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Hi Banginboy is back here to share yet another experience with u all. Now this incident occurred back in August 2006, when along with my friends Sohail and Rajbir went to Shimla for vacation trip. Now in Shimla we three boys booked rooms in a hotel which was good and had several guests staying in it. Now we were in Shimla to enjoy our vacations and we boys were eager if we could lay our hands on some boobs and some juicy pussy. Somehow god happened to know what we wanted and we got to meet this horny beautiful looking babe from Imphal Manipur, whose name was Lipika. She was probably 28 years of age very matured then us boys in our 20 years of age. Lipika had come to hotel with her boyfriend and some other friends and they had lodged into different rooms. Lipika was around 5ft tall with fair skin and short sexy hair. She looked sexy with huge boobs which we got to know were size 34 and she had huge hips also in Short she was a fuck able bitch.  After two days of our arrival , in the morning we three boys were sitting in the lobby area enjoying the fresh morning air and watching women and girls pass by. After having breakfast Lipika and her friends came out of their rooms and they were talking something. Lipika was saying that she didnt want to go out as she was not in good mood. Her boyfriend was not present there. So her friends left her saying goodbye and then she came and sat nearby us. She was upset and was not in a good mood. We boys looked at each other and we knew that we can have some fun with her so we started talking to her.

Rajbir- Hello madam you are looking very upset what is the problem? May we help you?

Lipika – Oh no nothing thank you for asking actually I was not feeling well so not in good mind right now.

Sohail- Actually we were watching u madam and we noticed that you were not happy by the way my name is Sohail… this is B and this is Rajbir we are engineering students from XYZ college here on vacation. Lipika – Oh hi nice meeting u boys…. I am Lipika from Imphal Manipur, I am a MBA student and ia m also here with my friends for vacations .

Rajbir- oh wows so nice meeting u here.

i Said- well madam, so u here for how many days?

Lipika – please call me Lipika, and I am here for two more days.

i said- oh I see , well we boys are leaving back tomorrow morning actually.

lipika- hmm I see

Rajbir- Dont mind us lipika but we think u came here with your boyfriend…. we didnt see him today with u … Lipika- well…….actually thats why my mood is off…. he left for Imphal as some urgent work came up…..he did not even bother for me

I said- oh so sorry to hear that …. Leaving u alone here

Lipika – yeah and thats why I didnt go out now cause I felt very bad.

I said – well shit happens u know so dont matter everything will be just fine.

lipika – yeah I hope so

Sohail- well Lipika you know u can hang out with us guys until your friends return when are they coming back?

Lipika- well hey will come back after 3 pm in the afternoon only

Rajbir- then I guess u can hang out with us guys if u dont mind. She thought for a while and then agreed. She said-

lipika- just wait guys I will come back in a minute she came back wearing a tight orange top that accentuated her boobs and made her look bulky. She was wearing jeans and she held a tiny purse in her hand. We boys got ready and took her out with us and we roamed a bit near the hill side. We reached a very beautiful deserted area by the hills which was covered with forest trees and the entire scenery was highly energetic for some fucking fun. Lipika- Wow guys thanks for accompanying me…..nice scenery na?

We all nodded yes.

Sohail- Lipika I hear that the forest inner are even more beautiful would u like to go with us there?

Lipika- yeah sure why not, we boys were happy cause we sensed that soon we would be having this bitch as our fun toy. We went a bit deep inside the forest and reached an area which had a flowing stream and the scenery was sexy. Lipika suggested we all take some water splashing fun and so we all splashed water on her and she also did the same . After some time we all had wet clothes and her nipples were visible as they had become hard getting wet. She was wearing a strapped black bra inside.

We sat down and talked casually for a while with her. Then we gradually asked her some personal questions… Sohail- So Lipika dont mind for asking but how old are you

Lipika- ha ha ha typical question huh??? well I am 28 and you guys?

I said- i am 19

Sohail- 21

Rajbir- 19 Lipika- wow all of you is so young

I said – well you look young too and sexy also

lipika – Hah ha thank you guys… I had fun Rajbir- well u can have some more if you wants to have?

Lipika – Meaning?

Sohail – meaning u know well Lipika

Lipika – No come on tell me

I said – well look u r hot and sexy and we are young and you know we can have some fucking fun here… She was surprised but she smiled…

Lipika- so u guys want to have sex here? We all nodded yes. Lipika – wow that sound s sexy to me

I said- well so want to get fucked Lipika?

she just smiled and winked her eye at us . Seeing her nod yes made us all hard at an instant. we all got up and started to pounce on her .

Lipika – hey slow down boys …I am not going anywhere we can do it here slowly ok?

she made us step back a bit and then opened her purse. to our surprise she took out three condoms and gave one of us each . Then she slowly went a bit into the water and took off her jeans . She was wearing just a thong and she teased us.

Lipika- now boys if u want me then first u boys masturbate a bit for me and then I will be all yours we boys gladly took off our pants and took our dicks in our hands and started masturbating. She kept on teasing us by stripping to her bra and thong and even came and stroked our dicks. After some time we cum on her face and made her drink some of our semen juices. Then Sohail grabbed her and kissed her. She was moaning and I took off her thong and started to lick her clit and fingered her pussy. Rajbir then literally tore the strap of her bra and both he and Sohail started to play with her massive size 34 boobs. I had made her clit wet and her pussy was wet enough and so I took her and made her lie on the stone nearby and fucked her pussy with my hard dick. She was shouting oohhh aaahhhhhhh mm mahhhhh, Sohail and Rajbir took turns in fucking her and we continued to fuck her for more than two hours one by one. She was a matured bitch and she loved fucking so even she started her own moves she gave each one of us a good fuck each time and finally she and we were exhausted, Rajbir found her camcorder and he shot all of us fucking naked, She was laughing all the time after fucking and she was pleased that we did her good. After some time we all went back to hotel and next morning we left for our home.