Mom’s Gangbang – Part II

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Hello readers I am back with 45th story. This is second part of the story “Gang Bang of Mom”. I am Sanil and this story is about my mother Naima aged 48 and her debauchery with our servant Ravi. The story is in mothers narration. If you like, the story, please say so via mail Hi, Naima is back with second part of the story. After our first fuck, I became obsessed with Ravis tools. We fucked again but still I felt unsatisfied. I wanted to experiment. Ravi called his friends over for fun. They were four in number. In the evening, we took them on a mini- tour of the town and then out for a nice dinner. Ravi made me wear skirt and top, which he brought for me. I bought new bra and panty for me and wore it as Ravi had torn my panty in the morning. They could not keep their eyes off my body. I gave them every chance to peek at my cleavage. Just watching me get in and out of the car had them breaking out in a sweat. After dinner, we went back to my house, to watch some movies Ravi had rented. I was not in the mood for a movie and told them so. I may have been a little bitchy about the way I said it, but I wanted to go out and party. Ravi started the movie. He sat next to me and his friends sat on the floor. It was a hot movie. The hero was opening heroines dress. I put my hand on his thighs. When he started holding my hand over his thigh and caressing it I become aware and instinctively pulled my hand away. Scene on screen was getting warmer .Now both heroine and hero were almost topless and heroine was hugging hero caressing his back, scratching it. He was very handsome muscular and strong and it reminded me of Ravi as I saw in the morning. I started feeling as if Ravi was holding me in his grip and I was caressing his back. This time when he drew my hand to his lap and started caressing it, I did not pull it away. Slowly, his hand moved to top of my arms and then to side of swell of my boobs. It began as an accidental touch but when he realized there was no opposition from my side, it became a regular brush on it. His other hand which was on my shoulder had gone down and was touching, feeling top of my other boob. On the screen hero had started making love and there were no pretences. Moaning of heroine, passion and joy in her eyes coupled with touch of Ravi on my boobs made my nipples hard. Ravi whispered in my ear and said, “Naima, its for your new bra,” before I could understand anything he went ahead and pinched me directly on my hardening nipple saying, “New pinch.” I smiled and said, “Thanks.” But he kept it rolling between his forefinger and thumb and said; “At our place, a girl is supposed to kiss back and not to just say thanks.” I was inflamed by kissing scenes on screen and started to imitate the heroine. I held his hand between my hands and kissed him on the lips, rubbing my lips and my tongue too caressed him. As if, this was not enough, to tease him further I nibbled his earlobes and whispered, “Ravi inside my skirt, my panty is also new.” No further invitation was required and Ravi opened the two remaining buttons of my top and slowly inserted his hand inside. He cupped my breast over the bra and pinched it, saying, “New pinch.” This time I was ready and kissed him warmly on the cheeks. Ravi had inserted his other hand under the top and was holding my other breast. Slowly his hands were touching, cupping it and very gently, he opened the front open bra. And now his hands were roaming, cupping, squeezing my boobs. I was shivering with passion. He some time deliberately avoided my nipples, which were eagerly hankering for his touch. After teasing me for some time, he suddenly grasped one and started squeezing it. I could not stop my moan. Ravi now put his other hand over my thigh and they started gliding upwards. In no time he was stroking my inner thighs and he made me part them. He was now caressing me over the new panty and said. “New pinch.” I was squirming, wriggling and I was expecting that now he will put his hand under it. But no, he grabbed my pussy over panty itself and started rubbing it with base of his hands giving a very powerful pressure on top of my pussy and I felt as if I had lost all my control. He removed his hands from my boobs and opened his zip. He brought his cock out and gave it in my hand. Very gingerly, I held IT. His hand had gone back to fondling, caressing and squeezing pressing my boobs. His other hand has entered my panty and now discovered my clean-shaven cunt. He immensely liked as was evident from increased pressure on my boobs and the urgency with which he was caressing my pussy. I too increased pressure on his cock. Suddenly Ravi pulled me and I was in his lap. He pulled my panty down and his pants went below his knee. His cock was rubbing between cracks of my ass. He had lifted my top and was rubbing my boobs very hard. His other hand was caressing rubbing my portals of joy and he had guided my hand to hold his cock. Now I was enjoying its warm feel and hardness. I was in his lap and he was caressing my boobs and my pussy. I was feeding him and he was feeding me between kisses bites and licking. We were ready for next step. He put me on the sofa and pulled my top. I too pulled his shirt. He had started full assault. His lips were kissing, sucking, and nibbling my one nipple while his hand was rubbing other. Fingers of his other hand were parting my labia and trying to enter there. His thumb was on my clit. His hard cock was also pressing me there. Situation was beyond my control and when I almost reached the point of no return, he stopped slowly and sat down between my thighs. Now his erect cock was rubbing on my love gates while his both hands were pinching my erect tits. I was raising my hips unashamedly wanting to be fucked by his massive cock. He parted my love lips coated it with Vaseline, and applied it on his cock too. Now slowly he just pushed the tip of his cock. His friends were watching us. I grinned and said, “Please, Ravi not now your friends are watching us.” And he stroked my clit and said, “Let them see. They also want to fuck you.” I was so aroused, I said ” Ok then let them see. I also want to get fucked by them.” Ravi called his friends and said, “You all watch what I am doing. You are not supposed to touch her until I allow you.” He raised my legs over his shoulder and in one swift shot shoved almost half of his cock inside my cunt. It hurt me bad. But I was drowning in passion so I too responded. For some time with very slow strokes he kept sliding it in and out but when my pain almost subsided, he brought it out caressed my boobs for some time and holding my tender lips between his lips, shoved the rest inside my old cunt. It HURT. As if a burning rod has entered inside me. Something broke inside. His friends had encircled me and all had their cock out in their hands. I screamed. But he kept on holding my lips inside his lips he kept on caressing me. For sometime, he did nothing except touching me lovingly caressing me with assuring touches. And when pain reduced he started very slow lingering strokes. Joy came and I again enveloped him. I was kissing him encouraging him. Now he started sucking my boobs, caressing my clit and when he realized Im aroused again, he increased the tempo of his strokes. His broad chest was rubbing against my hard boobs and his hard cock was rubbing walls of my passion felled cunt. He whisper in my ear and asked, “How do you love it. I am fucking you and my friends are stroking their cocks.” I gathered courage and added, “Let them also enjoy.” Listening to this he brought his immense erection out and in one shove pushed it. It hurt me but I enjoyed it too. We were lost to the word. I was moaning, crying wanting more, and wriggling my ass. Ravi too was now fucking me wildly. After sometime, I lost all my control. Held his shoulders bit him and came. But Ravi took some more time and then he too exploded wildly After sometime we regained our composure. Ravi made me drink a huge glass of chocolate shake, which revived me completely. Now again I was sitting in his lap and this time I was more active. Now the real fun began. He called his friends to come over and feel me. I opposed to this. Apparently, Ravi wasn’t in the mood to listen to my lip. He immediately slapped his handcuffs on me, securing my hands behind my back. He told his friends that this was all in fun, and they should watch how he dealt with me. He put me over his lap and pulled my skirt up, to bare my ass to the world. I started yelling at him to stop, and he started spanking me. We had played this game before, and even though his hand was stinging me, I was enjoying it. I continued to yell, and Ravi stopped spanking me, stood up and I rolled to the floor – my skirt at the floor, and my pussy on display for his friends. He went to his room and returned with something I had had only seen in pictures – a ball-gag. He inserted the ball into my mouth and tied the band around my head. It worked; I could not talk. Ravi laughed and said, “I had been saving the gag for a special occasion, and this was it.” He pulled me over his lap and began spanking me, again. After just a few swats, Ravi stopped, saying, “I had enough for the moment.” His friends were staring wide-eyed at the whole scene, and I was hot. Ravi told me to stand up. He said he was going to give his friends a guided tour of my very fine body. Gagged and handcuffed, I was in no position to refuse. I stood in front of the five people, with my head down, as Ravi raised my top over my head and shoulders, until it rested on my cuffed hands, and dropped my skirt to my ankles. Ravi then started to rub still-tender ass, my obviously wet pussy and me all over – my heavy breasts and erect nipples, my thighs. I could hardly stand this exquisite torture. I was moaning loudly through the gag and swaying on my weakening legs. Ravi talked the whole time he was touching me. “Look at these firm tits. Do you see how wet she is? Did you ever see a girl’s nipples get as hard as her?” His friends were getting hornier and rowdier by the second. Ravi asked them if they thought I had been a little cock teaser all day, and they all felt me and smiled. Then Ravi said, “Naima, there are five obvious hadrons here, and I think you better take care of all of them. You guys can touch her or fuck her but do not cum in her cunt.” He pushed me to my knees and removed the gag. One of his friends, who already had his cock hard, walked over to me. I was so horny at this whole situation; I immediately sucked his meat into my hot mouth. I was not in the mood for long sultry strokes; I only wanted to feel their hard cocks shoot into my mouth. One after another, I blew all four of Ravi ‘s friends. Finally, Ravi stood before me. I started to kiss, lick, and suck on his cock. Within minutes, he put his hands on my head and moved it back and forth, as he fucked my mouth. Just as he started to come, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and shot his hot cum all over my face. After I had relieved them all, Ravi removed the handcuffs and ordered me to stand. I took off everything, then Ravi refastened the cuffs. I stood naked in front of the five guys. He then started to finger my soaking wet cunt. My legs felt so week, I almost collapsed to the floor. Ravi smiled and said, “You’ve been a good girl. Follow me. “He led me into his bedroom, and made me lie back on the mattress. Then he tied my hands and my ankles to the bedposts. I was spread-eagled on the bed. Ravi slid his again-hard cock all the way into my very ready cunt in one swift stroke. Within seconds, I had a very intense orgasm. It had been held from me for so long, it was very satisfying. Then, he retied the ropes to the bedposts, but with more play than before. Ravi then went out into the living room to watch the new movies with his friends. Meanwhile, I drifted off to sleep. I was awakened by something warm rubbing against my cheek. When I opened my eyes, I saw Ravi rubbing his cock against my face. He moved it to my lips and slowly pressed forward. I relaxed my mouth and soon had him in my throat. He moved it in and out, occasionally removing it and rubbing it against my lips and cheeks. Then, as suddenly as he appeared, he left and I was again alone. This happened several times during the night. Ravi, or one of his friends would come in for some quick oral sex, then leave before coming. By morning, I was so horny I could have fucked a fire hydrant. Ravi entered the room and said, “I have a surprise for you.” Behind him entered four other guys I recognized. They were my driver, my gardener, my cook and my security guard. It turned out that Ravi had invited them to come over to watch the X-rated tapes he rented. They all then went back to the living room and began watching the tapes. I could hear the movies with their moaning and yelling during the sex scenes. Soon I heard footsteps enter but could not turn my head far enough to see who it was. A blindfold was placed over my eyes. More footsteps followed and then the sound of belt buckles and zippers as the men removed their clothes. Something warm brushed against my ass, then against my forehead. Someone wrapped their arms around my waist and raised me to my hands and knees. I felt someone get on the bed in front of me. Then, a pair of hands held my head while another pair held my hips. As if in perfect synchronization, cocks parted by my mouth lips and my pussy lips at the same instant. They began a rocking rhythm — one pulled out while the other pushed in. This had the effect of making me feel as though there were one very long cock sliding all the way through me. I was made to feel like a whore. After I had several orgasms, the cock in my mouth exploded. I savored the taste of its cum and sucked it dry. No sooner had he withdrawn than another took its place. Soon, the cock in my pussy deposited its load in my womb and yet another took its place. I lost all track of time as this constant fucking took place, and I stopped counting after I had taken 11 loads in my pussy and swallowed 8 more. My own orgasms had to be close to 30 and I was beginning to tire. As the organ in my mouth gave me more nourishment, the meat in my pussy added its juices to the mixture. Then there were none. I heard Ravi say, “Well, her pussy is full and I am sure her stomach is too. I still have a hard-on too! Well, only one easy way to solve that problem!” I felt a familiar smell and a familiar cock enter my pussy. Knowing it was Ravi, and wanting to thank him properly for fulfilling a life-long fantasy of being fucked by a team, I was determined to give him a great fuck. I bucked my ass to take him deep. Once, he pulled all the way out and I shoved back quickly to recapture him, only to find he had shifted positions slightly. His cock was halfway into my ass before I had even realized what had happened. He pressed it further and soon I had it all. He reached under me and played with my clit while he plied that heavenly piece of meat in and out of my rectum as though he were playing the violin. I began to come again and I could tell he was too. A few rapid strokes and I could feel the warmth of his cum spread through my ass. He withdrew and I began to relax, only to have another cock thrust into my tight bunghole. This unexpected turn of events sent me right over the edge and I was again experiencing multiple orgasms. As the cock in me released it is cum and retreated, another took its place. In all, my asshole was fucked 12 times. I frankly marveled at how often the guys got it up again. Then, after the last one, Ravi removed the ropes and blindfold. Everyone had gone. He took me to the bathroom where a hot tub awaited and I cleaned up. We then napped for a few hours. Ravi dressed and went out to the living room to watch his movies. I was left naked and tied to the bed. Over the next three hours, all five men fucked me as often as they could get hard. They would just walk in, drop their pants and shove it in. I never felt so used in my life, but I truly loved it! My favorite, though, was when two of his friends used me at the same time. One was pumping my pussy while the other straddled my chest and fucked my mouth. That evening, Ravi ‘s friends returned and we all sat around eating pizza and drinking beer while watching another movie. I was asked to remain nude. When it was over, Ravi removed the tape and placed another in the player. “This is a special tape that I wanted you all to see, especially Naima!” My mind flashed with recognition as the image on the TV brightened to reveal me tied facedown on the bed. He had taped the whole thing! I watch transfixed as the events of that morning were replayed. As I watched, I could see that the men who fucked me were other friends of Ravi’s that he must have secretly told to come over. I recognized them to be my milkman, my paperboy, my vegetable vendor, my mailman, pizza delivery boy etc. In all, I counted 16 different guys that I took either in my pussy, down my throat, or up my ass. One guy got me all three ways! I was a whore all along. But I enjoyed it. After the tape was over, Ravi said his friends were all horny again and I would have to fix that. I replied that my ass was sore and my pussy was swollen. With that, Ravi pushed me to my knees, whipped out his cock and presented it to my mouth. Though my jaw was tired and sore, I gave each one a tender, erotic blowjob. When Ravi dropped me off at my bedroom still nude, he smiled at me and told me I had made him very proud for the way I behaved. He kissed me sweetly and I told him it was always my pleasure to be his slave. My jaw and cunt were sore for two days, my ass for three, but it kept reminding me of the fun I had. Ravi promised that none of his friend will tell anything to my husband. This was the story folks. If you like, the story, please say so via mail