Wife Swapping Heaven On The Earth – Part 3

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Hello iss readers. I am Rahul, and this story is based on real incident. I and my wife Neha are from Ahmedabad. We are young energetic and good looking couple. I am of 29 years of age, 5″6 with 6″ tool. Neha is of 28 and 5″5, 36-30-38. We have been married since 6 years. And it is always difficult to maintain interest in sex after some duration of marriage. Same thing happen to us.So after lots of role playing and after convincing my shy wife to chat with hot like minded couple, we met a couple from Rajkot, Tushar and Tejal, and after having formal introduction, and meet, and we swapped. Detail story you can read on first and second part i. e. “wife swapping; heaven on the earth – part i and part-ii”. You can post your comments on our id: darlingnehaforfun (at) gmail (dot) com After having first sex experience with Tushar and tejal, on one fine night I asked neha.. Me: Neha, kal tushar ke sath kaisa laga ? how was your experience? Neha : Rahul , sach bolu to maja aa gaya  ..  Jab usne muje chua tab to ekdum mast ajib sa feelings aa raha tha  .. thodi initially hesitant thi me, but dhire dhire bahut maja aaya  .. and I am sure tumne bhi bahut enjoy kiya hoga  ..  .. tejal ke sath. Me: Yes darling ..I enjoyed a Lot (and kiss on her for head) Neha: So  .. .now  .. . Me: Now  .. .I think you want more and ye dil bhi mange more  .. .what do you say ?? Neha: Sach bolu to aab to naya experience karne ka man ho raha hain  .. .I think same couple repeat karne me risk bhi hain and maja bhi nahi hain.. Me: Ya, I agree .. . And once again we started hunting for new couple. During discussion, neha asked me  .. .Do you have any couple in real in mind? Me: In real  .. .? (littel shocked but surprise) but it can be risky honey Neha: Ya it can be risky, but we are now experienced .. So we can trap if you have really some couple in your mind. After running imaginations here and there, One fine couple strike my mind  ..  .. .and they were kaulavi and Nisarg. Kaulavi is Neha’s childhood friend. they were also married since 2 years. We used to meet for dinner and weekends, once in a month. After knowing this Neha naughtily winked at me  .. “You rascal .. I knew it that you have a lust on my friend  .. .hmmm” Me: kya karoo yar , Kaulavi hain hi mast fataka  .. !! aur usme teri dost  .. ..To najar to hogi hi na  .. .;) You say  .. what about Nisarg  .. Do u like him ??? Neha: (blush) Of course yaar ..  .. .. Me: Then done  .. .lets plan something with them  .. .and decide how to trap them .. . Before I proceed, let me explain newly introduced couple. Kaulavai is a chulbuli type natkhat chori  .. with gori chamdi  .. slim body. She is 5″4  .. and figure is 34-28-36 (This I could come to know after having sex with her .. ;) ). she is naughty in nature , and she used to do masti with me in front of her hubby even , means hitting me on jokes and pinching me on some comment. On the other way, nisarg is having similar body structure like me , and having same complexion. He is a decent man. Now come back to story. ME: So how could we convince them? Have you had any words regarding to this with Kaulavi ? Neha: Not yet .. I am afraid  .. what she will react .. So confused what to do.. Me: hmmm..kafi sochne ke bad mene bola  .. .ki un logo ke sath kisi hill station pe trip pe chlte hain  .. vaise bhi Kaulavi and nisarg are insisting on this  .. then lets plan 3-4 days short trip to some place  .. And we can start seducing them over there separately. Jaise hi hum dono me se kisi ek ko chance milega  .. dusre ke partner ko seduce karne ka try karega  .. Let’s see .. what reaction we are getting.. Neha: You mean to say, I will seduce Nisarg , and U wildo it with Kaulavi  .. ? M: ya, but timing dekhke karna padega , tum tabhi hi try karna jab aas pas me and kaulavi na ho .. Sa me I will do.
Neha: Ok honey I called on Nisarg’s Mobile , and discussed with him , if they are willing to come to the hill station with us, and he responded with positive response. We all 4 met on dinner, and decided to go to Mount Abu, near by hill station for 3 night, and we left for Mount on Thursday. This Hill station is 150 Km far from ahmedabad, so we travel it by car. Me car chala raha tha, and nisarg Kaulavi piche ki seat pe bethe the. Neha was in her black tight top and jince(she was looking damn hot), and kaulavi ne skirt and top pahena tha. We both male were in thirt and jince. While I was driving Car , I started stearing at kaulavi from mirror , when ever I get chance, mostly, while Nisarg Neha se jab bat karne me busy hota tha tab. I was getting smile in response. thodi der bad mene Nisarg ko drive karne ko bola , so neha piche ki seat me chali gayee, kaulavi ke sath , and I was accompanying him on front seat. After some time, Neha ko nind aa gayi , and nisarg was concentrating on his driving. Kaulavi bhi sleepy lag rahi thi. And suddenly I got wahtsapp msg. I checked It, and it was from kaulavi. “Kya dekh raha the tum ??”, I replied, “me to piche ki cars observe kar raha tha” .. As we were in SUV, nisarg could not able to watch, what I am doing in mobile, and he is concentrating on driving. Kaulavi is also using mobile safely, So that neha or Nisarg could not notice it. I observed it, and felt, ki lagta hain kaulavi to hath lag jayegi. I got new msg from her, “Juth kyon bol raha hain ??Dar lagta hain ..ki me neha ko bol dungi ?hmmm.:) ?” I respond: “Nahi yar, sach bolu to me tumahri aankho ko dekh raha tha  .. ki kitni kamini hain teri aankhe, jo apana pati pas me betha hain fir bhi muje gur rahi thi  .. .;) ?” Kaulavi ..”Dhat .. .Aisa nahi hain  .. ..” I got littel courage from her initiative, and i message, “Dear, you are looking hot in skirt  .. ;) ” She respond with smily, and message  .. “Oh really .. ..So you were having eyes on me .. hmmm” me:” “Of course yar , how could I miss such a hot look  .. hmmm” She:”You are naughty” Suddenly neha jag gayi , and she told that she wants to go for bathroom, and kaulavi also told the same, so we stoped the car, and both hot lady , car me se utrke , jhadiyo ki taraf jane lagi , me and nisarg were in car. Both were talking to each other , and dono ne hath pakada hua tha ek dusare ka, and me and nisarg were observing them from behind  ..  .. ..Suddenly I notice that nisarg is taking interest in viewing neha’s bumps..Vaise to do no saheliyo ki almost same size hi thi  ..  .. .fir bhi muje aisa laga ki vo neha ki dekh raha tha .. So I though to take a chance .. I told him:”kya be sale kya dekh raha hain  .. ” Nisarg: “Little schocked, aare yar kuch nahi  .. was looking Kaulavi  .. ” Me: “Sale , kaulavi ko tu roj dekhta hain  .. abhi kuch naya hain jo dekh raha tha .. .sale .. .sach bata  .. neh a ko gur rha tha na ???” Nisarg: “nahi rahul , aisa nahi hain ..( he was littel scared by my question , as I mentioned he is a decent guy) .. .” Me: “Are yar , tension kyon le raha hain  .. me to teri you hi khinch raha hu  .. ” He felt relief and we both laugh. utne me dono hot maal aa gayi return car me  .. .We started driving , and we reached to the hotel , which is booked in advance. We were having adjacent rooms. We relaxed there, and after half an hour I call To nisarg, that If they are interested for sight seen, specially sun set point, as it was an evening time. Nisarg told that he is tiered , and wants to take rest, and inform that Kaulavi would like to join you guys. I immediately repond , “Are yar , neha bhi thk gayee hain  .. ..So koi bat nahi cancel kar dete hain  .. kal sham ko dekh lenge .. .”. He told:”Are rahul tum bhi kya  .. aisa karo aaj tum aur kaulavi dekh aao , kal sham ko me aur neha dekh aayenge,, .. .”
I respond:”Thik hain  .. tell kaulavi that I am waiting in parking area” Neha was stunned and surprised by this conversation, as she was not knowing that she is tiered. She cam to me and slap me naughtily, that kisne kaha me thak gayi hu  .. hmmm? Me:”Darling, nisarg is taking rest in his room , and kaulavi is coming , so I thought we could start executing our plan, isen’t it the perfect time?? hmmm” And I also explained the afternoon Whatsapp conversation with her childhood friend. she was excited , and feeling good , that Kaulavi is eager to talk to her husband, vo bhi chup chup ke. She told:”Darling we are on perfect track, dont miss this opportunity to seduce my best friend  .. and she smooched me , and rub my dick from over my jince  ..  ..  hhhmm muuu” Now our plan has started executing parallel, as I was about to seduce kaulavi , and at hotel neha was having chance to seduce that shy man. I was waiting at parking, and kaulavi arrived,. she was in trouser and white t-shirt. So me and kaulavi left from sunset point. On d way, I broke silence, and told her that she is looking hot in this cloths too, .. .She naughtily slap me ..and told “Shut up rahul  .. .” After slapping on my hand, she kept her right hand closer to me , it was not touching , but it was not that far, So While shifting gear, I started touching it. Usne meri taraf nakli vale gusse se dekha and boli , bahut badmash ho gaye ho tu, rahul. I respond: “AAb tere jaisa fataka sath hoga , to dimag control me kaise rahega ..and i Winked .. and she respond back with naughty smile. We reached to sunset point, It was at walking distance from car parking area, so we started walking. While walking , I hold her hand , which she respond blank look, so I immediately release it. In the mean while insistently usne apana ek hath meri kamar pe wrap kar diya  .. .now this time I was surprised and looked at her. She told..”Yaha kon pahechanta hain hume  ..  .. So no tension .. .” I was heppy and excited by her this act ,so i Immediately put palm of my hand on her ass while walking , keep it there for moment, and roam it little  .. .and hold her also from waste  .. wow waht a feeling it was  .. . She naughtily smile on this act , and whisper in my ear, “How was it  ..  .. “(Oh wow .. .waht a feeling and excitement it was, muje uski sanse bhi feel ho rahi thi ) I repond:”It is hot , big just like watermelon”, and I again repeat same act .. .and in respond she pinched on my kamar  .. and told “Aram se rahul  .. .koi dekh lega to .. ..” Me:”Not an isssue , as yaha pe honeymoon couples hi dikh rahe hain  .. they will think that we are husband wife  .. .” (and I pull her closer , and i got nice feeling of her boobs , one boobs was touching to my chest from side angle) Kaulavi:”What about ur wife and my husband ??” Me:”Both are tiered , must be sleeping in room , so no need to think for them ..  .. I think U have a desired to have with me  .. and I too have same  .. ” Kaulavi:”Yes dear .. I too  .. But due to my and neha’s Childhood relationship, I feel that we should not proceed”. “Phone pe chatting and this touching is enough  .. ” Me:”(serious look).ye bat to sahi hain  .. but I have solution for this  ..  .. ” Kaulavi:”What??” Me:”What if neha and nisarg??” Kaulavi :”What U mean ..to say  .. .they are having affair ..?” Me:”No dear , par hum kuch aisa kare ki un dono ke bich me bhi agar afair ki feelings aa jaye  .. to  .. .??” Kaulavi :”(naughtily) Tab to maja aa jaye  .. Meri best friend mere pati ke sath  .. ..Imagination hi muje to excite kar raha hain  .. and me meri best friend ke pati ke sath  .. Wow .. .Aisa ho sakata hain ??” Me:”Kyon nahi ? agar hum dono plan karke , un dono ko sath me gumne ka chance de to  .. .bat ban sakati hain ..what says  .. As neha is damn sexy like you dear  .. Nisarg jyada din control nahi kar payega  .. ” Kaulavi ::”Then lets execute it  .. I am dying to with you ..” During all this conversation, we could successfully find one corner of bog stone , and we were there  .. and this time  .. She was too close to me , in such a way that I could easily feel her bog soft hot milky boobs  ..  .. .and I was enjoying this new touch. We kissed to each other  .. for 5 minute  .. .Wow .. what a exciting experience of sucking her lips  .. .and fighting with her tongue.. Usne dhire se uska hath mere dick pe rakh diya , and told  .. Smal Rahul is ready dear  .. .. Me:”I want place to put it darling  .. and kissed her ” Kaulavi :”Sure dear, small Kaulavi is eager t take it  ..  with sufficient amount of time and good place  .. ..so definitely you will get it  .. .once neha nad Nisarg comes closer  ..  So that they cannot blame us ” (She was feeling my erection  .. .from top of the pent) We spent 30 minutes there, and came back. During that time neha was there in hotel, So her part will be explain by her in her words in next part. How do you like this story. Give your comments and feedback on