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My finances were OK. But they were not just enough to make me live the life that I dream of. I have a government job and a stable salary but it was just not enough for me. My wife, unlike me was quiet content with the flat that we owned, the Maruti car that we had and the minimal jewelry that I had bought for her. But I somehow, was not really cherishing the routine life that we had. In my teens, I had dream of Mercedes and luxury apartments and somehow those dreams kept reappearing again. It was just then that I saw an advertisement in Hindu. It said that a reputed television soap company wanted TV serial actresses and that they were looking for normal housewives to make the serial more realistic. It read “Wanted housewives to act in Family Drama Serial”. Something prompted me from within and I immediately called the mobile number that accompanied the ad. A gruff voice answered the phone. “Halo, Sir, I am Avin here. Is it Mr. Shyam, the head of Shri Productions?” I asked hesitatingly. “Haan, Shyaam here” “I just saw your ad in Hindu! Can I know more details about it Sir?” “See, Mr. Avin, We make family soaps. This time our Director has come up with a novel idea of making real housewives act in the serial rather than casting the known TV Actresses again and again” ” Ya, I read about it in the ad Sir!, Can I know some more details like timings of shootings and the remuneration” When I said remuneration, I almost bit my lips. “Oh, we shoot only in days. Can’t afford the lighting cost you know. And remuneration also is not comparable to films. We can’t pay as much as filmwallahs do, you know!” “How much will it be Sir?” I asked edgingly. “If its Heroine or some other major role, we can pay at the most Rs.10,000 per day. That’s all” My heart skipped a beat. “10,000 Rupees per day. That’s all” My monthly salary was just Rs.20,000. “Sir, Actually I thought if it is possible for my wife to get a chance in your Tele – serial”
I pleaded. “How old is she?” “28” “Sure Man, Bring your wife to hotel Maurya tomorrow morning at 10. We will have an audition”. The man collected my mobile number and then phone line got cut. I was now all the more determined to get a chance for my wife Gauhar. Let me tell about my wife. She is a gorgeous homely beauty of slight dusky complexion. She is not lean but not fat either. One look at her and no one will deny that she is beautiful. But the problem was convincing my wife to take up acting. Being brought up very conventionally in a traditional family, acting in a tele serial will be tantamount to taboo for her. So, I just thought of what to say to her to convince her and reached my house. Once I reached, Gauhar was her usual self and she was treating me with her evening snacks and Coffee. “Gauhar, today I saw an ad. It is for actresses for tele serials” I slowly broached the subject. “Ji, you are planning to act in tele serials is it?” Her eyes showed surprise. “No No, I said Actresses, I was thinking whether you can try it!” ” Me!” She almost shouted. “Ya, Ya, It’s a family drama it seems and they want only housewives who have no prior experience in acting. They pay well. Why don’t you try? Anyway you have told me that u used to act in dramas in your college.” I started convincing her. “Ji, are you joking. How can I…….? “Hey, come on Gauhar, I know u can do it. You’ve got the talent. Look at your eyes. How expressive they are! “I started cajoling her. And to my surprise, Gauhar looked mildly pleased now at this strange idea of her acting in TV soaps. She gave me a radiant smile and I took it as a green signal. “We’ve got to go for the audition tomorrow morning at 10! Once we go there and participate, I am sure you will get a good role. Who can deny a role to such a beauty?” Again my wife was blushing. That night, I didn’t disturb her. I thought that a good night’s sleep will certainly help her look fresh and appealing next day. Exactly at 9.15, we started from our house. The hotel was only 20 minutes ride from my house and we landed there quite early to our appointment. We were waiting in the lounge. At about 10.15, my mobile rang. It was the same Shyaam on line. He asked me to come to Room No 10. I and my wife entered the room with bated breath. In the room were three large sofas and in the middle one, three persons were seated. A stout guy who looked around forty got up and shook hands with us. “Hi, I am Shyaam, executive producer of the tele serial!” While Shyaam shook hands with my wife, I felt his hands lingered in her palms for some more time. He then introduced us to the other persons in the room. There was an elderly man in his sixties who was the director of the serial and there was a cameraman who was in his thirties. I felt that every one of them was looking at my wife with keen interest. “So, Gauhar, you want to try acting?” The director asked my wife.
“Yes Sir!” My wife’s reply was not even audible to me. Her face showed that she was under high tension. “Hey, Gauhar, don’t get tensed, be relaxed. Have a drink!” Shyaam offered her some wine which my wife refused. Then they gave her Coke and my wife sipped it. Once she looked comfortable enough, Shyaam said, “OK, Gauhar, its time for auditioning. Now our Director Saab will explain the situation to you. You have to act it out”. Then my wife got up and stood in the middle of the hall. She was carrying her rose colour sari very graciously. The director in his sixties took over……. “Gauhar, simply walk from this end to that end!” Gauhar did just as she was told. While she walked, her Sari just flowed with her body and at times her slender hips were visible to all four of us. Gauhar walked up to Sofa and stood. “Now walk away from us showing your back to us!” Gauhar turned and walked away from us. Her beautiful back just bulged in her Sari while her hips swayed in the walking motion. The director looked impressed. He turned to the cameraman and said “She will look very good in posterior angle!” I understood that they were indirectly meaning that my wife’s got a sexy ass. It looked odd to sit in that room with three other men staring at my wife’s ass. But still, I sat there just watching. “Ok Gauhar, come back to us!” “Now, I will narrate a scene to you. You are the eldest sister of a family. And your younger brother has just passed an exam. He comes and says the news to you. That’s the scene. Can you act it out for us?” My wife was very impressed with this scene because she has a younger brother and she loves him so much. So, I knew that she will be very comfortable in this scene. “Gauhar, you can act out the scene for us with the boy whom we have selected yesterday for this brother role. Shyaam, call that boy who is waiting in the next room!” Shyaam called in the intercom and a young boy of 18 entered the room. “He is Rohit who is studying his first year B.Sc. in Bishop’s college. Like you, he is also an amateur who is acting for the first time!” Rohit looked quite slim but tall. He entered the room nervously and smiled at my wife. “See Rohit, you walk into the room. Gauhar is standing there. You come shouting that you have passed in the exam. Gauhar is also very happy. U both hug each other affectionately. That’s the scene, OK!? The trial started. Rohit shouted happily that he has passed. My wife responded with a smile. Then he neared her and hugged her. Both of them were very edgy and there was clearly a lot of space between them when they hugged. The director looked unsatisfied. “What is this? You are hugging as if Bush is hugging Bin Laden. You are brother sister and that affection has to be shown! Hug tightly!” Again Rohit could not come up with a tight hug and my wife’s body too was involuntarily moving away from him. After all, no other male has hugged her except me in all her life. The director lost his cool. “Hey Rohit, you come out, I will show!” he acted out the scene with my wife. After saying his dialogue, he hugged my wife tightly. Though my wife tried to move away, he forcefully held her in his arms and pulled her towards him and hugged her. My wife’s breasts were pressing against his chest and he had his hands wrapped around her. Rohit was watching all this and when he got his turn, he too hugged my wife real hard. I felt that my wife was also responding very favorably to his hug than she had with the director and because of this it turned out to be a real intimate hug. My wife’s breasts were crushed against Rohit T shirt. And her belly was pressing against his jeans. “Stay still in the hugged position!” The director shouted and then called the cameraman. “Hey Javed, lets take some trial stills.” Immediately Javed took out his zoom focus camera and went near my wife and Rohit. The director too was closely looking at them. Javed took 2, 3 snaps. Then the director went near Rohit. Rohit’s hands were around my wife’s hips. “What is this? You are hugging her like a lover. You show the intimacy of a brother Man!” So saying, the director took Rohit’s hands and gently placed it on my wife’s ass cheeks. He then presses those hands there. Rohit took the hint and pressed his hands on my wife’s fleshy ass cheeks. My wife was moving uncomfortably at this new development. She looked at me and I signaled her with my eyes to stay there. Javed’s camera was capturing Rohit’s hands pressing against my wife’s soft ass cheeks. After about ten snaps the director said cut and Rohit immediately released my wife. My wife came back to me like a kitten released from jail. After that tea was served and I found it odd that my wife was giving stealthy glances at Rohit and blushing whenever he was seeing her. After tea, again the director got up and signaled to my wife and Rohit to come up to him. “Ya, position please!” Both of them were standing there just like that. “See, one of the main requirement when you shoot is whenever a scene gets cut and gets cut and continued, you should immediately come back and stand in your original position that you were when the scene was cut!” The director was almost shouting and my wife and Rohit immediately hugged each other and returned to the original position. Once again Rohit was pressing my wife’s ass cheeks. This time, my wife too didn’t seem to mind it. “Now, Gauhar, you have got a real test of you are acting skills. This is an emotional scene. You have to say with pride that “I always knew that you will pass, brother!” and fondly kiss him in the forehead, cheeks, etc. Your face should show love, pride, happiness, everything…Ok!” My wife tried to act out the scene. Once again, when it came to kissing Rohit on the forehead and c cheeks, she was just pecking at his face quite meekly. Once again, the director lost his cool. “Gauhar, kiss him with full love. Don’t peck.” He pulled my wife towards him and kissed her on the cheeks. His lips were pressing against her cheeks for almost 10 seconds. When he released my wife, I could even see the wetness of his saliva on my wife’s cheeks. Ya, kiss him like that!” He told my wife. Since the director was elderly and in his late sixties, my wife could not resist his kisses as it all appeared to be very professional.
“Then, my wife kissed Rohit as told and this time I found that her lips really pressed against his forehead and cheeks. Javed was clicking his camera for every kiss. Now, the director turned to Rohit and said “u also respond by kissing your sister!” Now Rohit kissed my wife on her forehead and cheeks and he needed no guidance from the director and he kissed her real hard. “Hey Gauhar, why have you stopped kissing, you kiss him and he will kiss you. Mind you, it’s an emotional scene and both of you are highly emotional.” So both my wife Gauhar and Rohit were kissing each other alternately and at one point of time, the timing got missed and both of them moved towards each other to kiss the other one’s forehead and it ended up as a lip kiss. Javed captured this too. Rohit didn’t expect this and once his lips came into contact with my wife’s rosy bud lips, it must have been too much for him and he pressed my wife’s head against his and gave a pretty good lip kiss. This was evident as once his hands were released from my wife’s head, I saw her wiping off his saliva traces from her lips with her hand. The director was very pleased with this unexpected development and he patted Rohit.
“That’s good my boy! That scene was acted out very emotionally!”
He turned to Gauhar and said “Good show Gauhar!” After that, Shyaam said, we will continue after lunch. My wife came and sat next to me and said she wants to have a private moment with me. I took her to the lounge again. “Avin, I am not very comfortable with this, we will go!” “Why, what happened?” “No, I am not professional enough to take all this kissing, hugging and all as acting. It feels odd! We will go!” I also felt things are carried a bit too far. After all they told it’s a family soap but already my wife’s ass cheeks have been fondled many times and she has been kissed in the lips by a college boy! “Ok Gauhar, I will tell them and come. After all it’s not courteous to leave just like that!” When I went to Shyaam, he had just then completed his lunch and on seeing me he smiled amiably at me. Before I could start talking he said, “Hey Avin, your wife is a real find man. The director is very impressed. He says has going to make a mega serial with her for sure. By the way, I forgot……..Here’s your wife’s audition allowance Rs. 25000- Take it. He thrust rupee notes into my hands. Instead of telling him anything, my hands silently started counting the notes. “Be back at the audition room by 3 OK, The director is very strict on time.” Shyaam told me and I nodded to him and returned to my wife. “Gauhar, They are very good people. They are highly professional. After all won’t you kiss your own brother? Take it like that. And that director is anyway much older than your father. What’s wrong in his teaching you by touching you?” I argued with my wife and convinced her to continue the audition. After having a quick lunch, we went back to the room and this time I found that the room’s lighting had changed and it almost looked like a television setting and Javed was in one corner with a film shooting camera. He was adjusting the lighting of the room. “Haan, Gauhar, you have come in time” The director looked pleased. Shyaam told me that my wife had cleared the photo trials and now they will be shooting some reels of the serial to see how she looked on screen. So, it almost will be a real simulation of a shooting. My wife’s face started sweating with the heavy focus lights on her as she was not used to this. Shyaam called for a touch up boy and a 14 yr old boy entered the room with a make-up set and he went to my wife. He was clad in trousers. He wiped her face with a towel and then took a sponge and applied some powder on her. After applying, he touched her up with his plain hands and he didn’t just stop with her face. He did this for her neck, her hips and also the exposed portion of her back which was not covered by her choli. While his hands were caressing my wife’s hips, I heard my wife give a mild gasp but she restrained herself. Then the touch up boy went to the side of the room and waited there. Because he was wearing just trousers, I could clearly see a bulge in that. A 14 yr old boy having an erection after fondling my wife’s’ hips. If anybody had told me yesterday that this will happen, I wouldn’t have believed. But here, it was, happening right in front of me. Once all lighting arrangements were made the director called Rohit and Gauhar and told them to enact the morning’s scenes from first. Rohit started with the dialogue “Sister, I have passed!” and followed it with a tight hug. This time his hands automatically went to my wife’s ass cheeks to press them and my wife too was pressing against his body without any resistance. Javed’s video camera was shooting the whole thing. Then the kissing sequence started and my wife and Rohit started kissing each other on the forehead and cheeks. This time Rohit looked desperate to make contact with my wife’s lips with his lips and he was purposefully positioning his lips whenever my wife leaned forward to kiss his forehead and when the lips contacted he was just pressing against his lips against my wife’s lips. The encouraging pat given by the director in the morning for the stolen kiss must have emboldened him and he pulled my wife’s face to his and kissed her 4, 5 times. All along, his hands too were playing with my wife’s ass cheeks. After 4, 5 kisses both Rohit and my wife were waiting for the director to signal cut but since nothing happened, Rohit proceeded to plant another kiss on my wife’s lips. This time he started to suck her lower lip and even gently bit it too. I could realize this as I saw a teeth bitten mark in my wife’s lower lip once he released my wife’s lips. My wife tried to pull out but Rohit’s hands pressed hard against her ass cheeks and she could not get away from him. After Rohit had sucked my wife’s lips for about 30 seconds, the director called cut. This was really too much for me and I could see my wife’s face redden with anger. I simply wanted to pull my wife from that place and get out of the room but the twenty five thousand rupees in my pocket forced me to sit calm there. My wife too looked at me enquiringly and I had to plead with her with my eyes to stay there. My wife gave a resigned look and stood there. Once again, the director patted Rohit for his good acting and he gave an appreciating hug to my wife.
“Gauhar, that scene was just great! You are going to rule the state with this tele serial. I am telling you!” Though my wife was evidently disturbed by the kissing scene, she was very happy to hear these words and she started to blush. Seeing my wife blush, the director too laughed and gently pinched her cheeks. Pinching her cheeks, he said,
“You mark my words Gauhar”. Again the director signaled to the touch up boy and the boy dutifully went to my wife. He again proceeded to touch up my wife’s face and neck and this time my wife herself turned and showed her back to him like a professional actress. He touched up her back and after hands went near my wife’s hips and touched up, the director started to shout… “Hey, Shyaam, what sort of inexperienced touch up boy u have hired? He is not doing a complete job. Look, even after touching up, there are beads of sweat here!” So saying, the director pulled open Gauhar’s pallu and her Sari came in his hands. My wife’s hips were well exposed and her petticoat which was just touching her sweet navel was also seen. Her navel was wet with sweat and the director himself proceeded to wipe them off with his hand kerchief. After wiping, he did take care to keep his plain hand on my wife’s hips and brushed his hands against her hips. My wife sighed a little but the director took his own time caressing my wife’s hips and navel with his plain hands. He even slid the sari further apart to clearly see her hips and after he did this my wife was practically without a pallu and her big breasts were protruding from her blouse. I must say here that my wife is really naturally gifted with big breast and it is just not possible for any bra or blouse to hold them in place. She manages this only with a well covered sari, and today without the pallu, she was almost looking like a sex bomb there. Javed, Rohit, the touchup boy and even the highly professional Shyaam were staring at my wife’s blouse and the director’s fingers playing with my wife’s navel. Once the director completed, as if driven by force the touch up boy went near her and wiped her navel again like how the director demonstrated. My wife was too shocked to do anything and only after about a minute, it stuck upon her to put back her pallu. The director and Javed had a private discussion which almost sounded like an argument. Finally the director announced to everybody that,
“sorry, Javed has goofed up with the camera angle. The whole scene has to be shot again! Everyone,back to the position!” Again my wife stood in the middle of the room and Rohit came towards her eagerly. When the director had told that the scene had to be shot again itself, I saw a pleased smile in Rohit’s face and this time he really gave a passionate hug. He didn’t even wait for my wife to tell her dialogues and proceeded to kiss her straight on the lips. He held her face close to his and sucked her lips vigorously. My wife responded meekly to this attack and all she could do was offer her lips for sucking by Rohit. Rohit bit my wife’s lips real hard and she even gave a mild “Ah”. When it looked as if Rohit will bite up and chew off my wife’s lips altogether, the director said “cut”. My wife appeared to be relieved. She looked thankfully at the director for saving her tender lips from Rohit. The director saw that my wife was tensed and he put a comforting arm around her shoulders. I could bet that his fingers were brushing against her breasts but after having had to face the rude & Passionate attack of Rohit, this soft gesture must have been soothing for her and she smiled at him. The director turned and shouted at Rohit.. “Hey, what’s this you are doing man? Biting lips and all that? Do just as I say! We are shooting a scene between brother & sister, mind you!” My wife looked genuinely pleased with this support from director. I too thanked my stars that at last some sense prevailed in shooting the scene. The director said,
“Cool Gauhar, Cool!” and left. Javed also came near my wife and said that she looked so good in camera. My wife blushed. He gently patted her ass cheeks and left. By now, except me every other male was getting bolder with my wife and even the very professional Shyaam too went near her and said she is doing a great job and planted a kiss on her cheeks. My wife appeared to take it all in her stride. She didn’t even bother this time when the touch up boy came near her and removed her pallu and wiped off the sweat from her navel and other areas.
“Hey boy, wipe her cleavage too! That’s reflecting in the camera!” Javed yelled and my wife even bent to the boy who was kneeling in front of her to show her cleavage and he wiped her cleavage too! This time it looked as though his cock would pop out of his trousers. Even Rohit who, just a few minutes back was about to aggressively chew off my wife’s lips went to her and apologized ” Sorry Didi, Just became emotional!” and when my wife accepted his apology and smiled back at him, he gave a tender kiss on her lips and moved away. My wife was surprised but didn’t react. I was just astonished how these very people who had just met my wife today had the guts to behave so intimately with my wife. I thought that that is the way they moved with all actresses and so they were just being normal. The director this time went on to proceed with the next scene. He said that my wife’s feeling towards Rohit was not just sisterly but even motherly and this should be shown symbolically to the audience. So he asked Rohit to keep his head just beneath my wife’s breasts and asked my wife to hold Rohit’s head as if she was milk – feeding him. Like every woman, this motherly touch appealed to my wife and she very enthusiastically held Rohit close to her breasts. She didn’t even mind Rohit’s lips brushing against her breasts through her Sari. Suddenly the cut command came from Javed. He came close to my wife and adjusted her pallu such that her pallu is slightly inclined to one side and Rohit’s face is in contact with my wife’s palluless blouse. Rohit pressed his face against my wife’s blouse and my wife too hugged him tightly and pressed his face against her boobs in a very motherly way. Rohit must have been really stimulated by brushing his face against the big boobs of my wife. Then Rohit got up and held my wife tightly. His hands were around her round buttocks again and he pulled her towards her. As her buttocks were being caressed repeatedly that afternoon, my wife hardly felt anything and didn’t even move away. Instead she looked straight at Rohit and said her dialogue “Brother, I am not just a sister to you. I am like your mother!” She then kissed his forehead as narrated by the director. Once my wife started kissing, again Rohit went to his old ways and started kissing Gauhar’s lips. Though this was not in the script and was not told by the director, since he was not biting, my wife did not resist much. Seeing that my wife was not resisting, this time Rohit got really bold and even put his tongue into my wife’s mouth. My wife tried to withdraw her mouth but he held her tight and licked her lips with his tongue. I must say here that my wife has a weakness for French kiss. Even at home, whenever she is not in mood, I French kiss her and bring her to mood. When Rohit repeatedly inserted his tongue into her mouth, she gave in and responded with her tongue. Seeing my wife extend her tongue, Rohit was overjoyed and he sucked her tongue with his mouth. He then extended his tongue and looked at my wife. Rohit was twisting his tongue just in front of Gauhar’s lips in a very inviting way .My wife was hesitant for a second or 2. Then her impulse got the better of her and she too extended her tongue and met Rohit’s tongue. After brushing her tongue against his for two three seconds she opened her mouth and sucked his tongue. Rohit hugged her blissfully and started caressing the exposed portion of her back. My wife too was entirely lost in a world of passion and was sucking this college boys tongue. After about 3 minutes of passionate kissing and mutual tongue sucking, my wife came to her senses and withdrew. The director also timed his “cut” signal to match this. My wife was ashamed to look at any of us and simply bowed her head and looking at the floor. She must have felt completely uneasy after sucking a young boys tongue in a fit of passion in front of four men out of which one was her husband. The director immediately patted her encouragingly and asked her to take a break. My wife came and sat next to me very hesitatingly. She just couldn’t bring herself up to look at my eyes. I was also thoroughly shaken by what had happened. Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined that my wife will be tongue kissing a college boy in front of me. My mind was telling me that things had gone too far. At least initially, it looked OK. Brother – sister hug and all that. But now, it had totally gone out of control. Which brother will tongue kiss his sister and which sister will suck her brothers tongue like this. And which family soap is going to telecast this. My suspicions about the whole project grew in my mind. And as long as my wife was hesitant about acting intimately and withdrawing herself from Rohit’s face, I could sit there watching it. But the scene which they shot just now…..She seemed to go after his tongue like anything and it appeared as if she wanted to permanently keep his tongue inside her mouth. No…., things were going out of control! But, there was no point in blaming my wife for it. I only put her into this and which woman of 28 can repeatedly control herself after about 2 hours of kissing, ass fondling and navel caressing. After all she was a woman too! I made a quick decision. I put my arms comfortingly around my wife and my wife turned to look at me. I could see guilt written all over her face. There were tears in the corner of her eyes and I wiped it. “Let’s go from here, Avin” she hissed!
“Ya, I also thought the same thing! Let’s go!” I said and was about to get up. Just then Shyaam’s hand touched my shoulders and I turned. “Mr. Avin, I want to have a discussion with you!” He took me to the next room. This room looked like an office. I understood that they used this room for making agreements. “Please be seated Avin!” Shyaam’s voice was very friendly. “See, I just had a word with our Director and Javed. Both of them are 100 % sure that your wife is definitely a star material. But based on the scenes we shot, we have come to a conclusion. We feel that your wife is not suited for this homely sister role. She has sensuous appeal in her. And she has got a great body too. And her face is very childish. After all if u had not told her that she was 28, we would have never guessed. And the chemistry which she exhibited with her co-star was also very good. So, keeping all this in mind, we thought we will drop the idea of making a family soap with her and make a movie instead. It’s going to be a multi lingual movie taken in 3 languages. We will take a love story starring your wife and Rohit and even a normal box office collection should net in at least 10 crores. Since your wife will be the main attraction of the movie, we are willing to sign her for 50 lakhs rupees. Think about it Avin. The great Sridevi was paid 50 lakhs for her last film and we are offering 50 lakhs to your wife for her first movie itself. I will give u and your wife 10 minutes to think over.” He took his check book and signed a check for 50 lakhs and put it into my hands. “If you refuse, you can return it!” was all he said before leaving. I sat there stunned for a few minutes. Then I decided to make my wife a movie star. I went to my wife. I took her to the lounge and told her about the offer. When I told her that they were offering 50 lakhs for acting in the movie, I could see a glint of pride. When I told her that she would be acting as a teenage girl pairing Rohit, the happiness was more evident in her face. But still she couldn’t forget what happened a few moments ago. “But darling, I sometimes lose myself and……….” Words trailed off and I knew she was referring to the tongue sucking incident. Again, I put my arms around her and said in a very comforting way, “Hey, what is this? I know that this is all acting. I didn’t even think for a moment that you are attracted to him. I know you are always loyal to me. The scene required it, you did it. I understand it. I am proud that my wife is very professional!” I bluffed. Both of us knew that she didn’t suck his tongue because the scene was so or because of professionalism but still I pretended as though it were true. The 50 lakhs cheque was making me talk like this. Seeing me pretend like this, my wife too got the hint. She said,
“Darling, If you have trust in me, I will act. And I promise you that I will be professional through out!” I was so happy she agreed. I hugged her and we returned to the shooting room. The director, Shyaam and Javed were sitting together and going through various script pages. I went near Shyaam and told him that my wife agreed to act as heroine in their movie. Shyaam shook my hands happily. “Because of this change of plan, we need to come up with a different script to take make-up test for your wife. That’s why we are frantically searching for a suitable script among the various love stories submitted to us. Please wait.” I went back and sat next to my wife. I saw that Rohit had sat next to my wife on the other side and both were chatting very amiably. My wife was teasing him about the number of girl friends he had and he kept on addressing my wife as Didi! Anyone who looked at them will say they are brother and sister and no one will tell these two people were sucking each other’s tongue passionately. After about fifteen minutes, the director and the other two had agreed upon a script and they called us. My wife was standing just next to me. The director pulled my wife from me towards himself and putting both his hands around her, he said,
“I am going to make you the dream girl of the state!” Saying this he hugged her tightly. My wife didn’t know how to react and she too put her hands around him. The director slid his hands down and cupped my wife’s ass cheeks. The director and my wife remained hugged to each other for a few seconds and we were all watching it. By this time, I was quite accustomed to people hugging my wife in front of me and fondling her ass. So I just stood there as if nothing unusual has happened. Then the director was back to his professional self. He said that they will be taking a footage of this screen test and show it to distributors so that they can do some territory business right away. With that fund they will be able to take a grand movie. That was the plan. So, he said that it is very important for this screen test footage to be very appealing. He quickly narrated the scene to be shot for the screen test. He said that both Rohit and my wife were college mates and they had come on a private picnic. And in that they had hired a room and were alone in this hotel room. Both were young and the situation was very tempting. They begin to get intimate. With that the scene begins and they go to bed. As per the script, the scene breaks there and a dream song shot in Khandala begins. My wife and Rohit listened to the scene intently. And as my wife turned to go to the centre of the room to act the scene out, Shyaam interrupted her and said, “We have a new costume for this script. In this you have to dress up as a modern teenage girl and this sari won’t do! You can go to the next room and changeover to this costume. So saying he handed over her a new costume. My wife went into the adjoining room with the new costume. She didn’t come out even after 10 minutes and cameraman Javed went inside. We could only hear their voices. First I could hear my wife mumbling meekly. Then I heard Javed’s gruff voice. “Arey Gauhar, you will look so good in this”
“No, No, it’s too short!”
“Hey, Gauhar your thighs are so good. This will expose them. Sridevi shot into limelight only with her thighs”
“There’s so much cleavage!”
“No, No, I will take care with the camera that it looks decent enough!” Then there was a moment’s silence. I guessed that Javed would have by now put his hand around her in a comforting way. After a few seconds, I even heard a kissing sound. By now, every fellow in the room was aware that the best way to convince my wife was to put arms around her, press her ass cheeks and put his tongue into her mouth. Though I guessed that Javed was using his moments of intimacy with her, I kept quiet. Then Javed came out. He just signaled thumbs up to everybody as if to show he had convinced her. After five minutes, my wife emerged from the room. She was almost blushing and she kept each step hesitatingly into the room. My God! She was looking too sexy in a mini. No one can tell that she is a married housewife who is twenty eight years old. The mini gripped her body real tight and her breasts looked like they can pop out any moment out of her mini. The mini was barely covering her panty and my wife had to frequently place a hand on the skirt and pull it down so that her red colour panty remained covered. Now, I was convinced that my wife starring as a college girl will be a big hit. Already my wife was quite uncomfortable with this sexy costume. When she noticed that all the men in the room were staring at her assets which were well exposed by this dress, she became very shy and she almost rushed to me and hid herself behind my back.
“Avin Ji, Is it OK if I were this dress?” She hissed in my ears. Before I could answer her, Shyaam told everyone in the room “My God! If the stills of her in this costume come out, she can command at least 60 lakhs for her next movie……!” That observation of Shyaam settled the issue for me. I immediately told my wife
“Its OK, Darling, U look really sweet in this!”
“Sweet” is the last word anyone can think of when they saw my wife in that dress. She looked like a sex bomb that could make a boner out of anyone. But still, I had to maintain a dignified image in front of her and not let her know that I am allowing her to wear this whorish dress just for the money. My wife must have been relieved….
“Ji, I was much tensed what you will say when I walk out in this dress! But Javed Sir convinced me somehow….!” And her voice trailed off. What Javed did to her in that room privately must have flashed in her mind? Since she now knew that I was approving of her wearing this dress, she became more confident. Exactly at the same time the director called “Alright, Gauhar and Rohit, Come to the bed and take your position!”. As soon as she heard the director’s command, immediately my wife went to the bed almost like a schoolgirl obeying the orders of head master. It was amazing how the director had that scaring effect on her. Both Rohit and Gauhar stood adjacent to the bed. The director started explaining the scene to them. “See, Rohit, you are alone with your girlfriend and the whole mood is very passionate. It is a secluded room. Your girlfriend’s dress is also very tempting. Your eyes should show that passion, that lust. Gauhar! You also become passionate. First Rohit will come and hug you. You also have to hug him. You are also feeling very erotic. Rohit, after hugging, you have to gently make her sit in the bed. Then you sit by her side, turn her face to you with your hands and kiss her on the lips. Let it be a long kiss. Keep kissing till I say cut.” The scene started. As advised,Rohit hugged Gauhar. And she too hugged him. Then Rohit made her sit on the bed. Till then my wife was in a standing position. But once she sat on the bed, the skirt portion of the mini which was barely covering her could not do it now and her fleshy thighs in all its fairness was evidently displayed to everybody. The red colour panty which she had worn while coming for audition was also clearly visible. Javed’s camera was gobbling up this Up-skirt panty show of my wife. Just when he acted as her brother, Rohit was very passionate with her. Now, he was acting as her lover. Added to it,my wife’s sexy costume. So needless to say, within a second he was all over her kissing her violently and sucking and licking her lips. My wife too responded to the kiss very favorably. This further kindled Rohit and his hands explored her body boldly. Again he started with his favourite area, her ass cheeks, but this time he had the luxury of the mini. So, he easily pulled up her skirt and caressed her exposed thighs and then proceeded to Gauhar’s ass cheeks with just the red colour panty between his fingers and my wife’s naked buttocks. When it appeared as though he might even insert a finger into the panty, suddenly the director called “cut”. At that time Rohit and my wife were too deeply immersed into a kiss that it took them about 5 more seconds to withdraw their lips from each other. Rohit pulled his fingers back from Gauhar’s ass cheeks very reluctantly. After the cut, he got up from the bed. The bulge in his pants was very distinct by now. I saw even Gauhar ogle at his bulge with a tinge of shyness. And I was observing one more interesting phenomena also. Every time after Rohit and Gauhar break up after a kiss scene, while Rohit will simply walked away or stay still, my wife would always wipe her lips as if she wipes the saliva of Rohit off her lips, she would become a loyal family wife again. I was wondering how she let Rohit lick every inch of her lips during the scene but how she was behaving now. I was wondering why the director said cut when the scene was proceeding so very erotically. After all, he had told them that he wanted a very erotic effect and that’s what he got. So everyone looked at the director. The director said,
“See, the action is good, but somehow this red panty is not matching. In such an erotic scene red panty will give a cheep image and a “B” grade effect. We are not making a “B” grade movie. We are making a passionate love story which has to appeal to high class audience. This red panty combined with the hot action will show her like a whore. Not as a passionate lover. My heroine is not a randi. She is a passionate girl.” I saw the expression in Gauhar’s face when the director said that. She was genuinely pleased with the director. She looked at him thankfully. Even I had to re-assess my opinion of the director. After all, the man was a gentleman who knew his art well. The director immediately turned to Shyaam and said,
“Get her another panty!” Shyaam rushed to the adjoining room where costumes were kept. The director yelled to the touch up boy to touch her up. The touch up boy went near Gauhar and gave her a wiping. In this costume, much of her flesh was exposed and he had a jolly good time wiping her thighs and neck. While wiping near the cleavage, I felt that his hands slid further and even penetrated her bra a little, but my wife showed no emotion. After finishing wiping her top portion of the body the boy kneeled in front of her. Gauhar was still sitting in the bed with her legs on floor. She was cross legged. The boy said. “Didi, please spread you legs!” and gently uncrossed her legs himself. As he uncrossed her legs, her milky white thighs and her panty was seen by all. Till yesterday, even if her sari rises a few inches above her foot, my wife would immediately lower it. But today, she was sitting in front of all these men spreading her legs and showing everyone her panty! What a transformation! The boy who had knelt in front of her had a close up view of her thighs and panty. The boy proceeded to wipe her thighs and even from this distance I could sense that he accidentally brushed his fingers against her panty too. My wife remained blissfully unaware of this and she treated the boy in a very brotherly way affectionately because he had called her Didi. After his touch up was over, she even patted his buttocks in a friendly way. The boy shyly went to the corner of the room. By the time touch up was over, Shyaam brought a while laced panty which was matching the white mini that she was wearing. He gave it to her and Gauhar immediately took it to the adjoining room. Again, She didn’t come out for quite some time. The director was getting annoyed…..
” Yeh Sala kya kar raha hai! Dekhne keliye Javed ko andar beja tho who bhi time lega! (What is this whore doing? If I send Javed to see, he will also take his own time…). It was amazing that he didn’t have a tinge of hesitation to call my wife “Sali” when I was there. After a minute, the director became impatient and said, “Gauhar….! Come out now! It’s getting late!” There was such a commanding tone in his voice that my wife immediately rushed out of the room. The sight that we saw was simply unbelievable. My wife came out in the mini. But the panty which Shyaam had given her was just up to her thighs. It had not gone up the skirt at all. My wife was so scared of the director that she had come out of the room halfway wearing her panty. My God! Even the stubborn director was taken aback by this sight. “Arey, Gauhar, U should have worn it fully and then come out!” he said. “No Sir, I tried but it is too tight for me!” Gauhar’s voice was almost feeble and it looked as though she would die of shame. The director lost his cool again…. “Arey, what if it is tight? you should have adjusted and worn it! “So saying, he went near her and placed his hands on the panty and pulled it up. The director tried to pull it up but the panty was not able to accommodate the big buttocks of my wife and stood at thigh level only. Only then I noticed that while the director’s hands went beneath my wife’s skirt, the panty stood just where it was. His hands lingered inside her panty less skirt for a few seconds. Gauhar was eaten by shame at this situation where a sixty year old man was trying to make her wear a tight panty in front of other men. All the men’s eyes were glued to her skirt and everyone’s mind was guessing what the director’s hands would be doing under them. Gauhar was almost on the verge of tears because she thought that it was her fault that she was not able to wear the panty in time. After having explored with his hands himself, the director by now was convinced that it was not Gauhar’s fault that she had such a big rounded ass and so he said soothingly, “Hey, poor girl, this panty is too small for her! What can she do? Shyaam, you have to get another panty for her!” Gauhar who was almost on the verge of tears was now slightly relieved that the director understood that it was not her fault. She even gave a faint smile still oblivious to the director’s hands under her skirt. Seeing that the colour was returning in Gauhar’s face, the director pinched her ass cheeks mischievously and said in a joking way,
“Saali ki gaand bahuth badi hain!” (The ass of this whore is too big!). Everyone except me laughed at this lecherous joke about the ass of my wife. Even my wife didn’t mind being called Saali or being pinched in her naked ass cheeks and she too gave a relieved smile that the director was not shouting at her but instead joking at her. The director removed his hand from her skirt and went to discuss the lighting with Javed. Gauhar rushed back to the room to change back to her old red panties. I noticed that she didn’t wait for a second to go into the room once the director had left her and I was proud that my wife still hadn’t lost her shyness and she remained the same loyal housewife who was ashamed to stand panty less. She returned wearing her red panties with the same mini on her. Shyaam went to the adjoining room and returned with a dozen panties but they all were about the same size as the white one. Since these panties had been ordered for regular slim heroines who sometimes had to use pads also to fill in these panties, they were all too small. Because Gauhar was a 28 yr old housewife with big fleshy buttocks, this panty problem has arisen. This time Javed gave a suggestion. “Ok, there’s a shop nearby, we will buy some new panties which will match Gauhar’s size” The director too agreed. But neither Gauhar nor I knew her size since we always used to take one of her old panties to the shop and buy a new one. Shyaam went to Gauhar and asked her the panty size and Gauhar simply blinked. She turned to me and I came to her rescue. I told Shyaam that we always buy giving the old one as sample. Immediately Shyaam said,
“OK, give me any old panty that you have!”. Since the prospect of Gauhar needing another panty never struck us that morning when we had come for audition for the tele-serial, obviously the only old panty of Gauhar was the red panty which was wearing now. Since I felt almost guilty that I didn’t even know the panty size of my wife despite having been married to her for 3 yrs, I could not bring myself to say that to everyone. So before somebody could raise a question, I myself told Gauhar to give the panty that she was wearing. Gauhar again looked at me as if to confirm whether I am actually asking her to remove the single panty that she had and remain panty less before all these men. I told her, we had no other option and anyway, she could always cover up with her skirt. So Gauhar went to the adjoining room and removed her panty and came out and gave it to Shyaam. Shyaam collected the panty as if it were a gift and I saw him taking a sniff of my wife’s just worn panty while he was walking out of the room. My wife too noticed it and it was very clear that, she was highly embarrassed by the whole situation. After giving the panty, my wife walked up to the bed taking all possible care not to expose beyond her thighs and sat on the bed carefully crossing her legs so that there was no real danger of exposure. I too was relieved that my wife had handled herself with common sense and still managed to save her pride in front of these men. The director was busy telling Rohit what he should be doing in the scene while Javed was adjusting the lighting for the forthcoming scene. Only I and the touch up boy were standing idle and the director must have noticed this. He also noticed that my wife had started to sweat again! He immediately told the touch-up boy, “Arey, Panty aaney thak thumara kaam tho kar ke rakho! Whore is sweating like hell and you are standing and watching!” . I noticed that the director had by now successfully nicknamed my wife as “Saali”(Whore). The director’s shout had immediate effect. The touchup boy rushed to my wife and started to wipe my wife’s face and hands. He was even talking in a friendly way to my wife while wiping. “Didi, I am very lucky boy! I touch up for Preity Didi, Kareena Didi and they all become big star!” he said in his broken English. My wife took an instant liking to this innocent touch up boy and smiled at him. “Bhaiyya, hope your luck works on me too!” She said while allowing him to wipe the seat beads from her cleavage. “You also become star Didi!” The touch up boy changed from wiping with sponge to direct hands and wiped off her cleavage. Because the fellow looked so innocent, my wife did not suspect for a moment why his hands were lingering around her breasts even after wiping the sweat.
“Thanks Bhaiyya! Thumara naam kya hain?” she asked while he was wiping her legs. The boy was kneeling before her by now and was wiping her legs in the cross-legged position!” “my name Raamu Didi” He had completed to wipe her feet and knees.
“Acha naam hain!” my wife put her hands on the boys hairline and gently ran through his hair in an affectionate sisterly way. “Thanks Didi!” said the boy and proceeded to uncross my wife’s legs by himself all by himself. He uncrossed her legs and because my wife was not wearing any panty, he could see her hairy mound very clearly now. Not only he, every one of us present in the room was able to see my wife’s pussy mound and the hairy bush surrounds it. The director and Rohit stopped their discussion and were eying my wife’s pussy. Especially Rohit looked as though he was waiting for the scene to start so that he could put his hands on this delicious mound which was erotically covered by hair. I even saw Javed zooming his camera to cover my wife’s pussy. I wanted to warn my wife with my eyes but my wife was deeply in conversation with the touch up boy. The boy too, though he was initially taken aback by the sight of the bush of my wife’s pubic area, he quickly returned to his normal self and was continuing the friendly conversation with her. “Didi, this your first movie?” he asked as he applied sponge on her thighs and his eyes were feasting on my wife’s exposed cunt. Unaware that her precious mound was visible to all, my wife answered him,
“Ya, its my first movie!” “Are, I very much surprise. Didi acting like experience heroine!” The touch up appreciated her acting performance as he deftly replaced the wiping of the sponge with his hands and his hands were groping up her thighs towards her mound in the pretext of wiping sweat. Though I tried frantically to catch my wife’s attention, I could not and I was not able to walk in front of all these men to my wife to say that her mound was visible to all. I felt ashamed to do that. So, I kept trying to draw my wife’s attention to me. But the boy was doing everything to keep my wife in the same exposed position with his friendly talk. I could see that Javed had not moved for a second from his camera and I was sure that he was shooting the whole thing in the pretext of adjusting camera. My wife took this “experienced heroine” compliment with a shy blush. That was too much……here was my wife sitting in the centre of the room with her mound displayed to all and she was blushing for praise.
“Hey Ramu, don’t say things just to make me feel happy!” She said with a smile. “No No Didi, Ramu always tells correct. Any heroine I touch up, I judge correctly. Didi become big star” Ramu was again buttering my wife with praise while his hands caressed my wife’s thighs and was almost on the edge of Gauhar’s pussy. While praising my wife, Ramu also deftly spread her legs more wide and by now I could even see the vagina of my wife very clearly. I could see Rohit licking his lips in lust on seeing the spread pussy of my wife. Gauhar had completely forgotten that she was not wearing a panty and with slight prodding from the fingers of Ramu, she herself spread her legs wider to accommodate the prying hands of Ramu on her thighs so that he could wipe her thighs out comfortable. I think it must have been too much of a control on Ramu till then and this time his fingers went up and touched the pussy mound of my wife. Since Gauhar had been fondled and kissed throughout the day, she must have felt highly passionate and juices must have been flowering from her pussy and when the boy touched her pussy, he felt that it was very wet.