Girls Next Door – Part VI

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Its me Rupert Ravi from Madras once more. I simply have to put this down in writing as this was the most outstanding experience in my life. When I feel like foreign pussy, I usually take off to Mahbalipuram which is close to my city of Madras. As everyone knows that this is a place where you find no shortage of foreigners, and I look for foreign women tourists who are in heat and are looking for sex. Normally I prefer Japanese or Chinese tourists or even women from Nepal or North East India as they are very tight vaginally, and give me greater fun. But I do take on European and African women also whenever the opportunity arises. This was a unique experience that took place this month (December 2010) and lasted for a whole week in a posh hotel nearby the tourist resort. It was as I was sitting at the beach looking for prospective sex partners that five women in their early twenties walked past me. Later I found out that that they were American tourists. Four of them white Americans, and the fifth a black American. Out of the five one of them attracted my attention the most. She was over six feet tall and could have easily weighed 100 kilograms.

Dont get me wrong here, as she was not obese or anything like that, most of her weight seemed to be comprised of her massive buttocks and her equally massive breasts. Her name was Gretchen as I came to know her (more intimately) later. One of them was a Black American (Magda) who was almost flat chest, but sported rounded hips and very big shapely bottoms. Helen was the slimmest among the five who looked more like a gymnast, but with a very pointy chest and breasts. The other two women were big breasted girls (Carrie and Hortence), but stood no comparison to the massive chest Gretchen, her bra size would have easily measured up to 50” or more, and I wondered where she could buy a bra that size. I had seen only two such massive breasted women in my life, one was Anusuya (Girls Next Door-2) and Mumtaz (Girls Next door-3), but even they didnt stand any comparison to her. Her hips were equally delectable, and I wondered if anybody manufactured panties that would fit those huge delicious globes of buttocks which she sported. All my attention was on Gretchen when the beach wind blew suddenly, and the billowing flowing frock which Hortence wore lifted, showing that she was both pantyless and clean shaven there, giving me a clear view of her vulva, neatly bisected by the slit in the center. She hurriedly pulled down her frock, but not before noticing that I had seen her swollen vulva and gloating over it. The other four women had also seen my drooling expression and laughed good naturedly at Hortences embarrassment. This was my chance to be chivalrous, as I had noticed that the five girls had come without a male companion. They had hired an auto rickshaw from their hotel. I offered to drop them in my car (as it was getting late in the evening) and also serve as their tourist guide during their one week stay at Mahaballipuram. They accepted my offer, and we went over to my car. The massive Gretchen took up a lot of place in the back seat, and only two other girls could be accommodated in the back seat. Slim lovely Helen and Magda sat in the front seat with me, with Magdas thick heavy thighs rubbing against mine. I got a king size erection in no time at all, and Magda noticing it, put her hand on my groin. Feeling the erection, she unzipped my jeans, pushed aside my shorts, and held my penis in all its 10 inch glory, squeezing it at the same time. She drew the attention of the other four girls, to it, and in no time at all they suggested that I spend the night with them at their hotel. I agreed willingly. Before we entered the hotel, I pulled out my shirt to cover up my circumcised erection as both Magda and Helen were playing with it through the trip, making it difficult for me to concentrate on the driving. Once inside their room I didnt waste any time on talking, but went over straight to the massive Gretchen, caught her left beast with one hand, and her right buttock with the other and kissed her deeply. I almost ripped down her dress from her shoulders to take a look at those immense globes. She was braless, and those massive breasts stood out firmly. I grabbed them both and sucked her large pink nipples. The other four girls pulled me away and started tugging off at my clothes, till I was completely nude, with a full blown erection. It was then I came to my senses, and told the young girls that they should shave their pussies clean before they had sex with me. That left Magda and Hortence (whose shaven pussy I had already seen at the beach) alone with me. While the other girls got ready, I had to make a choice between starting on Hortences delectable vagina, and Magdas big rounded hips. Hortence won out. I went straight to her, and without any preliminary kissing session, knelt before her and started mouthing her milky white vulva, even as Magda started undressing. Hortence was a big breasted girl, like Carrie, even though neither of them stood any comparison with the huge chest Gretchen. Magda tugged at me, and I came away from Hortence, but not before receiving a full load of her cream in my mouth. Magda was a short heavyset girl, with barely any chest, but she compensated this with her nice rounded hips and very big bottoms. I started by kissing and licking her bottoms, the spun her around and tasted her fat black vagina. This lasted for hardly a few minutes before I made her lie down on the bed and mounted her, her big hips taking in the whole of my penis, and I banged away. I was again interrupted, this time by Hortence, who pushed me back on the bed flat on my back, and sat on my face, giving me her juicy pussy and lovely buttocks. I tasted her even as I pounded away inside Magda, who was now sitting on my penis. This went on for a few more minutes, after which I mounted Hortence, doggy style, while she bent down, and I took a hold of her swinging breasts and squeezed them, while at the same time ramming into her vulva. It was at this time the other three girls entered the room. The three were a contrast to each other. I will come to Gretchen last. Helen was a very slim girl as I had mentioned before, with a slim waist and hips, and small uptilted breasts with very pointy nipples. Carrie was a large girl with voluptuous hips and heavy pendulous breasts. Where Gretchen was concerned, what could I say, except that she was all woman. She had massive milky white boobs as I said before, and where her hips were concerned, they were wide and voluptuous, thick heavy thighs, at the junction of which she had a vulva. The bulging meat of the vulva alone would have weighed over one kilogram.

All of them had milky white skin, being of European decent, in contrast to the dark and dusky Magda. I had already creamed once, but was ready for more. I went over to Gretchen, embraced her and kissed her on the lips while at the same time fondling every part of her voluptuous body. She was truly a queen among women, as she stood over 6 feet with her immense mammaries, and the bulging delicious meat at the junction of her thighs. I treated her like the queen among women that she was, knelt before her, and buried my face into that bulging pink and white meat between her thighs. I pushed her down on the bed, spread her thighs, and planted yet another kiss on her swollen vulva, which made her cum immediately. Her love juices were thick and foamy, and tasted excellent. I got up and spread her thighs wider and plunged my 10 inch penis deep into her, and started pounding away at her magnificent love mound while I started squeezing her huge breasts. It was at this time that Carrie and Helen intervened. The two girls also wanted their share of the fun, they pushed me back on the bed and pushed their breasts against my face. Gretchen on her part sat up and mounted my penis in a sitting position, while I squeezed Carries pendulous breasts with one hand, while at the same time mouthing and sucking Helens pointy nipples. It was a very a long session, and I lost count of time. It was then that I realized that it was a long time before that I had European bung holes. Accordingly I made the girls bend over while I put on a condom. I banged the back holes of both Carrie and Hortence alternately, while they moaned in pleasure, and after that it was Magdas juicy rounded bottoms. But I kept myself from ejaculating. It was after this that I came over to Helen. With her slim body and hips, she was extremely tight in the back side, I inserted the whole of my 10 inches with much difficulty, took a grip of her small pointy tits in both hands, and moved my dick in and out. It was finally Gretchens turn, as she bent over, I was again overcome by the immense size and queenly beauty of her buttocks, I fell to my knees once more and started kissing and licking those huge wonderful shapely globes, before I mounted her anus. While I did this I took her huge udders in both my hands and caressed and squeezed them. I lost count of time. It may have lasted well over half an hour before I ejaculated immensely, deep into the anus of the “queen among women”. I fell back finally completely exhausted. We spent the whole week in the hotel room, needless to say that they saw very little of Mahabalipuram, but I had a non stop day and night of pleasure session making love with all the five women the entire week, ejaculating alternately in all their three orifices countless number of times. This was easily the best and most pleasurable week I had ever spent in my life, one which I am never likely to forget. What a way to end the year 2010.