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Hi friends I am Vikas from city of dreams. I am here to tell u real incident happened just back two months. I am married to my love Puja she is 27yr old & having figure of 37,30,36,she is shy in nature but get excited very easily on bed we both lost our virginity on first night of our marriage, she is very hot & sexy on bed she has long hair comes to upper vest when released height of 5.9″ makes her more attractive & beautiful. It was alright going on in our life until I am fired from my job due to my senior’s mistake we faced then lot of trouble financially she was also working in one of the call center but only her salary was not good enough to pay housing loan & to run monthly house. I was searching job from 4 months one day I got invitation of marriage from a guy who was working with me in my previous company he forced me to attain his marriage some & Puja went there, that day Puja was looking very nice in silver saree & blouse. I noticed few men noticing her from top to bottom in marriage introduce my wife to my ex manager (Ravi) & boss. Later on that night myself ,manager & boss had a talk regarding my job & family life after sometime Ravi came near me & told I want to tell you something in private so I went with him. He said boss is ready to give my job back & he will make me Hod of department but on one condition. I asked him what is that. He replied “We both want your wife for one night on bed”. I was completely shocked by hearing this, he said your wife is attractive & very sexy if you can convince her then we can thought about it. I said I need time to think about it & he agreed after two night’s I talked regarding the same with Puja. She got very angry & said no way I am not going to do that. I didnt force her anything that night next day I tried to convince her again she sat for a while on sofa & said if you are getting your job back & you are going to be HOD then only I can think about it she said before going on bed with them you make your contract & paperwork with company then I can do it. I completed all formalities within a week. Ravi & boss was very happy to hear that my wife will be with them. Later on I showed every paperwork to my wife, she said I dont want to do it but I have to because my salary is not enough for us. Plan was sat of coming Sunday night. The night arrived, Puja was very nervous. I convinced her that I will be in the same room so dont worry. I gave her my favorite light blue plain saree with matching blouse, bra & panty she wear that & my goodness she was looking a sex bomb we smooched for sometime & doorbell ringed it was my boss & Ravi was on the door we welcomed them ,we had dinner & few drinks. They were continuously looking at my wife. Boss said shell we start for what we are here? I said of course boss she is waiting for you inside bedroom, we went inside bedroom she was looking at me & I just gave smile & winkled her. I sat on chair & Ravi & boss made steps further towards her boss said to Ravi let me try her first & Ravi convinced. Puja was standing such that her back was touching to wall & she was facing towards boss. He grabbed her face in his palms, she closed her eyes & boss started to kiss on her lips he kissed her for a minute but she did not reply. Then boss took her both hands & said keep your hands vertically up u hot lady she did the same, boss took out her pallu, she was feeling vibration in her body her neck & upper breast was visible. Boss gone mad seeing this he started kissing her all over her neck, the moment boss lips touched the Puja’s upper boobs she said noooo she was a bit excited now by this time Ravi was rubbing his cock as boss opened her blouse she turned towards the wall hiding her boobs but boss removed blouse from her shoulder, she was now in light blue bra. He removed her Saree in one flash she was now in blue bra & panty & hiding her boobs with her hands boss get naked so as Ravi. He kissed her allover on her body & Ravi jumped in too. Puja was very excited now. Boss & Ravi got on bed now & said to puja “Ab kya sharmaati ho jaan apni bra panty utaaro aur so jaao hamaare bich mein”she looked at me, closed her eyes & said Vikas I am sorry but I have to do this. She took her hands back & opened her bra then from the shoulders bra felled on the floor then slowly removed her panty too. She was Naked now. I was also hard now .Other guys were stunned she was on bed & sleeping between two of them ,boss started pressing her boobs, kissed it & sucked it. He then gave his penis in Puja’s hand she started shaking it & rubbing it boss said ohhhh man this is good. Then they made her to stand on her knees such that my boss was enjoying blowjob & Ravi was licking Puja’s pussy then boss took some rest of act, but Ravi made my wife horny he was licking her badly now she was moaning loudly ahhhhhhhh fuuuuckkkkkk yes fuckkkkkkkk that hole. Boss then said its fucking time & then gone to bed guiding his 6″ tool inside Puja’s pussy When it entered Puja was quite but when he forced it hardly she almost half woke up & said nnnoooooooooooo dont fuck it hard please I beg u but boss again thrust hard at this time Puja said my god baby he is an animal then she grab him from his shoulders & started moaning ohhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk yaarrrrrrrrrrr push it more yesssss ohhhhhhhhhh yes yes yes yes yes I am cumming give me your fluid boss took it out & gave his fluid on her breast & then he lye on her & spreading his fluid on her body. Ravi was very much ready to fuck her my wife saw his 8″ erected tool for first time & sai my god baby I cant take this. I was shaking my tool now but little surprised also that she became so friendly with them. Ravi said natak mat kar take my penis in our mouth she did that slowly she took almost full in her Ravi then started inserting his tool but after it went up to 6″ she was crying in pain, Ravi inserted slowly full in when he was taking his tool back out she said maardaala yarrrrrrrrr mein nahi le sakti ye, But Ravi inserted with a full thrust & full length again.she screamed maa ki chuttttttt teri dhire se chod.(sometimes she speaks this language on bed) he started fucking in full swing then she was saying while getting fucked”aaj ye lund mujhe nahi chhodega meri chut faad di yarrrrrrrrrrrr.dhiree dhiireeeeeee seeeee karrrrrrrrrrr ohhhhhh fuckkkk mennnnn.then he was cumming so he inserted his cock in her mouth she shallow everything then they lye for some time. Both told me that you are really lucky men take care of her & fulfill her every desire in life.

They left the home with my job confirmation from next week my wife was still lying on bed naked & then she was feeling guilty that she enjoyed two men in front of me. I convinced her that its completely ok because whatever she done it was for both of us. Then we continued our life normally & occasionally boss & Ravi keep asking me about Puja.