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HI guys I am here with a new story read it full and you will find it a great work of writing to me as a artist I will call it my masterpiece the best I wrote till date do remember that all my stories are a work of fiction. My wife Sneha teaches an art class for adults at a local adult learning center. She’s been doing it for the past 5 years, and at the end of each term she has a week where the students get to paint or sculpt using live nude models. For the past five years she’d used our friends Lisa and Tom, who themselves are very artistic and have no problem being nude, in fact they love it. They often take their vacations to nudist camps or nude beaches. Well the latest session of the art class was coming to an end and the students were looking forward to getting to work with live models, but unfortunately this time Lisa and Tom weren’t available as they were on vacation. Sneha called all around trying to find replacements, but she wasn’t having much luck. Trying to be supportive I sat down with her and we talked about it. “What am I going to do Kshitiz? They’re expecting nude models Monday night, that gives me two days, and I’ve already tried everyone I can think of.” Sneha says. “What about your sister? She’s always walking around wearing practically nothing anyway; it wouldn’t be a big stretch for her to take the rest off.” I said. “Triptika? I hadn’t even thought of her. You’re right, it wouldn’t take much to get her out of her clothes, and she owes me a big favor after I helped her with some financial problems she was having two years ago.” Sneha said. She went and called Triptika. She looked pretty happy when she came back into the living room. “So did she agree to do it?” I asked. “Yep, Triptika’s in. She even suggested a male model.” Sneha said. “Great, who is it?” I asked. “You.” Sneha said. “Me?” I asked. “Yes Kshitiz, you.” Sneha said. “No way. I’m not a model and I certainly don’t want to be naked in front of a whole group of strangers.” I said. “Please Kshitiz; will you do this for me?” Sneha asked. “Sweetheart, you know I’d do almost anything for you, but posing nude for an art class isn’t something that I’m prepared to do. I’m sorry, but I can’t.” I said. “Please…” Sneha begged. “I’m sorry Sneha, I just can’t do it. Please don’t ask me again.” I said. I could tell that Sneha was disappointed that I had said no, but she nodded showing that she understood. “Okay Kshitiz, I don’t want you to do anything you aren’t comfortable with. I’ll try to find someone else.” Sneha said. Through a friend of a friend of a friend Sneha found a man named Armaan that was willing to pose for the class. Sneha was relieved, and so was I; since she had a male model I didn’t have to worry about here asking me again. Or so I thought. The Monday night of the week with the nude models I was surprised to find Sneha waiting by the door when I got home from work. “Hey sweetie, I thought you had class tonight.” I said. “I do, and unless we hurry up we’re gonna be late.” Sneha said. “We? What do you mean we?” I asked. “Armaan was injured in a car accident this morning; I need you to fill in for him.” Sneha said. “Wait a minute, we talked about this Sneha.” I said. “Please Kshitiz, I need you.” Sneha said. “Sneha, you know I’d do anything for you, but you know how shy I am, and with your sister there and all…” I said. “Kshitiz, you know I wouldn’t be asking you to do this if I wasn’t desperate. If you do this for my I promise you that I will make it more than worth your while. If you know what I mean.” Sneha said. “Sneha, I don’t know.” I said. “I’ll let you get that big screen TV that you’ve been wanting.” Sneha said. I had wanted that TV for a long time but she’d always said that it would look tacky in the house and that we didn’t need one that big. It was a dirty trick on her part, she know that it would be a deal clincher. “Okay Sneha, I’ll try, but I’ll probably turn bright red and won’t be able to go through with it.” I said. “You’ll do fine. Now take off your wedding ring and let’s get going.” Sneha said. “Take off my ring?” I asked. “Yes, I don’t want the students to know that the two models are my husband and my sister, and I don’t want them to know that you are married so take off your ring and when you see Triptika try to act like you don’t know her.” Sneha said.

“I’ll try.” I said. I took off my wedding ring for the first time since I’d gotten married and we headed to the class. We took different cars so there wouldn’t be anyone suspecting that we knew each other. Sneha walked into the classroom first; then I walked in a few seconds later. I looked around the room and counted 13 students, 11 women and 2 men. Triptika was already there and waiting. Triptika walked up to Sneha to “introduce” herself so I figured I’d better do the same thing. I walked up to the two of them. “Is one of you Sneha?” I asked. “That’s me.” Sneha said. “I’m Kshitiz, your male model.” I said. “Oh excellent, I hoped that you’d be able to find us okay. I’ve just met your female counterpart, Triptika was it?” Sneha asked. “Yes, that’s right. It’s a pleasure to meet you Kshitiz.” Triptika said. “You too.” I said. We shook hands. “Well, since we’re all here we might as well get started. This is a serious art class and not a strip show so through that door you will find a small room where the two of you may get undressed, there are robes in there so put on a robe and come back out.” Sneha said. Triptika and I walked into the other room and closed the door behind us. Triptika immediately began taking off her clothes. I just stood there for a few seconds. “You didn’t volunteer for this did you Kshitiz? My dear loving sister used her feminine charms and promised to make it worth your while if you would do this for her didn’t she?” Triptika asked. I just nodded. “That’s just like her. She’s such a free spirit that she thinks everyone else should be too. I guarantee you that if she weren’t the one teaching the class she would have no problem modeling for them instead of me.” Triptika said. “You’re right about that, she’d love it.” I said. “Kshitiz, I know this isn’t exactly where you want to be right now, but don’t you think it’s a little too late to back out? Sneha needs a male model and no matter how she got you to agree to it you did say that you would do it. Can you imagine how embarrassed she would be if the model she arranged backed out?” Triptika asked. “She’d be mortified, but she’d forgive me.” I said. “True, but think about this, how proud of you will she be if you go out there and do this for her even though it makes you uncomfortable? Sneha lives a fairly conservative lifestyle with you because she loves you, this class is one of her few outlets for her free spirit, how much will it mean to her for you to share in part of that?” Triptika asked. “You’re just like your sister; you can talk me into pretty much anything.” I said. “Good, then get your clothes off and let’s get out there, I’m sure Sneha’s waiting.” Triptika said. I took off my clothes trying to stay facing away from Triptika, who just laughed at how shy I was. “Kshitiz you are one seriously sweet man, in a few minutes we’re going to be completely naked in front of all of those people and you’re still being shy in front of just me.” Triptika said. “Yes, but my wife is out there and I’m doing this for her, it seems less bad if she’s going to be there, but she isn’t in here.” I said. Finally I put on my robe and Triptika and I walked to the door and back into the classroom. The door to the hallway had been shut and locked and all of the blinds had been closed to give us as much privacy as possible. “Here come our models. It took you a while in there, was there a problem?” Sneha asked. “No, no problem, we just figured we’d talk a little bit first so we didn’t feel weird being nude together.” Triptika said. “I see. That’s a very good idea. See class, these are two adults who have never met before, but they have agreed to be nude for you and they are comfortable being nude together. I think we should applaud them for that.” Sneha said.

I have to admit that the applause boosted my ego a good bit. Of course I was not yet standing in front of them naked. “Okay, how do you want us? Together? Apart?” Triptika asked. “Well this is an art class not pornography so everything we do must be tasteful and beautiful. I was thinking that for tonight’s pose we could get Kshitiz to stand behind Triptika, with his arms around her middle holding her. His head would be tilted to the side kissing the nape of her neck. As for Triptika her head should be tilted away from Kshitiz allowing him easy access to her neck, but her head should be twisted slightly as if she’s trying to look at him. Her arms should be above Kshitiz’s holding them to her as if she never wants him to let go.” Sneha said. “So it would be something like this?” I asked. I moved behind Triptika, put my arms around her middle and lowered my lips to the nape of her neck on the right side. “That’s perfect Kshitiz. Now Triptika tilt your head and put your arms in place.” Sneha said. Triptika got into position. “No, that’s not quite right. Triptika, let’s try it with you lifting your right arm up across your chest. You’re not trying to hide anything, but you’re playing a little hard to get.” Sneha said. Triptika repositioned her arm. “There, that’s much better; I think that will make an excellent pose for tonight. Okay, if everyone’s ready you can take off your robes and assume the pose.” Sneha said. Triptika slipped out of her robe quickly, but I held my head down with my eyes closed for a few seconds. Sneha obviously saw my hesitation. “Is there a problem Kshitiz?” Sneha asked. “What? No, just saying a little prayer asking for the endurance to hold the pose, I tend to fidget if I don’t ask for divine help.” I said. I took off my robe and stood before the class nude for the first time. I was actually glad that Sneha had posed me kissing Triptika’s neck as it meant that I wouldn’t have to look at the people that were painting or drawing representations of our nude forms. Triptika took the lead into getting us into the pose; she led me to the spot that Sneha wanted us and pulled me up against her. I was incredibly nervous about being nude in front of so many people, but I was also very aware of the fact that my gorgeous sister in law was standing in front of me completely naked. The smooth soft skin of her back and her perfect ass were pressed firmly against me. Amazingly I was able to maintain my composure and took my part in the pose. For over two hours we stood like that as the students worked. Triptika sneezed twice driving her ass hard against my crotch each time. As the allotted time for the class wound down Sneha went around seeing how each of the students was coming along. “It seems that most of the students are nearly complete, can I trouble you both to give us another half hour to finish up?” Sneha asked. “I’m game.” Triptika said. “I’ve got a cramp in my leg, but I’ll manage for the sake of the art.” I said. Sneha smiled at me. She went around and when she was sure that everyone had finished she looked at the two of us. “We thank you both for your patience, it took a bit longer than we’d anticipated, I assure you that I’ll try to come up with poses that don’t require you to stand up for the rest of the week.” Sneha said. From where Triptika was she could lean over and grab both of our robes which she did. She handed mine to me; then held hers up in front of us as if trying to figure out how to get into it, but really she was hiding my erection from the class so that I could cover it with my robe without them knowing. We both put on our robes and went into the other room to get dressed. “Thank you for that. I don’t think I could have handled it if they had seen the state I was in.” I said. “You’re welcome Kshitiz. I know how embarrassing that could have been for you.” Triptika said. We got dressed and headed back out into the classroom. The students were leaving, but many of them thanked us for posing and said they were looking forward to the rest of the week. Sneha did the same and Triptika and I both left. I drove home, grabbed a beer out of the fridge, and sat on the couch. When Sneha got home she didn’t say a word, she just took me by the hand, took me to the bedroom and made love to me like she never had before. We fell asleep in each other’s arms without either of us saying a word. The next night I showed up about 5 minutes before Sneha did and Triptika was already there so she and I went, got undressed, put on our robes, and went back out to wait for Sneha and the rest of the class to arrive and get set up. “Okay, yesterday’s pose was very beautiful, but as you were both standing it became uncomfortable to hold the position the entire time so tonight we’re going to try a pose with you on the bed.” Sneha said. Triptika and I rolled the bed into place and got on it. “I think what we’ll do tonight is have Kshitiz laying on his back on the bed, with Triptika laying on top of him with her head on his chest or stomach.” Sneha said. We got into position and after finding the right positioning we removed our robes and assumed the pose. Triptika’s round firm breasts were pressed into my pelvis and the gap between them left plenty of room for my penis to become erect. It was much easier to stay in that pose since we were both lying down so the 2 12 hours went by pretty easily. Again Triptika kept my erection hidden from the class as we ended the pose, but to my surprise she did so by holding it down against my stomach with her hand as she rolled off of me. With her body blocking their view I was able to swing my legs to the other side of the bed and slip on my robe without anyone seeing my aroused state. Triptika and I went and got dressed and then we both left. Sneha came home nearly an hour later. Again she took me to bed without a word and made love to me, it was even better than the night before. When she had said that she’d make it worth my while I guess she really meant it. Triptika and I were both ready and in our robes the next night when Sneha got there. She threw us a curve that neither Triptika nor I was expecting. “Several of you stayed after class last night to talk about the poses that we’ve done. We agreed that they’ve both been beautiful poses but that you were hoping to get some more sexual and sensual poses. I talked with both of the models earlier today and they have talked with each other and they have agreed that as long as we don’t ask them to do any pornographic poses they are willing to do more intimate poses.” Sneha said. Triptika and I looked at each other, then back at Sneha. There had been no such conversation. I had been home all day and Sneha hadn’t said one word about more intimate poses to me, and I could tell that she hadn’t mentioned it to Triptika either. Triptika looked at me and nodded over towards where Sneha was standing and she stood up and I followed. We walked over to where Sneha was standing and Triptika whispered something in Sneha’s ear. Whatever it was didn’t sit very well with Sneha as she shook her head and said no. Triptika whispered something else and Sneha gave in and nodded her consent. “Okay class, just to clarify what Sneha meant by intimate, but not pornographic. Kshitiz and I agreed that we will do sexual poses, say for example a 69, but obviously 2 12 hours with a penis in my mouth or with his tongue extended would be nearly impossible for us to do so we would only do that part for the last half hour so that you could capture the scene, the rest of the time we would just be laying in the position.” Triptika said. I was a little shocked but I decided I’d better step up and say something. “And don’t ask for anything weird like her on her knees taking a cum shot to the face, that’s pornographic, not beautiful.” I said. After laying down the ground rules the students voted and wanted us to do a 69 for them. Sneha was standing behind the class and I shot her a questioning glance as I crawled onto the bed. She just shrugged her shoulders and smiled nervously.

I got into position on my back and Triptika mounted me. I had spent the previous two days posing nude with her, but this was the first time that I saw her pussy at all. Not only could I see it just inches from my face, but I could smell her sweet aroma, and feel the heat from it as well. In almost no time my penis became erect and Triptika kept it on the far side of her head out of the view of the students. For two hours we lay there. “Okay, we’ve got a little over half an hour left so now it’s time for the rest of the pose.” Sneha said. Triptika lifted her head enough for my erect penis to pop into her mouth and then she lowered her mouth down onto it. It was an incredible sensation that was nearly too much for me. I remembered my part in the pose so out popped my tongue and I got my first taste of my wife’s baby sister. For over half an hour we posed like that. “Okay, it appears that we are all done, I’m sure our two models would like to come up for air. Let’s all give them a round of applause for their very erotic performance.” Sneha said. The students clapped as Triptika lifted her mouth off of my erect penis; there was no need to try to hide it this time. Triptika leaned back pressing her pussy against my face before she climbed off of me and pulled on her robe. I pulled on my robe and we went into the other room to get dressed. “Jesus Kshitiz, you almost suffocated me with that thing.” Triptika said when we were in the dressing room. “Hey, that was your idea. I can’t believe we did that, with Sneha right there.” I said. “Yeah, you probably couldn’t see, but she was bright red for a little while when I first took you in my mouth. I think she finally understands how it feels to be shy like you.” Triptika said. “What did you two say to each other earlier?” I asked. “I asked her if these intimate poses included penetration and she said no. I then suggested the oral posing of a 69. I told her that it would be a great pose for the students, she agreed to that one reluctantly. If I were you I wouldn’t be expecting much tonight when you get home.” Triptika said. “I think I’d better stop and get some mints and some mouth wash.” I said. “Do I taste that bad?” Triptika asked insulted. “No, no, it’s not that, but I doubt that my wife will want to even give me a goodnight kiss if she can taste her sister on my lips.” I said. “Yeah, that would be a little weird. The way I figure it, it’s her fault, she didn’t tell me anything about intimate posing, did she tell you?” Triptika asked. “Hell no, it took all of my strength not to stand up and ask her what the hell she was talking about. I don’t know whether she gave in to the pressure of the students or if she really wants this, but tonight is on her, it’s not our fault.” I said. “The thing that I wonder is what kind of poses will we be in over the next two nights?” Triptika asked. “Oh my god you’re right. Look, I’m going to talk to Sneha about this tonight, maybe you should come over too and we can talk this out together to see just what the hell she’s up to.” I said. “That’s a good idea. Let’s go.” Triptika said. Triptika and I both drove over to the house, went inside, we grabbed a couple of beers and waited for Sneha to get home. She was silent when she walked through the front door; she seemed surprised to see Triptika there. “Hey sis, we need to talk about tonight, and the rest of this week.” Triptika said. “I’m pretty tired; I just want to go to bed.” Sneha said unable to look at us. “You aren’t going to bed until we talk about this.” I said. Sneha looked at me, then at Triptika and walked over and sat down on the couch. I grabbed three more beers out of the fridge; handed one to both of the girls, then took a long pull off of mine. “Okay Sneha, what’s up with all this?” I asked. “What do you mean?” Sneha asked. “You tell the class that you’ve discussed doing more intimate poses with us; which you know to be a lie, and then expect us to just give in and do that? What the hell is the deal?” Triptika asked.

Sneha starts crying. “I’m sorry, it was a mistake, I should have talked to you about it first, but I had promised the class and I knew that if I sprang it on you when you got there that you’d do it, and I also knew that if I gave you time to think about it one or both of you might have said no.” Sneha said. “Honey, you put us in a hell of an awkward position tonight doing that. I mean I was scared as hell lying there with my tongue on Triptika’s…and with her mouth on my…and with you watching. I’ve never been more uncomfortable in my life.” I said. “Me neither. Sis you and I have talked so you know that I think Kshitiz is sexy as hell, and I’ve told you many times that you’d better hang on to him or I’d go after him, but now I’ve sort of had him and you were there for the whole thing. I don’t really know what to think or feel right now.” Triptika said. “You’re both so right, I’m so sorry, I’ll call the class and cancel the last two nights.” Sneha said. “Now wait honey, there’s no reason to cancel the class.” I said. “How can it go on without the models?” Sneha asked. “We’ll still model, we just want to know what you’re thinking about all this. They’ll want a more graphic sexual pose tomorrow night, and then they’ll want an even better one Friday night. That will mean that we’ll have to get more sexual.” I said. “That will mean more touching, probably even some penetration. You created this monster Sneha, what are you going to do now that it’s loose?” Triptika asked. “I don’t know. I never intended for the two of you to actually have sex, but now it seems that is the course we’re on. Perhaps it’s best that it happens this way though.” Sneha said. “What do you mean?” I asked. “I’ve always feared that either you would grow bored with me and decide to go after Triptika or that she would try to steal you away from me. It’s been one of my greatest fears to discover the two of you having sex. Now it appears that I will be the one that has brought you together.” Sneha said. “It doesn’t have to be that way. We could insist on less risqué poses for the last two nights.” Triptika said. “No, they’re already expecting a better pose for tomorrow night, there’s no way out of it now.” Sneha said. After talking for nearly an hour we agreed on what the final two poses would be and then Triptika went home. Thursday night as I sat in my robe waiting for the session to begin I was trembling. Last night I had gotten a brief taste of Triptika’s pussy and she had tasted my penis, but tonight would be far different, tonight I would be inserting my penis into Triptika’s pussy, the first pussy other than Sneha’s that I had been in since I met Sneha 12 years before. “Ladies and gentlemen, it seems as if our two models have hit it off and have decided not to wait until the last half hour to make the intimate contact. They will be joining together for real right before our very eyes tonight.” Sneha said. She walked back behind the students where they would not see her face if she broke down watching us. Triptika and I got on the bed. I put on the first condom that I would ever wear, and took up position behind Triptika. We were both aroused, but I still slipped into her slowly as we were supposed to be posing. The pose we ended up in that 4th night was one of pure passion. I had penetrated her from behind, she was leaning back and my hands were caressing her breasts. Though we were not moving other than the occasional fidget Triptika was doing a number on my penis. I figured that I’d lose my erection after a few minutes, even if it was inside her, but Triptika wasn’t about to let that happen. There are far more muscles down there than I realized and Triptika was using all of them. It wasn’t enough to make me climax, but it was more than enough to keep me fully erect for the full session. When we were in the dressing room afterwards Triptika grabbed me, pulled me close to her, and whispered in my ear.

“I bet Sneha’s never done anything like that to you.” Triptika said. “No, but then again why would she? She and I are married so we can make love to each other and not just pretend.” I said. That seemed to hurt Triptika’s feelings, for some reason I cared. “Look, I didn’t say that it wasn’t fun, I just said that Sneha and I don’t have to find invisible ways to have sex.” I said. When she heard that I’d enjoyed it Triptika smiled. Friday night was our last as models and Triptika said she had a pose in mind that the class would never forget. She described it to me at first and I thought it would qualify as pornographic. She was insistent so I gave in and prayed that I was up for it. “This is our final session together, and no doubt our models have something special for tonight’s final pose so I’ll let them get started so we can get to work.” Sneha said. The position had Triptika with her head and shoulders on the ground by the bed but with her ass up on the bed. Her pussy would therefore be on display for all to see, and more importantly for me to guide my erect penis into. The pose was borderline pornography, but the students wanted a big finish, and the way our two bodies were bent and they way they were joined presented some artistic challenges. Since it was the last night we stayed like that for nearly 4 hours so that all of the students could finish their work. “Okay, thank you Kshitiz and Triptika, you have been wonderful models, we all thank you for an experience none of us will ever forget.” Sneha said. Triptika and I went to get dressed. “I think you’d better come over tonight.” I said. “Why? Gonna let me finish off one of those erections you’ve been teasing me with?” Triptika asked. “That’s up to Sneha, if she says it’s okay I wouldn’t mind, because you’ve driven me absolutely crazy this week. I think you need to come over so that we can have an after meeting and see what Sneha thinks of all this now that it’s over.” I said. “Okay, but I’m gonna ask her if I can fuck you for real.” Triptika said. Triptika and I left, and twenty minutes later Sneha walked through the front door. “I’m surprised you two aren’t in the bedroom.” Sneha said. “We were waiting for you to officially give permission.” Triptika said. “And I would never take anyone else into our bed; if it were to happen in this house at all it would be in the guest bedroom.” I said. “Fine, I’ll grab a beer and meet you in the guest bedroom. No fair starting without me.” Sneha said. “Are you going to join us?” Triptika asked nervously. “No, I’m just going to watch. Seeing the two of you together all week like that has made me so hot that I’ve got to see it for real.” Sneha said. “Now wait a minute, maybe we should hold off on this. We’re all tired, horny, and not thinking straight. Maybe we should sleep on this and then see what we think in the morning. Because if this happens we’ll have to deal with it and I want all of us to understand just what that means before we risk destroying a marriage, a relationship between two sisters, and the budding love affair of two first time nude models.” I said.

“That’s my Kshitiz, level headed, always thinking. You’re right. We’ll think about it tonight, talk about it tomorrow and make our decision.” Sneha said. Triptika stayed in the guest room that night and Sneha and I slept in our room. The next morning at breakfast Sneha was wearing her robe, and I had on a pair of boxers, but Triptika walked into the kitchen naked. “What are you doing?” Sneha asked. “You’ve both already seen it, what’s the big deal?” Triptika asked. “You’ve got a point; it’s still a little odd though.” Sneha said. “If it bothers you I could borrow one of your robes or something.” Triptika said. “No, it’s okay. So what do we think now that we’ve slept on it?” Sneha asked. “I don’t know about you, but I didn’t sleep. I still want to do it though.” Triptika said. “I didn’t sleep much either, but I think it would be okay. I love Kshitiz enough to let him have this; I know he’s wanted it for quite some time.” Sneha said. “That just leaves you big Kshitiz.” Triptika said. I’m sure that big comment was meant to stroke my ego just a little, but it wasn’t necessary. I’d already decided that if Sneha said it was okay I was going to do it. “Are you sure you’re okay with this Sneha?” I asked. “If I weren’t okay with this I would have never asked you to model with her in the first place. I didn’t exactly want this to happen, but I knew it could and I’m willing to let it happen as long as I get to watch and as long as you two don’t start messing around behind my back.” Sneha said. “Well then, I guess we should probably get up to the guest bedroom.” I said. Having sex with Triptika for real was just as good as I’d thought it would be, it wasn’t like making love to Sneha, but it wasn’t supposed to be. Triptika is over at our house even more than she used to be these days, and at least once a week she asks Sneha if she can borrow me for a couple of hours, sometimes Sneha says no, but most of the time she says yes and Triptika and I will go have sex. So far Sneha has always come to watch, not always the whole time, but she’s always been there for the ending. I asked her why and she said that she wants to be sure she knows where my cum is going because she says it’s fine for me to have sex with her sister, but she doesn’t want me to make her an aunt. I’ve got no problem with that because Triptika loves to swallow cum, something that Sneha does for me, but not as often and not with the same enthusiasm as Triptika. I could give up having sex with Triptika in a heart beat, but as long as Sneha keeps saying yes I figure I’ve got a good thing going. Oh, and Triptika and I are now Sneha’s first choice for models for her art classes. I hope I am able to satisfy your thirst for good stories mail me at