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Hi readers this is Monu. I am here for the first time submitting a story in KE. I think you will like my story. By the way KE Is a good site for sex starving boys and gals. KE rocks. I need your suggestions and support for me. Here is my story read and enjoy it and mail your feedback to me. I am working in an MNC at Bangalore. Living with my wife Kavitha. I married Kavitha with a successful love of one and half years. We lived in flat at the centre of the city. It is flat which consists of 4 blocks of 10 to 13 stories. Our block consists of four apartments in a floor but two only face to face. By placing the position of apartments by the builders we can contact only the opposite neighbor. Of our opposite lived a couple approximately of our same age that is around 30s a couple Manek and his wife Shaliny. We often meet in the balcony with them and become good friends. I and Manek used to go to purchase like that Kavitha and Shalini also go for outing and purchase along with frequently. Gradually we four became good friends. My wife Kavitha is a sex goddess. She performs well in the bed. She used to like doing all things in the bed and we enjoyed a lot of variety in sex in our bed room and us sharers comments about girls or guys we met in town or outside and also about actors or actresses. I and Manek also talk about activities in the bedtime with our wives. One day we both goes to the bar and after two pegs o Bacardi he suggest s an offer to me, He says Monu wt u think about Shalini. I replied she is a nice girl

Do you think she is sexy?”

Yes she is damn sexy I replied.

He then says Kavitha is also a beauty

And she has good assets

He then says do u like to fuck Shalini.

I did not say anything Because he offer a good thing to me, Because fucking Shalani will be a great fun for me but I dont want to lose my friendship with Manek and Shalini

Why u silent?

I said nothing till yhen

I know you like it but you afraid to tell the truth arent you?

I said “ye Manek she is beauty every men like to fuck her to the hell but how can I tell u like that?”

Then Manek said I have a plan “

I like to fuck Kavitha and you like to fuck Shalini

I like to share Shalini with u my friend wt about Kavitha?

I said if u really wants to fuck we could have it with all cheers..? I said.

After two days Manek called me. Monu I have a plan. We can plan a pleasure trip to Kerala. It is a good place and we can have their for five days and at that time we can fulfill our desire. Ok Manek you plan for the next week I will arrange my leaves to the next week or

so we planned the trip and convey the things to our loving beauties but the hidden agenda remains hidden with Kavitha and Shalini. We started Monday from Bangalore to Kerala. We arranged stay at Munnar a lovely place in Kerala. After checking in resort at 3 o clock I and Kavitha get in our room and Manek Shalini go to their room. As we entered in the room I hugs Kavitha and starts to kiss her she also enjoys my kiss and returns to my favor. I then lifted her churidhar top and removed it. She wears only a black bra inside and stand still in the churidhar bottom and bra. I cupped her firm breasts and pressed it gently. She also hugged me and kissed altogether. Then I unknot the bottom of the churidhar and remove it along with her pink panty to her foot and kissed her cunt lips in the standing position still she is. I tickled her cunt lips with my tongue. Cunt is oozing her cunt juice tastes good. She moans. Then she got down to the floor and removed my pants. Take my manhood in her mouth and licks it full length. She is good sucker of cock. She always likes to drink my juice. She increases the speed of sucking and it fired me. After 2 minutes of suck I loaded the cum into her mouth. It is a mouth full she swallowed full no drops waste. Then I exhausted. We went to the bed. Now it is about 4 o clock I ring Manek on his mobile

Hi Manek whats happening there?

We take a quick

our round just finished Manek said

Oh we also finished a round but with a blow

Ok can we four have a swim together?

Sure we will there at 4 clock.

I like to see Kavitha in ikini

Me too like to see Shalini, Ok I changes to a Bermuda and Kavitha in a yellow panty an d bra and wrapped a towel around we went to the swimming pool. We dived into the pool but there was none at the pool. We both swimmer around and after 3 or 4 minutes Manek and Shalini joined with us. Manek in a Bermuda and Shalini in her churidhar. Manek just dived into the pool but Shalini goes to the bathroom, Just after a minute she returns to the pool in black bikini It is too tight to her, It reveals all the beauty of her, Although she is little bit shy but with the complexion of Manek she offer that show for us. Shalini entered to the pool, Manke looks continuously to the crotch of Kavitha

She is wet in the pool and the hair of her pussy is visible through her panties.

Manek was very much aroused by the hair show of kavi

The Nikini Shalini wears also tiny. And hair of pussy reveals to outside of panty of Shalini

I imagine the long thick hair of Shalini. We swims around and flash water to each others.

By the time I used to touch Shalini on her bare thighs and belly..

Manek do the same to Kavitha..

By the time the situation becomes little bit hot when Manek kisses Shalini openly in the pool

I also kissed Kavitha

It becomes long French kisses.. We praised the two beauty queens in the pool about their assets..

Big boobs..

Milky thighs..

Big arses.etc..

We 4 becomes hot now…

Manek said you two are very good in kissing. Kavita replied you too..

Do you like kissing in the pool..

Kavitha said yes..

Ok I have an idea..

Who holds long time the kiss we make him a kiss master for that first I kiss Kavitha and Shalini..

Then Monu will do it with each of you. Kavitha and Shalini little bit tensed.

But with my encourage they agreed.

So Manek first started with Shalini.

He covered the lips of Shalini in his mouth and French kisses for a long time it seems to be long but ends in approximately 2 mins.

Then he kissed Kavitha on her lips softly Then explored the lips with his tongue

He locked lips tightly with Kavitha..

He moans with the hot kisses..

He kissed her for 4 minutes

Then I tries with Shalini first and then with Kavitha.. Both ends in 3 minutes. Manek said I am the kiss master so I will be the leader for the time being. Ok ok, We three agreed…He said we can swim in the pool now ..

Any one can touch all and at the all parts let it be fun..

With some hesitation both ladies agreed

Because with the French kissing session both are ready for an action..

So we swims around the pool

While that time we splash water each other Touches on mounds of pussy penis..

Shalini try to hold my penis one or two times..

I used to touch her pussy many times

Manek draws the panty of Kavitha just to down to see her ass

Kavitha hold my penis in her mouth one or two times under water..

And we spend almost two and half hours where in the pool

Then Manek said Ok friends we can stop now and see at the restaurant at 8 clock

And after that we can join in my room and continue the fin..

Ok master we three agreed with him.

I and Manek changed in the mens room

There I saw Manek in full nude.

His 7 inch big prick is very attractive.

Mine is almost 5.5 inch while erection Both the ladies changed in the ladies room and came out side we went to our rooms in just a little dressed from the pool. Kavitha and Shalini walk in front I and Manek watches the two big asses swings from backside. After having a great dinner I and Kavitha went to their room

I in a pant and T shirt

Kavitha wears a long skirt and T shirt.

She looks sexy and hot in that suit. When we enter their room. Manek sitting in sofa with only a Bermuda and Shalini lays bed with watching TV in a loose gown. Her gown is transparent and we can see her black bra and panty through the gown, I think they both are prepared and I can fuck my dream girl Shalini today. That think made a bulge in front of my pants. Then Manek make a comment, Oh friends you are overdressed today. I and Kavitha moved forward and sit beside Manek in the sofa in position kavi is just between us he used to look on her assets her big round ass and firm breasts he then leaned and just touch her finger with one hand and taken it to kiss there. Shalini then came and sit between me and Kavitha the situation becomes hotter…