Padma Ramya & Me – Part II

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This happened 3 years ago. I had gone to a nearby city to attend my cousin’s marriage. My Husband couldn’t or wouldn’t accompany me. Since I had made arrangements to stay with my friend Padma, whom I knew since my college days, I didn’t much care that I was traveling alone to a city I had never visited before and alone. I knew that her Husband was a businessman. After an overnight journey by train, I was received at the station by Padma. I was glad to see Padma at the railroad station to receive me and after settling the luggage in her car, we set off to her home. I admired her skill at negotiating the traffic, which was heavy. We chatted as she drove and Padma informed me that her Husband was away on a business trip and that she was alone at home. I heaved a silent sigh of relief as I had felt strangely apprehensive about accepting Padma’s invitation to stay with her. We finally reached Padma’s house and I was staggered at the opulence of her home. Padma quickly made me feel at ease and showed me my room I refreshed myself and rejoined Padma. After breakfast, we talked about old times. Soon, It was time for me to leave for my cousin’s wedding. Padma arranged her Car and her husband’s chauffer to take me to the venue of the wedding .It soon turned out to be a nightmare of sorts for me, as I had to answer a lot of questions about my attending the wedding alone. I was really upset at my husband for refusing to attend the marriage and putting me in such an embarrassing situation. I left, as soon as it was gracefully possible. Padma was surprised at my early return. She asked me the reason. I gave her an explanation which sounded lame , even to my ears. Padma was not to be put off. As she persisted, the dam broke. I tearfully told her of my domineering husband , who looked down on my family and didn’t let any opportunity go by ,of deriding my side of the family, who were not as accomplished as his were. Padma listened to all my outpouring of grief. She consoled me and tried her best to cheer me up. She finally managed to talk me back to normalcy and made me laugh occasionally. She then tried to persuade me to stay with her a few more days. I declined. She then threatened me that she would call my husband to ask for permission. I dissuaded her from doing so. She handed me the telephone and asked me to inform him of my change of plan. I reluctantly called my Husband and hesitantly asked him if I could stay back for two more days. His indifference more than the scathing words he used to express it, hurt me so much , that I was in tears by the time I put the receiver down. Padma consoled me with soothing words. It was then that I decided, that I would not let spoil our time together. I informed her of my Husband’s grudging acceptance. Padma whooped with joy and hugged me. I smiled at her happiness and felt happy too. Padma made a lot of plans for the next two days. I agreed to all of them with enthusiasm. It was soon evening and Padma suggested that we go catch a movie. I agreed at once. She asked me to get ready. As I left, I saw her on the phone making a call. I went to my room to take a bath. I was soon finished and when I came out of my room, Padma was waiting for me. Padma was dressed in a tight black Salwar kameez which showed off her womanly body to perfection and contrasted well with her fair coloring. Her kameez was cut low and her cleavage was visible through the transparent Chunni. She was breathtakingly different, transformed rather, in the outfit she was wearing. We stepped out of the house and I was surprised to see a cab waiting. I didn’t attach any relevance to it, then. I thought that Padma didn’t want to drive through the heavy evening traffic. When we reached the theater, Padma purchased 3 tickets. I didn’t give a second thought as I thought that she had invited another friend of hers to the movie. She was looking around and after a while I could see annoyance masking her face. It was almost time for the movie to begin and her friend hadn’t turned up. Let’s go” Padma said. She then proceeded to walk towards the entrance of the theater. “Hi, Padma ” We stopped and looked around. It was a man’s voice and I saw him walk to where we were standing and smile at Padma. Padma smiled back in return and made the introductions. “I would like to introduce you to my dear friend Ramya” she said. “Ramya, this is Raj, I shyly held out my hand and greeted Raj. He was very good looking and handsome. When I glanced at Padma, I noticed her eyes twinkling. It was at that moment , realization slowly dawned upon me that this whole program was planned in advance. I had no time to dwell further on the situation as Padma took hold of my hand and dragged me inside the theater. We went inside the already darkened Theater and were shown our seats. I sat to one side of Padma while Raj sat on the other side. The movie started and I got immediately engrossed in it. After a while, Sensing rather than hearing some whispered goings on beside me, I glanced to my side . I saw that Padma’s hand was in Raj’s Hand and she had her head on his shoulder. I hurriedly looked away and concentrated on the movie. The movie finally ended and we came out of the theater. Let’s have dinner before we go home” Padma said. I quietly nodded my acceptance. We got into Raj’s car and proceeded to a restaurant. Padma sat in the front while I occupied the back seat. The dinner was quick and excellent. Raj offered to drop us back home. I had enjoyed the movie and the dinner. Now, I felt a strange feeling of misgiving . I was wondering what else Padma had planned for the rest of the evening and a shiver ran down my spine , I didn’t know why. I felt strangely nervous. The feeling was also tinged with a little bit of excitement. When we reached Padma’s home, I wasn’t at all surprised when Padma invited Raj inside. Once we all went in, Padma asked Raj to fix us drinks while she changed into something comfortable. I was beyond surprises by then .As Raj prepared the drinks, I could feel his eyes on me. He approached and handed a glass of wine to me. I was wearing a blue silk saree and I could feel him looking me up and down as if undressing me with his eyes. I lowered my eyes. I then blamed my overactive imagination for feeling the way I was And looked up to say thanks. Raj had a mischievous smile on his lips. We made some small talk until Padma returned. Padma had changed into a short, pink dressing gown that was cut very low, exposing a good portion of her magnificent breasts. As Padma walked towards us her gorgeous thighs were alternately playing hide and seek , peeking out from between the folds of her diaphanous night gown . Raj got up and handed Padma her drink. She thanked him and sat down next to me crossing her legs. As she did so, her gown parted and one of her sexy thighs was fully exposed. We all started sipping our drinks. After sometime, Padma asked, Raj if he would like to change too. She added that she had laid out a robe for him on the bed. As Raj excused himself and walked towards the bedroom, my suspicion turned to certainty that this was not the first time something like this was happening in this house.”What’s going on “? I managed to ask Padma in a hoarse whisper. Padma just gave a smile in return. Raj returned , a robe wrapped around him. It obviously belonged to Padma’s Husband. The robe hardly could conceal the bulge in front as he walked back into the room. He stopped in front of Padma. Then with deliberate slowness he untied the belt which was holding his robe closed . He parted the halves of the robe, exposing his long, hard erection. I gasped out loud. Totally in contrast to my reaction, Padma coolly reached out and ran her fingers over its entire length all the while looking at me . I almost stopped breathing as my eyes were fixed on the sight unfolding in front of my eyes. Raj thrust his hips forward. I watched Padma as she held the thick shaft in one hand, cup his balls with the other. A drop of pre-cum formed on the tip and Padma without missing a beat, leaned forward and flicked out her tongue to capture it before it could drop to the floor. I was now fully convinced that I was about to have the most erotic experience of my life, watching my friend Padma, have sex in front of my eyes with her Lover. An involuntary shiver coursed through my body and I could feel my pussy dampening. Padma grabbed Raj’s shaft with both hands. She worked her palms up from the base to the tip and back . She managed to draw another large drop of pre-cum from Raj’s now fully erect cock. Padma then covered the bulbuous head of Raj’s cock with her lips. All this while, Padma managed to keep looking at me , while still busy with her task. A little while later, Padma stood up and removed her gown revealing her body. She was completely nude under the robe. Her breasts were fairly large and though sagging under their own weight, they tapered off rapidly. The twin prominent peaks were surrounded with very large light brown rosettes capped with big nipples that were jutting out, pointed and hard. Her waist flared out into generous hips. Her gorgeous thighs had a thick bush at the junction and from it, her curvaceous legs ended in small feet planted slightly apart. Padma raised herself on her toes and pressed herself against Raj. She touched her lips to Raj’s and soon their tongues met and intertwined. I watched in fascination, as Raj’s hands dropped lower to caress Padma’s buttocks and thighs. Then, his right hand reached Padma’s bush and the fingers of his hand parted the swollen cunt lips of her vagina . As Raj gently pulled her cunt lips apart Padma gasped with pleasure. Padma then started rubbing herself up against Raj’s hand, slowly and deliberately. All this while, she continued to kiss Raj passionatelyholding his head between both her hands. I was watching in fascination, the scene unfolding in front of my eyes. Suddenly Padma stopped . She then stepped back a little from Raj and suggested that we all retire to the bedroom. She tapped me on the shoulder and beckoned at me to follow them . Padma had taken hold of Raj’s throbbing cock as she led him into her bedroom. I stared in fascination at the naked backs of the couple as they walked away from me. Padma was even more sexy from the back. I sat on the couch ,I don’t know for how long , my heart racing. When I heard Padma calling, I got up from the couch , my knees shaking and entered the bedroom  I stopped at the door and stared. Padma had probably made Raj lie down in the center of the bed. She was on her stomach lying down between his widespread thighs. She had taken the head of his cock into her mouth and was sucking on it. Feeling weak at the knees at the erotic sight before my wide eyes, I caught hold of the door jamb to support myself. After a little while, Padma raised herself from the task she was engaged in, got up on her haunches turned around on the bed and proceeded to straddle his head with her knees as she faced me. She again took the cock in her mouth and started sucking on it. Slowly, she lowered her crotch to his face. I watched in fascination as her cunt descended towards Raj’s mouth. By this time I had unknowingly stepped inside the door and walked to the side of the bed to watch Raj parting her swollen labia so that her pink, wet hole was totally exposed and leaking. Raj then slipped his tongue into her passage and licked up her juices. I could feel my pussy getting wet, watching them like that. Padma turned her head and smiled at me, while still sucking, Raj’s cock and gave me a wink. “Why don’t you join us ,Ramya “? she asked. I gave an involuntary shiver and just stood rooted to the spot. Raj then gently pushed Padma away, got up from the bed and came towards me. I stared at his Huge cock pointing at me and bobbing up and down as he approached. I felt like a cat caught in the glare of a car’s headlamps. He caught hold of my hand and placed it on his iron hard cock. I gasped. It was wet from Padma’s mouth and hot to the touch. I glanced at Padma in shock. She just smiled . Raj slowly removed the pallu of my saree, placed his hands on my breasts and squeezed. I closed my eyes and a moan escaped my lips. Involuntarily, I grasped his cock. He started unhooking my now surprisingly very tight blouse and leant forward to kiss me. I turned my head away. His kiss landed on my cheek. After completely unhooking my blouse he stared at my bra encased breasts for a long moment. Then he tried to unhook my bra from behind. It was too tight and he failed. He stepped behind my back to unhook my bra. While he was struggling to undo the clasp of my bra , his large cock was pressing into my buttocks. I shivered in response to the contact. When he finally succeeded in taking off my bra, he took hold of my hand and led me to the bed. I followed without murmur. He put his hands on my shoulders and made me sit down on the bed. He knelt in front of me and stared at my breasts. They were slightly smaller than Padma’s breasts but were much rounder and fuller. Padma’s breasts sagged, whereas mine hardly needed the support of a bra. “Ramya ,don’t feel shy. You are so beautiful. Please relax and cooperate and we will have a great time”. Raj said looking into my eyes. I kept silent. He gently took hold of my breasts in his hands and started sucking on the right one. I moaned. He started sucking and gently biting at the nipple. I felt Padma coming up behind me. She put her arms up and under from my armpits and cupped my breasts from underneath. I was too shocked and excited to react. She was holding up my breasts for Raj to suckle on . She kissed me on the hollow of my shoulder. Her breasts were pressing against my back. As I was still wearing my underskirt, Padma let go of one breast, dropped her hand to my waist to pull at the string of my underskirt. She loosened it and put her hand inside and started rubbing my pussy lips. I groaned from the wonderful sensations coursing through my body. Raj got up from his kneeling position and stood before me. I guessed what he wanted done, but I kept still. Ramya please, suck my cock” he pleaded . I still didn’t do anything. Padma , who was kneeling behind me on the bed , then caught hold of his cock with her other hand and guided it towards my mouth. I looked at her over my shoulder in anger. Ramya, come on, don’t be so stuck up, let’s enjoy”. Padma whispered in

my ear and gave a playful bite to my earlobe. I reluctantly turned back towards Raj, He touched his cock to my Lips and pressed forward. Just then Padma inserted her finger inside my pussy. As I gasped and opened my mouth, Raj quickly thrust his cock inside. Oh god, it was so thick. He put his hands behind my head and slowly pulled my mouth over the length of his cock. As it hit the back of my throat , I gagged. I put my hands on Raj’s thighs and tried to push him away. He didn’t let go of my head but eased away a little. After a while, realization dawned that I was sucking deep on Raj’s wonderful cock without any coaxing from his hands over my head. In fact, Raj had removed his hands and they were hanging by his side. I was stunned at my behavior. Maybe the situation had turned me on. The novelty of a threesome and the fact that my husband was never able to satisfy me, made me lose control. I took Raj’s thick organ between my lips and began to suck on it firmly. Padma was fondling my breasts from behind. She occasionally was pulling my nipples outwards and tweaking them with her fingers. Suddenly , Raj pulled his cock away from my mouth. I looked up at him in surprise and disappointment. What’s the matter , wasn’t I doing it right”? I exclaimed.”You were doing great Ramya dear, but I need something more”. He pushed me back onto the bed. He got up on the bed, put his knees on both sides of my body and placed his huge cock between my breasts. I looked up at Raj in puzzlement. Hold your breasts tightly together, I want to fuck your beautiful tits” I did as he asked. He started rocking forward and back. His long cock was rubbing my chin, almost reaching my mouth. Suck it Ramya”. Raj commanded. I shook my head and didn’t obey him. He then looked at Padma. She immediately lay down beside me, put her head on my breast and started licking and sucking his cock. It was a shock for me. I knew Padma to be a proud and arrogant person, during her college days , but here she was, doing everything that Raj asked her. Almost like a slave. After a while, I pushed Padma away, and turned over on my side and hid my face in the sheets. I felt Padma’s hands on my hips trying to turn me over on my back. I resisted. Then , Raj’s strong hands flipped me over on my back and with his palms on my knees , slowly parted my thighs wide apart. I kept my eyes closed . I was breathing hard. As Raj clamped his mouth on my pussy, I raised myself on my elbows with a loud gasp. Raj soon sucked my cunt lips into his mouth. As he pulled on them with his lips, I gasped and gave out a small moan. I grasped his head in my hands and fed my pussy to his hungry mouth. He obliged by opening his mouth wide totally engulfing my pussy. When I could finally open my eyes, I looked around for Padma. I found her busy sucking Raj’s cock again. She must have adored this man’s cock, as she never could keep her mouth away from it for long. I straightened my hands to get a better look at Raj’s Thick cock wrapped between Padma’s lips. By then Raj had slipped his tongue into my slick passage to start licking inside. I moved my hips to guide his lips to my clit. Raj clamped his lips on the burning nub. I was whimpering as he sucked it between his lips and worked on it with his tongue. I suddenly tensed and thrust my count against Raj’s wonderful mouth as a massive orgasm struck me. I groaned and then screamed out loud. I felt Raj’s tongue lapping up the juices as they ran out of my spasm pussy. Pulling his lips away from my clit , He drove his tongue deep inside my pussy one final time, My orgasm must have triggered his. His face was still buried between my thighs as he groaned and started humping Padma’s face. I stared in fascination as his cock seemed to swell even more between Padma’s grasping lips . As the first hot jet spurted into her hungry mouth, she eagerly swallowed it, but some overflowed from the sides of her mouth. Raj kept pumping cum into Padma’s mouth for what seemed like ages and she was gulping down every bit. When Raj’s cock finally ceased to pump out his copious cum, Padma squeezed his thick cock to get the last drops. I was turned on like never before, watching Padma behaving in such a wanton manner.  She gave a loving kiss to Raj’s now flaccid cock and finally got up. Padma , with Raj’s cum running from the corners of her mouth gave me a wide smile. She then went into the bathroom. Feeling suddenly shy and unable to meet Raj’s eyes , I grabbed my clothes and fled to my room. I rushed upstairs to the guest bedroom closing and locking the door behind me. Only then did I feel safe. I fell on the bed and tried to sleep. I couldn’t, as the images of the happenings in Padma’s bedroom swam before my eyes as soon as I closed them.  I started feeling guilty at the way I had allowed Raj to have his way with me. I had never been with another man other than my husband till then. I also tried to analyze the way I had reacted to all that had happened . It was too much and I tossed and turned in bed. I finally fell into a fitful sleep.