Mangal In Jungle – Part II

Stories Group Swing | Mangal In Jungle – Part II

Hi friends. I’m 22 male from Hyderabad. In one night Im not getting sleep and feeling some stomach problem. So I took by little bro bicycle n went for a ride. I started towards to OU campus(Osmania University) its 3-4 kilometers from my home. I use go there when I my mood off because its very silent n nice place its around 11 pm. And almost every shop closed no traffic on roads. I reach to OU campus there is lots of trees like jungle. I stop there for toilet n start doing my job. There some sounds are coming from in the tress 1st I though dogs are there, sounds are like that only. Then i sit on bicycle n moved little from there I seen a car, lights off no 1 is there. I went closed to the car the sounds is little high from there then I realized that is moan’s of girls not dogs. There is pitch black in the tress. 1st I though it seems rape case then may be lovers loving there. I went little close n now I can see fair skin of 3-4 people. I went more close three girls n 1 very young boy is there 1st he also seems like girls because he is very slim n fair. Then I saw that boy fucking 1 girl n 2 girls r drinking. By seeing this i was very tamped. My Cock is on full size in my short, I moved little forward 1 girl seen me telling others some 1 is there. The boy come to me n trying to give some money to me n said to please leave. I said I dont want money he understand what I want he said me they are not pro they r my friends . I said what should i do ? I want fun. One of girl said let him come. There are everything arranged mat on ground n beer bottles condoms n there dress in the car i think. 2 girls come to me n started kissing me. There r dam beautiful, slim n sexy n 1 girl come n touch my chest n another hold my cock over my short. The girl who touch my chest she removed my t-shirt n who holding my cock she removed my short. I was in middle n 2 sexy, slim, beautiful girls are of my side. I hold the both girls waist n took them to the mat. Left side girl started kissing me right side girl removed my shorts n boxer n start shaking my cock. I think that night god send angles for me one of the dream come true that night. We sat n 1 girl sit on my lap another still kissing me. Who sit on my lap she made me lied n took my cook in her hand pore some beer on my cock after that she come on me guiding my cock in her pussy n shaking her ass to take my cock in her pussy. Wow I was in heaven 1 girl kissing me n 1 girls ridding my cock. And the 3rd girl n boy busy in fucking. Who kissing me she still kissing me n my cock deep in other girl pussy the girl who kissing me she sit on my face she also shaking her ass. I was enjoying like anything. Who riding my cock i think she cum she stop n who on my face she went to my cock in took my cock in, a one jump. I was out of control I want to cum the girls doing very slow like this I cant cum almost 20 mint over. I make the girl in doggy style n started giving her a hard Fuck n another girl went to my ass n trying to insert her finger in my ass n another hand on the girl who getting Fuck. In another 5 min i cum. The girl lied like that only another girl who fingering in my ass I kissed her very hard. I took her tongue in my mouth n suck her tongue too hard she saying aaah aaaaah but Im not caring then I took her face in my both hands n laid her on ground sit on her neck n insert my cock in her mouth. I fuck her mouth for 5 min while that another girl come n started kissing me. She kissing very softly I stop fucking another girl mouth but still my cock in her month. Who kissing me she is very good kisser I never have kiss like that wow. Still my cock deep in another girl month n she pushed me because she cant breathe n my cock deep in her mouth. I think she was angry she stand up n push that girl who kissing me. Then I catch that girl who push the another girls. That was really nice kiss n she broke that kiss. I went to her make her lay insert my cock in her pussy n I stand n fucking her like Im giving her punishment now she was half in air n her head n shoulder on ground. Another girl come to me n hug me from back her both hands on my waist n I still fucking that girl very hard. I dont know what Im doing. I fuck that girl very hard for 15 min then I cum I throw her side n again kissing her who hug me. The fucked girl come n started sucking my cock. Then I fuck her who Im kissing very lovely because she is very lovely. I fucked both girls 2-2 times. The girl n any who busy in fucking they dress up n I dont no when n boy said me ‘chal yaar 3 ghantay hogaye’ we need to leave. I too stand up n dressing up and they pack up everything. And they went towards car now I was wearing my t-shirt the girl came who kissed we very nicely n given me a tight hug. She was emotional i think. She said her name n given her number to me n said to call me n again given me a last kiss n went off. I too sat my bicycle went towards my home. So friends all this happen that night. I reach home at 3 o clock n went to bathroom i seen there is a condom on my cock funny and I too not realized when they wear me smart girls. I ll share what happen next in another part with that girl. Please give me a feedback on if any girl or aunty interested in sex or sex chat they also can contact me. So friends be safe all time while have fun. Sex is a part of life dont spoil life for sex. Bye take care. N finally sorry for my lots of mistakes n grammar.