bothering to stare openly at my wifes boobs and ass. He is not afraid now. I assumed that my tricks worked till this stage. But how to start was a big question. Then I said the 2nd rule. One person will roll and then he will kiss the person who the bottle is pointing to. I rolled the bottle; luckily it stopped at my wife. Getting the chance, I started eating her lips as if nobody is around. We locked our lips; she put her tongue in me. Arun was enjoying all these. Then Arun rolled, but it pointed to me. He just kissed on my chick and he was not happy. I could see it. Then, it was my wifes turn. And it pointed to me luckily again but I wanted it to stop at Arun. Now my wife pushed me on the sofa. Sat on me and started kissing all over my face. Arun was enjoying all these her skirt is pulled up and full shiny white leg was seen. Arun was feasting his legs and some open portion of her ass openly. He is not bothered. He was waiting for a chance to kiss my wife. Then it was my turn, and it was Arun, I just kissed on chick quickly and passed it to Arun. Arun as if praying to god so that it will turn to my wife and it seems god listened. It pointed to my wife. He was very happy. I can see in his eyes also my wife. Now he proceeded and planted a kiss on my wifes lip. But he wanted to finish it fast but my wife did not allow. She is holding his hairs tightly and started licking his lips desperately and by inserting her tongue in his. Arun was now undone. He was also doing the same thing. After 2 to 3 mins, they broke lip lock. They are looking at each other now. Both are happy. 1st hurdle of my plan passed. My wife looked at me and she was pleased. I asked her to sit on my lap. She is on my Lap now. Arun feasting her boobs as now her nipples are hard. I started taking my hand all over her body in-front of Arun. Aruns seems not minding now and enjoying. Prema took my hand and placed it on her boobs, while looking at Arun. I started pressing her boobs, first gently and then hard. And we kissed then. I started taking off her t-shirt, then I looked at Arun, asked him can you help Arun. He was waiting as if; he came to me quickly and took off premas t-shirt, now her beautiful melons all in-front of two men. Arun was looking at them hungrily. I said, friend take them, all yours. Arun, as if was waiting for me to allow. He started biting the nipples as if he was thirsty all these days and drinking milk from my wifes boobs. She is now in between both. Sitting on me and getting licked by Arun. She is getting sand-witched by two men. I am kissing her on lips and Arun is focused on her boobs. Pressing one and licking other. My hand now opened her legs. Her hairy beautiful mound is now all exposed. I am fingering her pussy now getting ready now for Arun. He saw her mound, it was hairy and watery. Arun could not wait and lower his head to her pussy. Now Prema spread her leg more to expose her juicy cunt. Arun started drinking all tasty juices. He is playing with the choot by his tongue and spreading the pussy lips to have more access. My wife is all enjoying. I am pressing her boobs kissing her in her neck and she has closed her eyes and enjoying Aruns love bites in her pussy. She is chanting. Yes Arun please more drink my pussy juices please dont stop it is feeling great. Arun as if got encouraged. He started doing it more wildly. My wife is moaning loudly. I am enjoying the complete scene.

After sometime, we carried her to bed room. We both became naked. Arun was having very good healthy tool and waiting to start working. We were bang naked standing showing our tools to my wife. She came down and took both in hand and started licking. She as if got two candies and started licking one after other. Arun was not able to wait any more and she wanted to fuck my wife. Knowing his intension, I took my wife on my lap and I holding both her legs, she spread her leg for Arun. Arun was waiting for this; he entered his long tool to my wife and started banging my wifes pussy. His speed increased my wife started shouting yes bastard fuck me fuck me like a bitch hard, hard madarchod hard behenchod yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me she started shouting loudly. Arun could not control for more, after some 15 mins he came in my wifes pussy, love juices coming down from her pussy. Now Arun was tired and I pushed Prema to the middle of the bed and my tool was all at pick seeing my wife getting fucked in-font of me. I entered her pussy in missionary position while Arun was just sleeping side of her. He was taking some breathe after this heavy fuck. I started banging her fast. I am able to feel Aruns juices in my wifes pussy. Now both of them are kissing each other side by side and I am fucking her hard. After some 20 mins I also exploded in her pussy. She was also silent and tired now. A sign of happiness is there in her face. She is now sleeping between us both. I was also tired by then and I dont know when I felt asleep. In the morning I woke-up. I saw Arun and my wife are also sleeping by my side hugging to each-other. My wifes ass is pressing against Aruns tool and Arun has put his hand on my wifes boob. Both of them are sleeping soundly. I thought of not disturbing them, and went out get break-fast for all of us. After around an hour I came to my flat. I saw bed is empty then I heard some noise is coming out of bath-room. I heard my wife is ramped in the bathroom my wife is moaning loudly and scolding Arun in all bad languages. I said darling I am back break-fast is ready. She said wait. Rahul, we are in the last stage slowly both calmed down and after some 5 mins they came out both bangs naked. Arun helped my wife wiping water from her body and hair. They both came to break-fast table. My wife sat on Aruns lap and we started taking break-fast. While we taking break-fast, I saw arun is still pressing my wifes boobs. After break-fast, Arun said, guys time to leave. My wife was shocked to hear this. He said, I have some urgent commitments, otherwise who can leave a sexy like you. He got ready, we came near the door. My wife hugged him tight and kissed him passionately. Arun thanked me and said. Rahul you have got sexiest wife in the world, thank you for giving an opportunity to be with her. We said bye to him, we both were happy I closed the door; my wife came to me Hugged me and said thank you really thank you. It was a wonderful experience.